Series XII


1) A universal Soul achieves its wishes even though they are only wishes.


EP E Em-Ps-h- ¸- u {--֮.


His wish is fulfilled, as it is the wish of the Universe.


2) Nature, He says, deliberately delays evolution and He calls for quickening evolution. Surrender is capable of neutralising Nature's deliberate delay.


\-n-Pv C-P P-z-uU PhU-S.


Surrender is a movement beyond Timelessness.


3) Determined ego is Ignorance organised. When it gives way, it passes through unconsciousness and unorganised ignorance. To consecrate a thought mental ego first faints and later awakens in heavy unconsciousness.


U-P h-US ]-vU-S u- u.


A-, AP[-P-, u A- BQ---U Ph-ux \--n.


4) A stupid mind succeeds in thinking by passing through confusion. Mind that is unconscious becomes conscious through surrender. Stiff mental ego reaches consecration through dismembering itself by heavy unconscious-ness.


Pk- Ps-i \--nzu Gm-k-Q-x.


Unconsciousness is better than mental hardness.



         Body is transformed through diseases.

         Consecration is achieved by mind through unconsciousness.

         The vital seeks harmony through quarrel.

         Self-experience of Ignorance is ego.

         Consciousness experiences Ignorance as ego.


Az-u- A--¨-x A--n.


6) If man is in his elements while consecrating, as he now does being what he is expressing his own urges, he becomes a yogi.

-]--u \-nzu ]-- Q.


\--n-- -u -Q--.


7) There are two types of organisations. In one the importance of the procedure is related to the importance of the result. In the other the fulfilment of the smallest procedure determines the highest result.

] u-U-S - us-h--sk.


8) Strength needed for surrender is greater than the strength called for, for domination.

Av-P-zu h AhU-P -h-x.

Strength of humility.

-- AhU-P.


9) Consecration is to allow Mother to act on a situation without activating one's personality.


-k ڮ --h----x \-n.

Restraint of reaction is consecration.



         Surrender is Love

         Love is Surrender

         To surrender the human one has to awake in the divine parts of his being.


\-n-Pv -g-\z-uU Ph-u-x.


11) The pain of transformation is equal to that pain which one feels when all the bones are broken.


G- G- Ԣu v----Ӯ u u-.


Transformation is complete when the pain is consummate pain. Surrender

changes it into joy.


12) All that man has to surrender is his pain which he is totally unwilling to do.

x-zu \-n \-u \-n-Pv.

Surrender is getting rid of the unwanted.


13) I am what disturbs me.

PU-S-x P.


14) Never forget the Divine man is. Beware of man himself as man.


-u s-h-; u- s-k.


-u u- ]-i- C--P-.


God never fails; Man never fails to fail; It is God in Man that offers

increasing intimacy. Neither man nor God is the goal. It is God in Man.


15) The Force acts, but acts on both sides for its instrument and against its excess exactly in the same way.


A-- \Uv \z-v--P \--k. u-x \--k.

C--- P-n-.


Air that freely inflates the tyre to keep it afloat at high speeds, leaks out fully by a prick. Air is air.


16) Altruism will render one vulnerable, if he believes in its virtue.


Eu-- E-P {z-u Eu- \ i-u {U-S- .



         The experience of Sat is Spirit. It is an experience in Truth.

         The experience of Self-Consciousness in Ignorance is Ego.

         Ego is Spirit in Ignorance.


APu A--- Bz-.


Spirit is Truth. Sat is the Soul of Truth. Sat is the Being of Truth. Truth is the Becoming of Sat. Spirit is the field where Sat creates Truth.


18) He who is not able to consecrate an important work will not be able to consecrate any work as one is at the same level of consciousness at a time.

-x i-- G ]--x i-x. Gx-Į i--x.


i-u G- i-. i--m-h Gx-Į i-x.


J \- G- J-P CU-S.


19) Where a right explanation fails, a strong attitude will work.


Cu-P \-u H-P-u- P--P \----u x P.


Life acts, does not explain.

Silent men deny rights; people are frightened.

Rational men explain. It falls on deaf ears.

Accomplishment is by any authority that is valid.


20) Decision making for another's JOY is the mental formula for the world to which MAN will give unfettered response.

Akz-u- Bڢ-u A--U-S Av-h.

Akz-u- Bڢ-u Aڢ-u- Av-h.

Akz-u- Az-x.

Akz-u- AQ-z-vS Av-h.

| Av-h Ӻ Bڢ-u.

| Akz-u-.

Akz-u- |.

AQ-z-v C-P- Akz-u- ֮ Av-h.


21) At the end of their lives men discover that they were ruled by a few facts, most of them false.

|hz-x-x a-\.

- u-x J A--.

J \ ----.


22) Man who accepts his circumstances achieves in those circumstances. It is not given to man to conceive of more than his circumstances unless education, trade or other circumstances compel. The truth is man can conceive of the ultimate of circumstances and achieve there.

-u u u Av-hzu A- m-h.


AԢ-u, h m-h.

AԢ-ux Av-h.

Cx-- C G-x C-sk.


