Series XIV


1) The dissolving ego removes the teacher, the school and perhaps education.

In the company, the boss is replaced by a system.

AȲ APu A[Pzu AUQx.


The supramental force that possessed the governments in 1967 has now begun to possess ORGANISATIONS.


2) We may believe evil is only an appearance and surely that helps transformation. The truth of evil is, it is really a marvel.


u E PhU Psx ȣk.

PhUS E Esk. Ax x.


zu AԣUS w AS u.


3) { CǢu ڮ {zvzx x.

zu CǢu u A.


zu CǨx Uv.


zu, E, Eh CǢx \zv


The Absolute in creation or evolution is devoid of everything human, the mind, the vital as well as the body.


4) Skill in the physical is the sensation of the vital perception.


En u Eh vP ΨkzxQx.


5) Give up the one thing you cannot do without.


Gx C iu Au Ph sk.

Gu \ ڮ Ch PkUPu, Ax A], Au ¸ \ sk.


Do the one thing you cannot do, as St. Francis embraced the leper.


6) To be emotionally selfless is to FEEL happy in what anyone does in pursuit of his own happiness, in spite of how it touches him.


u vUS Ӻ \u \u ux | En.


The loss of property, honour, and prestige to oneself that affords joy to another will be a source of joy for the selfless person.


7) A H ix Gߣx iUPux GߣuS.

ix GU T֮ E AߣUQ.


Impossible means it is impossible for Her Force.

Darcy and Elizabeth changed really, as we insistently refuse to change. Have we changed as they did?


8) Consecration of the most difficult problem or an ordinary small problem is consecration. If one is possible, the other too will be possible.


\nzv ]ԯx, x \.


Consecration is the same for all issues.


9) The blindness of selfishness understands selflessness as a word, not at all as a reality.


_| |zu _|P AԲ.


Self understands only itself, even selfishness as itself, i.e. selfishness.


10) A devotee sees Mother as a greater power that makes him stronger.


uUS siu AvPP US \UvP A Aߣ AQ.


The very concept of selflessness is totally alien to man.


11) Man abundantly concedes and assumes that all others must be Selfless. Selflessness enters man only in that measure.


| ӵ HPh sk Gߣu A JzxU PQں.


The world must accept selflessness but I must remain as I am is the formula of man.


12) When a friend or a crew or a spouse acts not so much to desire a benefit for himself as to humiliate you, know life is at work to make you free of selfishness.


u Czu h | Aڨ kzu ڣ | _|zu AUP Q.


Life that has outgrown the need of selfishness tries to destroy it in the individual.


13) Every move of others or life is to deprive one of his prestige or honour or benefit. These are the moves of life to render man selfless.


_|zu AUP u zu GkUP Chhx Qx.


ڮ G En Aȯ ڮ Px, _| Px.


14) The whole truth of ones temperament will emerge in one act of man with a force that is irresistible. Mans changing here is real change.


_ u Ψk \ u ڮ uS.


Mother gives all the positive circumstances to a person for him to change and awaits his choice.


15) To realise that I who find all others selfish am equally selfish in another fashion is the very first realisation of Selflessness in practice. Till the psychic emerges, one is selfish.


_ | AȢu \zv .

Ӻ _ | u GUS, G \u Au P _|x G u _ | AȢx | Hأh EuĮ.


16) |h E A SPͲ | SӯP Hأx, H Chzv GvP x, uhz uPzx Aa \h AݩvUS.


There is no shortcut to accepting the defects of all people with us as our own defects and changing there. That will make the finite man infinite. Till then, one can see life presses only at those points.


17) Folly of meanness heckles another at his strong point. Perverse meanness convinces him that it is useless. The cleverest of meanness raises a doubt in him by withholding its approval of his strong point.


P Ph] H֮.

Pۢu En Ph] Ph Hx.


18) What you detest and avoid most, something in you will seek. It is the seed in contradiction for the complement. To give way to that is catastrophe. To recognise its value, and endorse it by your being and express it in the measure of that endorsement is transformation.


smi Pq Ehߣk vĸ zx.


What matters is not the move, but the move that is the change.


19) Seeing the Brahman in trance is like seeing the stars through the telescope.


{h hP, UQ P x.


Black magic is the falsehood of spirituality. Tricks are vital falsehood.


20)                The truth of the mantra reveals that the idea in the word can achieve in the material plane.


\zv \ \vUS Gߣu v PmkQx.


21) The servitors of Truth are free at any moment to serve falsehood, even as the slaves of darkness can choose to be soldiers of Truth at any time.


u x US .


22) \u \ڮ

\ڪ \u.


Sound is movement.

There is no sound without movement.

Mantra is the movement of Truth.


