1) Judgements go awry if the contexts change.


{ { ֮.


2) uh Pu P Ah Pu u uo. u Cuzv u Pu |P Pu u US.


Pu u uUS.


3) PuUS E PkUS vn uP |֩n.


xP PuUSz vn PӯP A.


vn AUS Pu

vĸ֮ vڲhx



Love ends in marriage. But marriage can resuscitate Love if the hearts can accept Mother in love.


Love is too pure to live in human hearts.


4) The heart that longs for love can only long and yearn but cannot ask for it, as what is got by asking cannot be LOVE.


Pmk v Pu Gݮ Aߦ.


u Cuzv Gv Pu. u CuU SP u Enx Pu.


EP i Cm] Cm]U Pu.


5) To die for the beloved is an ecstasy life often offers. To live for the beloved in love is what Mother always offers and man finds it difficult to receive from Her.


E ku Gߣx Aߦ.


AߦUPP i Gߣx Aڰ A.


6) Aߣ a] ]g] }g\.


Conscious gift to unconsciousness.


It is a condition where foresight is not born yet.


7) The idealist tries to train his natures urge along the lines of his aim.


m], _ Jzxx Avh.

8) The more one understands The Life Divine the more the atmosphere grows strong.


Life Divine izu \u AvPS.


9) Man does not know the divine joy or peace, etc. but all devotees have been touched by the loving grace of them.


EP Aԯu Eu Cߣ Aڰ 죺\.


10) Affectionate persons never give up their rivals consciously. All serve their rivals subconsciously.


Gv E u Pkzuu |x .


11) vmk AvhzvS i죺 Bh.


12) Life Response is a Timeless response.


A { uvx Aڰ.

13) PmP iu |.

PmPz uu US.


PmP EUSU PmPz ui A USzuU Phu n.


One who has all the right to everything but is unable to bring himself to ask for what is his own is a MAN of manly honour and vigour of manhood.


Love can be given unasked but even love cannot be asked for seriously.


14) He who discovers love in life is one who gives that love so that it is evoked from other hearts, not one who expects it from others.

Pku u Aئu Aߦ uou Pu ǮS.


Love is Love that travels in one direction. Human love becomes divine love when the one direction becomes two directions.



                     When energy is great income takes care of itself.

                     When strength is great, security is instinctive.

                     When faith is great, courage overflows.

                     When cheerfulness overflows Remembrance is automatic.

                     When GOODWILL is native, Popularity is natural.

                     When Status is long inherited, capacity is innate.

                     Seeing That inside, capacity, popularity, remembrance, courage, security, prosperity are forgotten.


Gu Gx AhUP G AԢu, A

Azx AhUP G A.


16) May my heart, soul and being give themselves fully to Him and to Her.


x \nh B] sk.


17) Mother is compelling us to have our own personal spiritual discrimination, denying even access to where SHE lived. One has to decide even that by his own discrimination.


\v \uQ k.


Mother is an iconoclast. She breaks even that icon where her body is laid to rest.


18) The dark forces that arose as the two World Wars now persist in other forms. The Mother and Sri Aurobindo who have abolished the wars from the face of earth paid a subtle price for it by abolishing their own abode.


EQ AUP u Au[P Aڲ A¢u.


The hostile forces in retaliation wiped out their own world and occupy it now.


19) If not the right motives for prosperity, people will release their urge for more.


n uk Bzu u° E Pkzx mhں.


20) As something rises in the being, the vital and mental take it up. The psychic taking it up straight before it is touched by mind or vital is consecration.


Gx u Bz Ax \n.


21) Having long sought patience, I have come to value Patience. It has led me to value gratitude.


| G n sk.


It is in patience one recognises the value of gratitude.

22) The organisation retains Him as a dark shadow. He is behind it with Her brilliantly.


A¢u o P\P Ex.


uڮ P֨ .


23) He who writes for an audience writes at the level they are. Having universalised human thought, the poet must WRITE not for the audience, but for what he is inside.


A P APzvS.


Writing that disregards the writer lives forever.