23) The dream of our ancients for a world free of Ignorance is not before the modern mind. To revive the dream, to place it as an ideal before mankind itself is something desirable.

A-ӯ Cm-]- C-.

Cm-]- C G \-v-x G-i?

Man is no longer a dreamer of ideals. He is now an achiever of actuals in technology.


24) What the body cannot accomplish, the mind fulfils in fantasy. He who wants to accomplish must be able to stop that fantasy.


\v-u |-k-- Pmh Pm-k-u {zu s-k.


P- \-vU-S.


P--U Pmh \-u--z ukU-S.


25) We see the greatest positive event as the greatest negative one by our inverted vision.

|--uU Pm-h-uP A- -u ڮ.


26) Organisations work by the authority of hierarchy. In effect, it is effective in the measure of the respect shown to the higher levels or the authority enforced from above.

u--ڮ G-x Av-P-. Av-P- G-x -u.

\z-x Av-P- E -u u--z-v v-.


Organisation is authority and respect.


27) Standing before the WISDOM of the universe, man finds it a trickle as against Surrender to the Divine.

\-n-Pv b-z-v S-h.

-g\ -P- \-n-P-vUS Ag-b-ڮ.


28) The political leaders must know facts, especially the facts of underground life. Right decisions of survival or growth can be taken only based on such facts. Decision comes later, but facts are primary.

u-US \v A-]-.


29) Perversity of depravity can aspire for transformation if it decides to be utterly truthful and factual.

US -- -P ]z-vU-S.

E-Pz-u -[P J- CU-PU-Q-, Ax -P z-v--S.


30) Perfect life is one where the enjoyment that one needs or seeks flows out naturally from his life-style.

P- \-u- u , --S.

Life is perfect when the result is enjoyment.


31) Civilisation marches ahead bringing negative physical forces under the control of culture while law brings them under its purview. Efficiency is to bring one's own negative consciousness under one's control.

v---- v-ͮ.

The part growing into the whole is integration.

S-v ---x -n-.

u---Ȩ-x -P.


32) At moments of crisis, whoever is right, the FORCE is there, acting and alive.

| -u | G-.

The crisis is for the individual; the progress is for the collective.


33) A- CU-Q A- P--.


CU-Q- AUP ڢ-u \-P A-.



\-Pzu A- CU-Q-U-S-x AU-S CU-Q-.

-u A- CU-Q-.

A A- CU-Q-.


34) Silence is Golden, not in the figurative sense, but in the real sense.


--i-U Phu -ڮ ----x.


Gold is gold even in Spirit.


Bs-h--U-S .


35) The view is His, not yours, not even that of the yogi's or that of the universe.

- Ps-u -g-\ Pn i-x.


36) One's opening to Force must be understood from the point of view of the Force, not the social, personal points of view.


A--h-x. FU Ps-qU-S --.


A-U-Sz u--x EU-Sz u-x.


37) When Calling is good, it overcomes the physical mind.


Gs-n u AP-x AǨ-US A--S.


38) Now that the needs of Prosperity are fully met in the subtle plane, the next desire of the universal soul is for universal joy.


u z-v-ڤ E-P \-u--h s-k.


Cx _-|-- \-u----!


Ӻ \-u- --g\z-v Bڢ-u.


39) Both sides of life will be there till it rises above the Overmind.


Ph--U Phx \- Pz-uP CUP s-k.


Protection is a must till we cross Overmind.


40) Gx---u -z-vS G- Esk. G Ena-]- Esk, E-- Esk, E-P-z-x Esk.


Brahman is the Self, the soul, the being, as it is the Spirit.


G----ux ---.


41) u uڲnx E-x B-.


The Self is Identical.


42) P-z-v P--h-ux B-.


The Self is without the scar of division.

43) E-- E-v \-- \-vU-S--x.


The Self, without the Form is the formless energy.


44) \-- \v G-- Ps-x.


Stands the Self, without the sinews of energy.


45) Gs-nz-uU Phu Bz- G-U-S---x.

At the gates of the Transcendent stands the Self, Pure, Silent, Still.


46) - Eh-, A-, -, - Bz-- -u-ڨ -u-U-P-x.


-uz u---h-- -u.

| -u - -u--.


47) -- -x J-.

x {-x --.

--x --. - G-֮ G[-S -.


48) Conscious thought is a thought one wishes for. Thought that is outside this conscious volition is an inspired one, either from above or below. Inspiration from above is divine, from below is Divine.

A\- Bs-h- S. Ax R-x Pm-h Ax -u- Bs-h--U-S S.

E--x Gʮ S E-Pzu BЮ.


49) A--P \m-hz-v-Sm-m-h Au-z-v u-zu

--kz-x. S ]--US ]---, -uS PzS B.


-u-S PzS BP Au- u-zu -Ψkzu s-k.


It is Love that transforms the guru into the Jagat Guru inside presiding over the world.


50) The lawless tyrant has to obey law is the law of democracy.

U-Pm-]- A--P- \m-hz-v-Sm-m-h-u-S.

U-P --- \m-h {---S, {- u---S.



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