23) \ uUP, zv uUP ix.


Insistence is loyalty.


Falsehood can become Truth, not when man is loyal to it.


24) Should the human voice reach long distances, one should speak into the radio.


Ezu S F Gmhx.


E Gʨ S EP Gmk.


\zv E \z ۾x.


25) K uǼ E

u Bsh P.


K |x x. H u Bshۼx sk.


The finite is the frontal appearance of the Infinite.


26) u US B.

n Bz US Ө.


u² n vUPmh, US Essk.


27) Curing the disease is conquering death a little.

Judgement of the court is to defeat vital falsehood.

Discovery of a law is Truth emerging in the mind.

Mantra conquers falsehood in its own plane of movement.

Mother establishes Truth in the soul of the body.


Mother is the Truth of body.

h E x A \zv.


28) To see the defect of another and attack that leads to destruction of both. To appreciate anothers good and support that is construction at that level.


S {ӯPU Pq.

S Azx ]iUS. { zv \x ]iUS.


29) Matter is the tangible result represented by the mercenary motive of the human mind. Brahman is the ultimate source represented by the Nirvana behind the soul. Behind the result lies the capacity. Beyond knowledge is there. The Spirit and its source are the ultimate.


, v, A, Bz BQU Phu | G Ax zu x.


30) Av P Bڢu \.


We seek the infinite speed of the Infinites action in the finite.


31) To consider the wifes lover as a brother because of that commonalty is the acme of Mental Idealism.


zuU Phu E Hأx \zv ¯.


When that right was conceded, the wife gave up the lover as well as love.


32) Doing, accomplishment are acts of self-limitation.


US G. \z U Phu zv Ax i.


33) uzuux Ezux.


34) Future possibility is open by the present failure becoming persistent.


Gv P n {P P SӯP CUP sk.


35) Mans initiative inimical to the atmosphere of the organisation will end in his initiative being ejected.


Juu \ux Es.


The beneficiary refusing the benefit shows the offer is absolutely opposed to the existing setup.


36) Courage is Truth.

Fear is falsehood.


+ A = u

u Ȣx S.

37) Gݮ Ph Gݮ u Aڲ, P A¢u |h ̢uں.


The soldier of Truth is a fish of truth living in an ocean of falsehood.


38) EP HPx Gߣu h, _ ֮ G EP E.


How can truth prevail and falsehood perish, long as falsehood socially thrives?




No one will copy in the exam or seek a degree false or true when people are employed for their talents.


39) Society organising itself so that each mans truth serves him best will release the truth of the individual.


Es C EP ֮.

Es _x C G \Pzv u Es _.


40) The whole of human nature can be seen in one man or in a few men. It is seen fully in oneself.


J EP Aԯ.


That one man is the one who reveals the ONE. One who reveals the ONE is the one man I look for.


41) Organised falsehood becomes hostility when its intelligence becomes perverse.


w | ]Ӣu C.


What matters is self-awareness.


42) A characteristic of hostility is to convince people that their greatest strength is their greatest weakness.


v کP _x A_ v.


Falsehood of intelligent perversity organises itself as hostility.


43) Grace deciding to give a man an undreamt of popularity at once, asked him to exercise his discretion intelligently. He did so unintelligently.


A AUS uuں.

C Puz umkQx.


When grace knocks at your door, do not escape through the back door.


44) Having had his salary doubled without any expectation at all, one finds the extra drained off for his brothers debt elsewhere. Grace is vulnerable to organisation of temperament.


PkUP u, E PkUP ix.


Grace gives, personality refuses.


45) \mi zxU P |PP, AvP E mk \h iui \.


Cӯ _k \ Aӯ .


Civilisation changes murder into fist fight, poison into salty food, swords into sharp tongues.


46) The distance between the first distinct possibility and the final fruition is as far as an interview with the head of a nation and occupying that post.


BzvS iS |k Ex Aڢu.


From 1910 to 1947 or 2001 it can be 37 years or 91 years. It can be as many DAYS as well.


47) In getting rid of ego, selfishness, stinginess, meanness, etc. the quantity of effort does not matter. After a prolonged effort, we expect it to give way. It only gets more organised. What matters is the quality of effort which is expansive.


u UP | Eux. u F usp US.


Pzu P A. کzu P.


48) No value shapes when there is the cold calculation for money.


n, sUS P.


Capacity to calculate arises when there is no energy to create values.


49) The joy in being dominated is equal to the joy in dominating, maybe better.


ox, AxĮ AߦUS ox, AvP \u h .


Man would prefer to be dominated, than dominate himself.


50) Detachment first, calling next.


a]ڰx »Q, S A AUP sk.


Calling to get rid of a bad influence will help it grow, if you do not detach yourself first from it.



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