Series V

751)                Children jump by excess physical energies. Man can have excess spiritual energies in the mind. p

752)                Appreciation of HIS works needs a trained, disciplined intellect that has a quest for God, knowledge of life and subtle life and an awakening into the occult. p

753)                No one who does not have knowledge of life and a knowledge of subtle life can appreciate the knowledge of All Life is Yoga. p

754)                The highest objective knowledge is at best the subjective knowledge of consciousness. What is truly objective to Man is subjective to his Being, the self-Existent. &

755)                Faith is a reflex in lower consciousness of a Truth which is yet unrealised. That truth is the real idea. The Gita expresses it as 'yo yach shraddhaha sa eva saha.' &

756)                Endurance and indifference lead to equality. Endurance of the involved mind, indifference of the detached witness Purusha and equality of the transcendent infinite are the stages of progress. &

757)                Ananda is there in mobility as well as immobility. Sat Purusha's action with Prakriti can give Ananda as well as Sat Purusha's rest with its consciousness of Prakriti. Either way, Ananda is the sensation of Purusha's relation with Prakriti. &

758)                The rich have rich potentials as riches are a great potential. The poor have a potential equally great. Theirs is the untapped potential. Potentials are always there and they are infinite. p

759)                Insight and intuition can be understand and appreciated by the people after they produce results and if explained as Sherlock Holmes is able to explain. p

760)                What makes human life sweet is implicit trust. Trust grows in a soil where suspicion has no roots.

761)                He who loses the appearance of the temporal and takes it to be external develops the illusion of the sentiment. Nostalgia is his ideal.

762)                Popularity is approval of public appreciation which at no time is high. A man grows in value only when he is out of reach of public comprehension.

763)                If work does not move after prayer, it means there is irresponsibility and laziness.

764)                To make freely available to man what he is willing to work to death to achieve and withdrawing is a strategy to move the society.

765)                Man reaches out to what is freely available, not what he needs to work for. When he is made to understand that what he thus most aspires for is to be worked for, the society is astir.

766)                Total vision is that which sees the least thing we do total. As long as the small is incomplete, the great cannot be completed.&

767)                Efficiency was possible only by terror. It was succeeded by capital punishment. Later the punishment became less. Now it is by law and incentive. Democracy matures only when efficiency is self-offered because of self-respecting values.

768)                Ready and willing acceptance of the circumstances that are around you and those that you have courted with the theoretical understanding that it is the very best situation for your progress, is the frame of mind that can secure the maximum progress.

769)                Nature is working through parts -- unity, Truth, Goodness, knowledge, Will, Love -- to reach a whole result. It is working for absolute justice through partial injustice. Man who is centered in the part looks for immediate results, partial justice, result in the part. No wonder he is frustrated, disappointed and feels the injustice every time. &

770)                Thorough knowledge of a field in a rational man of common sense may now be ignored. If he is touched by this comprehensive knowledge, straightaway he will win the highest international recognition.

771)                The external pressure changing into a mental perception is the force of civilisation. Culture is its becoming an individual's value. Society raises itself when it acquires that culture collectively.

772)                Mind divides the infinite into infinitesimals of the Inconscient. The process of division cannot go further as it would revert from matter and force to consciousness and being.
Division, which is a process of mind, cannot restore force to consciousness, becoming to being. That final resistance is the basis of ego.

773)                No act can hurt us; no one's enjoyment even if at your expense can hurt you if the ego is shed. What is hurt is the ego.

There is no faculty in us except the ego that can be hurt. p

774)                Excess energy and lack of opportunities to grow result in conflicts.

775)                Lust for money is mostly due to seeking social acceptance. When society loses its value for money, the lust will not be there.

776)                Health, not weight, should improve. Culture should rise, not merely economic materialism.

777)                He who wants to shed his ego, starts serving another's ego in the name of altruism. &

778)                It is demonstrated time and again that for one who takes the fullest effort to avail of social opportunities, it is possible for the lowest person to reach the highest position.

Inherently society is capable of the maximum possible support to anyone.

779)                The divine delight is ever-present and everywhere. Man's pleasure seeking has insulated him from the ocean of delight.&

780)                Truthfulness, generosity, affection or any other value can faithfully serve selfishness.

Any attitude can be served by any value irrespective of its character.

781)                As the world displaced the clergy, monarchy, superstition, inequality, and slavery, now it should endeavour to replace intellectuality by faith. &

782)                Advice is unheeded only on two occasions:

When the giver does not himself practise it;
When it is given to undeserving people.

783)                Only after one works from his physical substance -- doing the wearisome work enjoyably -- one can hope to turn inward from outside.

The true being emerges after the deepest physical loosens its hold.&

784)                Informal education and formal learning create all the potentials in the society. A further capacity is needed to convert that potential into usable results. That comes neither by informal learning nor formal education, but it needs imaginative perception that sees the process of learning, education and civilisation. p

785)                When thought is disturbing or displeasing, one is poised for crossing the physical barrier of the mind. p

786)                Mental barrier is effectively crossed when the desire to understand disappears. p

787)                Real knowledge dawns when understanding is not insisting.&

788)                Intuition shifts inside when the touch of the Absolute is sensed.&

789)                When it comes to one's intense desire about which he is sensitive, he is unable to call Mother except for its fulfilment.&

790)                He who can leave it to Mother is a true devotee. &

791)                To do so is to cross the vital barrier. &

792)                To cross the physical barrier one must be able to appreciate the beauty of the cobra and the marvel of the thorny plant. Then he will appreciate his rival's need to betray him. &

793)                The active thinking mind cannot see the pattern along which things are organised or its structure or its essence. Only the silent mind can do so. &

794)                Thought matures into light in silence. &

795)                Light removes itself from knowledge making intuition reveal itself. &

796)                Development: the world has not developed the right idea of development which is -- man is the centre, not his instruments.
-- The policies must be converted in programmes.
-- Programmes must be implemented by the right strategies.
-- Ideas, policies, programmes and strategies must inspire man.
-- Man should have the right attitude towards them. Then it becomes an integrated whole and society moves.

797)                Fashion offers education through prestige.

798)                The vital educates itself through prestige of fashion.

799)                Urbanisation is the process of education of the rustic.

800)                The lowest point of a mental man is a confusion, the vital man a knot of sorrow, the physical man is a disease. Overcoming that, each man makes a great unimaginable progress. p


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