Series VIII




1) To enjoy greatness, it must be in the rear, not expressed often.

v¾ ux ڢu.

USx o.

Greatness is great buried in the depths of the rear.

2) If you can rise from a fall, or reach a high level, you can excel that high status.

GʢvUP, Gmi iUP G Gmiu usia \.

3) Our aspiration is graded. We see it as meditation, prayer, change of heart, change of attitude, change of motives, alertness, SINCERITY. Each includes the previous aspect. Sincerity to the Divine is an openness in all parts of being that wants to live by the Divine, not the ego.

ux uv Sv.

4) w \ \x \ sk. \u U Thx. | Bumh C |m }iUPx Gߣx E. Bumh E |UPS Gߣu E, |m, . E E |h Pkzu Ax sk G |sn |hzu CUS vhx. Bu Gߣu »PUThx G |sn Buzu Eأzv \x.

|m |hzuU Phux.

5) |u Eأzv \uiUP sk. |PmS Az uhU PkUP sk.

|x |ۻzv x |x.

6) ux uhx ڮ {US. Ax Pzx UP sk Gߣu کԯx.

ڮ ԯx, n AԲ.

7) Phuu x a] AȨx. Phuu Өx PzuU Phx.

P, Phux, P.

8) uzvhx n u, si n uhk.

Any contact with people of low consciousness will prevent Grace coming in.

uzv Gx uu uzv.

9) He who has once attained a high status and fallen will be a sure obstacle to his own growth or the growth of a work, as his one AIM always will be to maintain his mythical prestige.

ǯ , v ].

10) xP B߫P \.

11) Gx zu \ |UP | u. zu \z uu Es Uu.

|US zu.

UuUS \.

12) The greatest physical security comes from Truth.

\zv xP Pmh.

13) Liking is the faculty that is able to see the defect as a perfect expression.

zv PsqUS P APPz u.

14) Overdoing is for the initiate.

It is always clumsy and uncultured.

Even overdoing becomes beautiful and a marvel in higher consciousness.

The hideous reveals beauty thus.

Bmhzv Bڢu AP Ψkzx.

Overdoing is the only permissible behavior.

15) Eh |ԯ zx x B߫P ]zv.

Eh zv EPzv zv.

16) We often see the phenomenon of a liar universally believed in spite of his reputation as a liar. It means the falsehood in each is happily in tune with a centre of falsehood.

Bzuz uk B\ BzUS vv.

17) It is easier to complain, to be frustrated, to be depressed than to be happy. All these are partial emotions which we can manage. Joy being a total sensation is more difficult to express.

Pkx Gx. Pzx Qx Gu.

18) Aݣzu uݮ u J Bs Pڨ u ֨. h uh sq Pn Jzvh ]zx _u \QUP mh.

Nothing that he does is wrong, rather it is sacred. The human sense of justice says the same act in others is a veritable sin.

u \x Azx \, Eux, Eu. Ӻ Au \x g\ uP, UP iu Gߣx u {.

19) In a changing society, values turn upside down as fierce competition changes into intense cooperation. Not only that, words too change to their opposite meaning, as 'notorious' has acquired the sense of ill reputation.

The path of human progress is mental progress.

The mind that idolises the part, when it changes to the whole or a greater part, reverses its role.

sox, so x ڕ, uݮ ͸ o.

20) B\US u Bߩ Gڨ mk.

21) Nature attempts hundreds of Forms all the time and some come into existence and others do not. She proceeds as before. For each Form it is life and death. All the human tragedies are in the social forms coming into existence or not. He who sees his own position mostly does not come into existence as a form except by a fluke. He who sees the purpose of Nature, invariably comes into Form and grows into higher Forms.

Force comes into Form by the strength of the foresight.

}mhzvS; E }USUS.

22) What is fully clear to the mind is often a complete blank to the vital because the energy required here is far greater.

Hǰ \zx nUPUS J | ¸x.

23) Classification and systematisation are mental. They do not appeal to non-mental persons. Nor is it interesting to those who have outgrown intellectuality.

hݮ Pݮ uhu uz v.

