Series V

901)                Human life we are most occupied with and concerned about is a life of repetition by the physical consciousness that needs to be expunged from our central existence. p

902)                Life is of millions of threads hanging vertically and rotating at both ends in opposite directions. The centre tightens into a knot which is human suffering. A reversal of directions at both ends will dissolve that artificial suffering; even at one end will suffice. p

903)                Sheepishness is the brilliance of the maturing physicality that is crossing the border into vitality. p

904)                Those values that survive adversity are real values. &

905)                Integral knowledge is that which can understand any aspect of life from every other aspect or in terms of every other aspect.&

906)                Sri Aurobindo speaks about a yogi who lived in this region and taught that the body will disappear into light. It is a reference to Ramalinga Swamigal.

907)                All administered progress is occult to the receiver. All progress from below without help from above is occult too to him. As long as man is in mind, any progress will be occult to him.

908)                Every time we complain that the Force has not worked is the invariable occasion when we fail to call Mother and dwell on the problem. Surely if you don't call, the Force fails. &

909)                Don't concentrate on the problem, call MOTHER.
Naturally where you focus on the problem, the problem grows in intensity.

910)                An inexperienced man can become a chief minister, not a chief secretary. Even if he could, he could not function there.

Moksha transfers the individual soul to the Superconscience where it cannot function. For it to function, it must evolve into Superconscience. &

911)                Japa of the mind is incapable of moving the body. But when you reach the body, japa of the body-mind is necessary to move the body.

Japa moves what cannot be easily moved. It moves things in its own plane, not in a deeper plane. &

912)                Integral Yoga cannot be done by the help of a personal guru. Master and Mother are there in the atmosphere to answer our prayers; they are inside us to guide our yoga. Only those who know of The Mother can avail of the atmosphere. Only those who are adults in yogic experience can avail of the inner Guru. &

913)                The human guru is of no avail in this yoga. Only those who have a formed yogic personality can reach the inner guru. &

914)                To receive Her Force constantly, one should be creative all the time. In most men a single creative moment does not appear in a whole life time. Therefore man stands at a distance and worships Mother. p

915)                As long as hate is there in any form or in any measure, Love has no chance to be born in that heart. &

916)                Pursuing a smaller possibility either leads to a small result or makes the greater possibility infructuous. Mature men wait for the ripening of the greatest of possibilities. &

917)                The King gave the physical security of law and order. Democracy has extended the rule of law so much that the individual can exercise his individuality. Sri Aurobindo requires the security from hostile forces for Truth to be followed by the individual.

It is the security at the physical, social, subtle levels that ensures the progress of man. &

918)                The ultimate weapons of ego are selfishness, desire and pride. The weaker expressions of them are insecurity, greed and vanity. The ego is not constituted to be ashamed of them at any time. The person who is not the ego has to wean himself away from these, which is an endless task. Instead, if the person takes refuge in Mother, he automatically weans himself away from all these petty versions of the shell of ego. &

919)                Raw desire is callous, shameless, self-forgetful and is only focussed on its own gratification. Money, power and woman bring it powerfully to the surface. p

920)                Money culture keeps all the raw desires on the surface forever, for money is the symbol of the surface remaining raw.

921)                Sense of boredom belongs to the surface mind. It is not there in the subliminal. &

922)                When Grace acts, man does not change, but the atmosphere changes in his favour. The work is accomplished for him. When he changes work is accomplished for God. p

923)                The desire to please another in a weak man is an expression of his own inability to please himself by accomplishment.

924)                Altruism is defenseless against the greed and strength of the beneficiary whose greater capacity is to destroy the benefactor.

925)                Sri Aurobindo says that if people knew what kind of person he was, they would wonder about his later life. We believe that as an avatar He achieved that much. The Truth is anyone who has the mind to choose Grace at every step can achieve like Him hereafter. That is His boon to us.

Physical plane rewards effort.
Vital plane rewards goodness.
Mind rewards knowledge.
Spirit rewards response to Grace.

926)                One can learn from a genius a lot. But there is no strategy to acquire his genius. Sri Aurobindo attained Supermind by surrender and has given that strategy to the world. It is a strategy by which one can get from Sri Aurobindo all the spiritual wealth he has. &

927)                Our totality extends to two extremities. To know that extreme limit, especially the lower limit and its hideousness is to take a step towards realising the totality.

