Series VI


1) When the heart starts calling, mind will begin to recede and finally disappear. 5


2) What we know as a bother is not only a reflection of our inner attitude, but is a physical continuation of the previous generations. 5


3) Our wish to serve Mother often meets with roadblocks. When we wish to serve Mother alone, everything cooperates. 5


4) Man is God in a coma. &


5) A choice is either flat or rich giving an opening. That choice which leads to the opening is the right choice. J


6) Physical work becomes emotional. When it becomes mental work, emotions disappear and again work becomes work to be reckoned with, not a factor of emotions. Sin attaches to the work only when work remains emotional. J


7) The past rears its head in the name of positive values. We forget they are positive to the past. J


8) Prayer increasing the problem is a sure sign of our sticking to the habit of the past. 5


9) Frankness and rationality is for social life. Neither for the vital, nor for the most powerful subtle life of the subliminal spirit, it will do. In fact, it would do harm there. J


10) The Infinite becoming the finite is creation. The finite becoming the Infinite is evolution.


Process of creation:-

Being Consciousness Ananda Supermind Mind Life-- Matter.
Person Awareness Sensation Comprehension Apprehending awareness Movement Form of Non-Being.


11) When people lie to your face, it means you like them in spite of their lies. When they lie about you behind your back, it only means you have not yet acquired the power over lies. J


12) The very best moment to know a little more of Mother is when life utterly deserts us and leaves us in a hopeless condition and in utter despair. &


13) The silence that comes out of disappointment is still powerful. The full power of Silence comes out only when it is the silence of joy and fulfilment. 5


14) Everything is a symbol of something higher. Man as well as an idol symbolise higher planes. For one who does not see the symbolism, man is just a body, the idol a carved stone. Symbolic knowledge helps one rise. By transcending symbolism, man enters Timelessness. At a lower level, where symbolism is not evident, man degenerates into animal or matter. J


15) A total divorce from the past is a sign of moving from the negative to the positive side. 5


16) A formula works for the first time. For it to work forever, it should be moving continuously till the physical learns. 5


17) Expectation leaves us negatively by utter failure or tragedy. It can go positively by total success and utter fulfilment. J


18) Mother saving life or property in the past is no longer of value to man as Her offering small successes now. J


19) Society will respect money and only money. Society maligns one who is coming into money until he attains it. For any reason if he rises to a higher position than his wealth supports, he will be harassed in that measure. J


20) Consecrating the past and anticipating the future are ways of abridging Time. 5


21) Lack of sensitivity gives the dull man what he cherishes as peace of mind. 5


22) The surrender of The Gita makes one an awakened soul and departs from religious worship. 5


23) By silence alone, one moves to Purusha. By surrender alone, one moves to Purushothama. By silent surrender, one moves to the Psychic. 5


24) It is not difficult to see that the inner life is like that of life in a refugee camp, devoid of all values, moved only by necessities.5


25) To be able to consecrate fully a single act, the entire consciousness must turn to the Divine. 5


26) To maintain hourly consecration, one should remain in the Being of the Becoming and let the Being surface at the stroke of the hour. 5


27) Hourly consecration keeps one all the time in the Being of the Becoming. 5


28) Hourly consecration is the penultimate stage for a consecrated living. 5


29) The Absolute enjoys in losing itself and finding itself. There is the Absolute in matter, but matter itself is Absolute. The Absolute that is matter struggling to remember itself is the taste of ignorance. In Man it becomes the psychic. The psychic has only knowledge, but no power. The human being has the choice of psychic. To choose between life and psychic is the human choice.5


30) Hell that needs to be passed through to reach heaven ceases to be hell and allows heaven to move towards man, when he inwardly changes from ignorance to knowledge. 5


31) The need to consecrate the thought disappears when memory leaves the consciousness. 5

32) The infallible human choice requires that 1) it must be a self choice; 2) effective work that produces the result coupled with a view of the whole; 3) the choice must be in the subtle plane; 4) knowledge of the choice must reach the physical; 5) it must be value-based; 6) it must be made from No. 3, the physical mind; 7) it must be from the positive side. 5


33) Man has the choice of the psychic and prakriti. The first gives him the joy of emerging knowledge. The latter gives him the taste of ignorance. 5


34) The psychology of the spirit expressing in the material is yoga.5


35) All perversions of human behaviour must be seen in the light of the seed of Truth in them that is trying to express itself according to its own circumstance, not as they appear to be. 5


36) Past civilisation was materially productive. Present civilisation is materially creative. Future civilisation must be mentally creative. The spiritually creative civilisation is of the Supermind. 5


37) For the choice to be right, the borderline between status and adventure must be crossed. J


38) Ego is the central person whose attitude is selfishness and meanness is the strategy. J


39) For a work to yield results, one should feel it; it is not enough to know it. J


40) As long as you choose the work you like, you will have success and failure facing you. For him who chooses to take interest in work given to him, there is only success. 5


41) Crossing the mind, sin changes into an enjoyable act. 5


42) The highest ideal man can follow is within the limits of his survival. As the ideal makes him vulnerable, he has to limit himself. Otherwise, it is possible for the yogi to keep a pleasant relationship with his detractors, rivals, enemies as well as the very hostile forces. J


43) Human choice is made by the clarity of emotions based on complete physical security. J


44) The divine end of expectation is His initiative through life to bring the object of expectation towards us. 5


45) Silent will is not secrecy. It is a will self-sufficient to itself, without expressing it to another. J


46) Hourly consecration that reminds itself is unfailing. 5


47) Mind can think only one thought at a time. Supermind receives innumerable thoughts simultaneously. &


48) A book of interest and one that is wearisome are reflections of Becoming. The Being of the Becoming finds even a wearisome book interesting. The Jnani who is in the Being does not interest himself in reading or any other act of that kind.&


49) Capacity to cure physical ailments is Supermind touching the physical. 5


50) One minute of psychic awareness is more difficult than one hour of trance. 5


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