24) For one to acquire a new evolutionary skill, it is enough he learns it as its capacity sits behind. To offer this as a formula to others, he must try all the negative tricks life can play against him and win over them before he attempts a successful formulation.

u \ A x.

ESUS AUP bڮ u.

25) It is not only supramental writing that escapes mental comprehension, but writing untouched by the mind that arises purely from physical experience too escapes mental comprehension.

ڮ uگԲ, u mk AԲ.

26) The word of mouth communication born when language was born remains the most effective organisation the world has known even after the advent of the Internet. Its efficiency issues out of its existence in the zone intermediate between the vital and the subtle vital planes.

uv u Psh uv.

27) When you feel embarrassed to tell a man you distrust him while he is one who deserves total distrust, see inside what he reflects in you, then he will deserve your trust fully.

AUQ | AUQzuzu vu | Enuh UQP .

28) The religious institutions live because of ceremonies. Should the people accept the essence of these ceremonies they will disappear.

\ \UP u.

29) If the finest emotions refrain from giving, they feel a social restriction. It is really a lack in the personality.

Eu A u Hأk uh Ezv S.

AߤS A. S uhUS.

30) When we relate to another of mixed good and bad, instinctively the good in us seeks the good in the other, the bad, the bad in others.

When Sri Aurobindo and The Mother are surrounded by hostile forces, the question arises how do we reach them? They give you what you need. We need not only the good. The other side too has its services to offer us.

\UPzvS S |P.

31) Bڢu mk E EQ uu mk Psx FUPs.

Bڢu uUS Ezv.

uu AUS Bڢu.

32) Our effectivity begins where we cease to take initiative.

P Ku Ph.

33) ] x E ͩ \ u.

A great flood of energy becomes a drop of consciousness.

ͮ u ] x.

34) Squeamish solicitude is dedicated devotion.

Uv ux.

35) uºUP siuz uºzu six .

ڮ u uºUPh sk.

36) A mk {zx |x BߩU Phu {.

|UP Bߩ EӲ.

37) Ah ix EhUSx (Physical).

Ah Eh AoP.

38) Tmi u Բsk.

ڮ u, Tmi {UP sh.

Gx sk, Aگ? ԯ?

|i Բsk. A |i A Esk.

GxĮ Sv. A .

39) When success in the plane in which we are is overflowing, one single item will be different, opposite and resistant. It means success in our plane is saturated and the one remaining item indicates the possibility of rising to the next plane.

|x { Ȳ x J uh Akzu Pmh AǨuU SUS.

x AǨu ]ԯx ԯ Pmk x J uh SUS.

40) Destruction is the rationality of the physical in its progress to the mental plane. It is not in the power of thought to conquer the erring physical but it lies in the spirit of the mind to ward it off. Only the spirit in the body can overcome the folly of the physical.

Bߩ zu Eh ֮.

41) UQvS mPhuUS mP Eңh Ӣx S.

B\ zu mP Ӣx S.

42) Importance to smallness invariably leads to treachery.

UQ ]ԯx ڢx xP \.

43) a_ ԯx.

ڮ x PЮ.

zu AUS a_.

bڮ u ڮ.

44) Years of nice good behaviour can be wiped off by one mean word that really expresses the true inside. Years of bad low behaviour can be wholly reversed by one genuine good act truly intended.

J \ \vUS P u.

45) The greatness of the great man lies far beyond any measurement we have. So we measure him by his social status or at best by some result we can put our finger on.

Greatness lies in the region where no results precipitate.


46) P[Pa \v u.

\uU Phu Bz.

x, ]ԯuU Phu US.

47) Total quick exhaustion of energy is dissipation. On the higher side, it is the best strategy for progress.


48) To repeat serves no purpose.

Not to repeat can serve no purpose.

vz v \ vvk.

49) The narrow river is enamoured of the infinite expanse of the sea.

Surrender consummates the finite's aspiration for the Infinite.

] |v APsh \zvUSx \nPv.

|v Pv \zv \P.

50) The joy of the idealist is in breaking the social icons. The joy of dissipation is oblivious of the existence of 'others', as it is of consummate selfishness. Excessive joy is common to both.

uu m]v Aݣ¨x J Bڢu.

Bڢu AUS J.


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