Totality is not for one who is unwilling to open his lower limits.&

928)                Cronies seek closeness with the leader. Servants seek approval of the boss. It is not through service that they seek it or through any means that are right. The friendliness of the master is taken for approval which they have sought for long. So, friendliness of the master instantaneously leads to slackness in the servants. Closeness to cronies means levelling off and resting on the oars. Cronies and servants are of the social plane. They are not idealists wedded to a cause for them to use the closeness to serve the ideal better.

929)                Emotional cooperation needs emotional understanding. As man is unable to fully appreciate his own emotions, it is difficult for the man or the wife to know the other's emotions. Still, it is possible and desirable if the constitutional ignorance breaks down. To a great extent it can be thinned by perfection at the physical level. p

930)                It is the mentality that is lost in externals.

a.     --- Sri Aurobindo &

As mind is an instrument of ignorance, using the externalised thought as its instrument, it can only dwell in the externals.

931)                The ability to disengage the mind from a work before it is over, enables man to develop multiple faculties. It is one of the symptoms of genius. Yoga gives that ability to the sadhak. In that sense yoga takes one past the genius. p

932)                To give another his desert is noble, but a human law. To give another what he does not deserve is the way of grace. Mother offers the inconceivable when man receives it or obliviously misses it. God's denying one's desert is greater than grace, maybe super grace. &

933)                It is the founder of an institution who can see its growth, not the members who are expressions of that growth. Man being man cannot see the lila now until he reaches the Absolute through the Supreme and the Psychic. &

934)                Body is the Being. Realising its divinity is to realise the Self-Conscious Being. &

935)                A brave man is proud of bravery but a criminal hides his crime. A criminal who is publicly proud of his crime or a public woman who is expansive about her profession truly represents that vibration. Whether they represent the universal type or not, they are of that universal vibration. p

936)                When the Being of the Becoming reaches the Supreme and the Absolute, God is able to see how HE enjoys His lila. Going further and acquiring the nature of the Eternal and the Infinite, HE becomes His Lila which is Immortality. &

937)                Love, courage and every other ideal are their own reward. This is what the world knows. What we do not know is laziness, stealing, crime, cheating and every other crime too are their own reward.

Sin or virtue is followed for its own sake, as each is infinite in its own constitution. The human spirit is in pursuit of the infinite in life as in its origin it is infinite. It is fully satisfied as long as what it follows is infinite and does not care whether it is good or bad, sin or virtue. &

938)                He who asks for what is not his due pushes his way to secure his object.

939)                Stiffness is the defensive poise of an incompetent uncultured mind.

940)                The levels of creation and the relationship at each level:

Being -- Unity
Consciousness -- Union
Supermind -- Harmony
Mind -- reconciliation
Life -- conflict
Matter -- contradiction

941)                The first condition to solve a problem is to forget it, the second is to turn to Mother. When one is happy to think of Mother, no problems can ever exist in one's life. &

942)                The body can forget the worst of sins it committed as well as the best of delights. p

943)                Limits are there for the giver, the receiver, the atmosphere, the channel, etc.

944)                Yoga needs the change in swarupa, life that is of swabhava. All other changes are brilliant intellectual shadows that are ineffective in life or being. &

945)                Only that change that instantaneously expresses in the next act is a true change.&

946)                As the instructions in the chip can be altered, the genetic code can be changed by the power of physically conscious knowledge.&

947)                When work needs to move physical material things, a corresponding token work is necessary. Change of our own attitude can help change another's attitude. General prayer can move things unencumbered by attitudes or material things. Still, a prayer welling up from the appropriate depth can move matter or attitude rarely. p

948)                Selfish sensation, absence of values, insensitivity lead men to be low, disregarding their duties. The selfless man, full of values, endowed with keen sensitivity comes to a point where he disregards values and acts in favour of a principle higher than human values.

Human values are there to be disregarded either by low selfishness or by higher principles. &

949)                Thought understands the part, silence a bigger part, intuition the whole. The Supramental silence understands an object as its own part inside while intuition seeks an external knowledge directly. &

950)                What is still unpleasant to the consciousness is ananda to the vision of substance. &


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