Series V

701)                The human choice of today is the choice of the social individual.

702)                The secret of youth is to be active inside.

703)                Spirit moves matter.
Mind over matter.
Inner first, outer next.
The world is inside.
Spirit of Matter.
Matter of Spirit
First things first.
Infinite of the finite.
Being of the Becoming.
Unity of the substance.

704)                Concentration increases if one is able to deny the expression of his energies in normal impulses. &

705)                Consecration and calling evoke ready answers from Mother when She is called from a consciousness that is unable to go out in impulses. p

706)                Intellectuality is the endowment of the ego. Even Jnana yoga is the achievement of intellectuality. To get rid of ego, one should move away from intellectuality.&

707)                To reason with emotional persons is unreasonable.

708)                Concentration for clarity, consecration for results. &

709)                It is the Purusha through the ego and its intelligence that makes the Force conscious. &

710)                Maximum accomplishment is possible in the least disturbance of the set up. Hence austerity, violence, frustration are to be avoided by the method that aims at the maximum accomplishment. p

711)                Rhythm and balance generate harmony that ensures the maximum result for a given energy. &

712)                The reach of the thought is limited to the known experience. Subtle thought overreaches one's own experience. Silent thought in subtlety tries to reach the whole universe. &

713)                Surrender begins when one moves from Becoming to the Being of the Becoming. &

714)                The first joy of discovery for man is the joy of discovering the psychic. After that, it is for the psychic to discover. &

715)                Disgust is the negative attachment to that which disgusts you. p

716)                The psychic is the Being of the Becoming. &

717)                Works of art or poetry are created by concentration, which is temporary partial Ignorance. So, permanent total Ignorance must be able to produce a greater wonder. That view of the mind must be able to see the marvel the stone is. p

718)                Ridicule is God's device to remind man of his origin.

719)                A false mean accusation is the most powerful reminder of the falsity of surface values. It is God's powerful action to wake in man who cherishes the surface values.

720)                Ego is necessary for involution. To overcome ego is also necessary for evolution. &

721)                The first ever stable joy man tastes comes when his centre moves to the psychic.

While vital and mental joys are transitory, psychic joy is ever-present. &

722)                The physical attraction for the female ends in conception, the vital attraction is passionate. Romance is the attraction of the mind. Love issues when the attraction rises to the spiritual level.

723)                Taking the right initiative is best. Not to take that initiative is better still. p

724)                The temptation to offend another pointing out his weakness is irresistible. It is the strength of weakness.

725)                To recognise the strength of others is noble. To recognise the strength behind another's weakness is to awaken one's own strength of the soul. &

726)                Finite ego giving way to the infinite Eternal in the body is supramentalisation; in the life it is infinite abundance that is Mother's luck; in the mind it is multiple genius. p

727)                The equilibrium of forces in each plane is understood as laws of that plane.
-- Sri Aurobindo

728)                The selfish man evaluating others as selfish is worse than his own selfishness.

729)                For any revolutionary change in the world or in oneself, if the outer material conditions are not ready and it is beyond man's power to make them ready, or when the inner man is not ready, things have to wait for a better time to come. The first and second world wars rose in such conditions. After that MAN was able to forestall the III War. Now is the time for Development. The material conditions are more than ready. It is possible for man to rise to the occasion and usher the world into Peace and Development. p

730)                When the Force organises itself in involution, freedom plays a positive, constructive, creative role. At the point where involution reverses itself into evolution, the play of Force is naked and ruthless. Once the reversal takes place, the Force organises itself at a higher level freely without the freedom being granted to it. It is a self-existing Freedom. &

731)                The role of freedom is constructive in involution. In evolution freedom is self-existent. At the point of reversal, Force is naked and ruthless. &

732)                The progress for physical ego is the death of the body, for the vital ego the loss of its achievements, for the mental ego the dissolution of its opinions.&

733)                Partial personality prepares; the whole man acts.

734)                Physical objects, vital capacities, mental opinions have their egos. Objects losing ego release vital energy. Capacities losing their ego rise to become talents. Opinions likewise become ideas.

Absence of ego takes one to the next higher plane which is a path of accomplishment.

735)                When one reaches his maximum, he expands. His incapacity to expand at lower levels is because of his capacity to expand at a higher level.

736)                A man's value lies in the centre from which he functions -- physical, vital, mental or spiritual. Progress for him is to rise within his own plane from one level to another -- again physical, vital, mental, spiritual. p

737)                Present corruption is a negative expression of the newfound affluence.

738)                The greatest potential for man is his soul, his greatest obstacle his ego. Progress is to transform the ego into the psychic. &

739)                Smallness distinguishes itself by its utter oblivion of the great opportunities waiting later and total interest in the petty present.

740)                Faith is a ray from the Supreme which gives the receiver the power of Supermind. -- Sri Aurobindo &

741)                One who fully understands His Trilogy -- for the complete mental understanding of it, not the practice of it too -- is sure to be rewarded with multiple genius. p

742)                The process of involution is by extending the being to consciousness, splitting it into two, losing the higher in the lower till the consciousness and being disappear. Evolution is to trace the path back by becoming energy, energy finding its hidden knowledge which, becoming first conscious, ultimately discovers its being before disappearing into its original Unmanifest eternal state.&

743)                Protection can be invoked, can be prayed for, but the best of protections is to be in Her, letting Her do as She pleases.

Identification is the highest protection.
The greatest of protections comes through surrender.

744)                Conscious concentration leads to consecration. Unconscious concentration fortifies the ego.

Doing what we don't like is conscious concentration in the physical substance.

Orthodoxy gives the capacity to do what one does not like by authority. &

745)                In an organisation, central authority is more widespread and the impersonal authority of rules and custom is minimal. In a family it is the reverse.

746)                One is lucky if aspiration arises at the end of a life long effort, as aspiration is the first faculty of spirituality. &

747)                This is a creative moment. The right choice will open into a world of wonders. It must be preceded by commensurate energy which is equivalent to all the energies we can withdraw from our occupation and preoccupation. p

748)                Conventions compel man to be civilised. Social manners are forged as instruments for that purpose.

749)                Enthusiastic work gives expected results. Efficiency is to do the work seriously even when you are not interested. Presently this is done by authority. This is physical efficiency. Mental efficiency is to transfer that outer authority to the inner understanding. Information, opinion, knowledge can do it.

750)                In a fast changing society its established part is always left behind. That member of the establishment who comes forward to absorb as much of the new changes as he can will be the leader of the moment.


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