Eternal writings write on their own.


24) \sh k Jk

\sh k. Gh

US Puk

G US .


EQ Psn Ezx.


The world will take infinite interest in the lives of a successful scoundrel and successful idealist, both in the same fashion.


25) \v Ah \tPv UPx.


26) uuu uuu Ӣuu Ӣu x {uڮ.


v n {uڮ.


Equality forgets the known as it does the unknown.


27) H Gv Ai

|hUQ- Gz uu Gv Gv.




Knowledge transforms opposition.


28) To be civilized, one should concede equal rights to all others. To be yogic, one should concede every event is a marvel.


Bڢu mk ux AڢuU PsuS.


29) Education is the yoga of the society.


\Pzv P P.


30) Yoga is to see the world inside and then go away from it to its centre.


E EP mk x P.


The tapasvi goes away from life; the yogi goes away from the life of the world inside.


31) To decide to surrender is a mental decision.


\tPv Bz BUP i.


32) |US \. \ |UP H&

kzu ix.


|UP \ ¸.

\ |UP \ ]u֮.


Created faith creates disharmony.


33) Insecurity is for those who love security. Those who love danger are always secure.


Bzu ڮ |i uS.


34) As life never offers the weakling any helping hand, transformation too is never merciful to the weak, though a great help comes their way because of changing circumstances.


Gu Pzv uU P yUQ mhv.


35) Scholars who stand on the shoulders of giants of the past either become serious thinkers or degenerate into journalists.



P mkUPU Psk i ֮ PPĮ AuU Pn i.


36) Azu Aߦh |k A

{ PUS Ө Ex.


Gmi EuUS PUS zuk [S.


Mean, perverse falsehood seeks humiliation with ardent love and a sense of sacred privilege.


37) The corrupt politicians amassing wealth sets the nations sights higher, compelling everyone to aspire for prosperity. Naturally they have to work hard to reach their goal.


P֨ n UP U Pmh kzx.


The common man cannot grow rich by corruption, though his ways will be corrupt.


38) Eh nzvS k. ڮ

AP hx.

BzUS Gߣv.


It is the body that is frightened of death, not the mind.


39) Society destroys pioneers in its attempt to prepare for a PIONEER who cannot be destroyed by them.


\P HP J \Pzu AUP iuP CUP sk.


40) To be able to say the very opposite of what one means is to have crossed human expressiveness.


tP _ .

sk Ah hߣk.

mkUS s _UP u y[Q Ai [Q.


41) Goal-ridden man;

Goalless God.


Cm] A] Gߣx Ax Cm\n.


Cm] uUSz u. Cm]

A Am]US.


42) Movement in Time is a moveless point in Timelessness.


Av Kmh Aڢu.


A\ Kkx AUSx.


Infinity does not grow or move but contains both.


43) \zv u CUPu Pzu .


A\u \ڮ Ahx.


Getting out of the social excitement, man rules over the society. Rising above the excitement of psychological growth, man becomes a SOUL.


44) u P۰ u uȻίQ u u Gߣu Ӣux u u Eӣzv \u Q u Ӣx mh.


Ӣu Ӣuu Ax Bߩ Ȩ.


Man can awake to a great prosperity of inner joy and outer abundance or he can awake to his original Godhood in man to be a marvel.


45) Bߩ u \zu u a\ Aͨx P.


Spirit measuring its movement by its own extension is Time.


P Bߩ \ڮ.


46) AǨ h \n.


47) \n \u u \ک US.


48) Man will not do anything if it is not a source of joy.


\ڮ \uzu .

\uu \ڪ.

\ \u.

\u \ڮ.


Nothing moves if it is not for joy.


49) Consecration is best done not as a spiritual discipline but as something enjoyable by itself.


a_ A] Gߣx \n \u u sk:


\n \u \tPvP ֮.


50) \n AگUS. \tPv A¢uP x.


Cu P Chx,

uUP. \n, \tPv



Consecration elevates one to be Mother, surrender makes him Sri Aurobindo.



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