Series XV


1) Surrender is an act of Self-conception.

\nPv Gߣx ]izux E ]u.

2) Consecration is communicated to another by consecration.

\nzu US \nzuu AUP i.

3) Woman is the highest complement of man, as she eludes each time he grasps at a higher JOY.

Bڢuzu |k uUS Au AvPm\ ֨x s.

4) When Motilal finally agreed to Gandhis satyagraha, the Jallianwalla Bagh tragedy occurred.

One effective way of understanding Gods vision is to see an event in the context of all other events of that Time.

Pzv PnUP {Pa]P Psnz vUS.

5) The conscious rule of the British that divided the Hindus and Muslims directly ended in the dismemberment of the Empire.

zx Bshx \䯮 Aȯ Eu¯x.

6) |u \, \u.

7) The lower energy does not change into higher energy by austerity. It does so by energising the activities and persuading the higher values to be accepted by the lower in action.

]ԯx u \ sP H uS.

µu ]ԯu uUPx.

8) Not to feel the challenge is one trait of equality.

{uڮ \US {uکP CUS.

9) ]vUP iu A ]P bڮ.

10) P Bڢu Aݣ.

Experience of Delight is yoga.

11) The greatest of discoveries is to know what one should do without his being told That is the Self-discovery.

Ph Aԯu . G Av. u \ siu Ӻ \ Ax A¢u.

A¢u Bڢu \u bڮ.

12) Mind accepting surrender in preference to thinking will find itself moving to the psychic.

ڮ \nPv Hأx ]u EhUS E Bߩ Ahx.

Minds agreeing to surrender is the evolving Spirit of the psychic awakening in the mind or even in the body.

13) For the centre of personality to be shifted from the thinking mind to the psychic in the mind or body, one should allow the Being to act on Becoming.

A Ӣu { T.

{ Tv Bڢu ֮.

14) Feeling that the stars burn with the fire of my own aspiration is to be awake psychically.

g\ zm\x \zv Ȩx.

\zv zu |m\zv | u.

15) A measure of wisdom will dawn on us when we apply to ourselves ALL the criticisms we have flung at others so far.

Cx a \ Azu SӲ |hx Gߣx P.

16) I am centred in my thought. It must move to the psychic light that awakes in the body.

Ȩ Ch | Ch.

Thinking is mental awakening. One does not awaken to the Spirit while awake. He does so in samadhi. To move the centre from thinking to the awakening psychic in the body is spiritual awakening.

17) The reversal surface needs is the knowledge of the sacrifice of the world for petty pleasure.

Guz vP \x G Q Gߣx zvS bڮ.

18) Eternity sacrificed for a moments bliss Savitri.

Mans pride, ego, gain, pleasure, prestige, etc. are at the expense of Eternity.

Av AݣUP u Bڢuzuz xUQ.

Jnana is that which makes man see what he sacrifices in return for what little.

19) The developing life in Europe gave every nation the linguistic version of her social power which Indian public life never enjoyed. Annadurai developed it on his own and that power of his new innovation has ruled Tamilnadu for 35 years.

ͺu \, u Cu.

Mothers message needs a language of faith.

20) There are 14,600 mantras taught to priests to solve domestic and other problems. To know how one of them has acquired its power will disclose the source of power of all these mantras. It is to acquire the spiritual power of lifes vitality.

bzv Bz.
vzv \Uv.
\ Qv.

vzv Bz \Uv.

21) Mind cannot understand Time as it lives in Time. Spirit can do so as it is its product.

Pzu Bz AԲ. H, P Au {. ڮ Aԯx. H, ڮ Pzv Qx.

22) Time is the objective of the Timeless that is subjective. Together they are the whole of Brahman the Spirit.

AP, ӕ \u Bsh.
P, Phux \u Bߩ.

P, Ch \u Bߩݮ ¯.

23) Whatever one learns by any method will be appropriated by the ego. That which is learned by consecration cannot be so misused.

Pأu APuUP.
\nzu Ax BzUS.

\n Gʮ APu A ͸.

24) P A\uu A\.

The mobility of constant Space is Time.

25) Timelessness of the Being, Time of the Consciousness-Force and the simultaneity of Consciousness are the three statuses of Eternity.

Qv P, Phu {, ¯zv \u { ֮ Pzv {P.

26) To discover the TOOL of decision-making, raise the consciousness to that of humanity, one can offer it to the world for prosperity or inner peace.

u {n EP {n.

Cosmic determinant is human decision-making.

27) The US is pre-eminent in creating the organisation for production. It is practical. Let them discover its theory which will be the cosmic determinants.

Whether it is Newtons Prinicipia Mathematica or Darwins Origin of Species or Symposium, one can discover its practice or theory as Chandrasekar did in one year with Newton.

Michael Brecher or Sheldrake will be more relevant today.

uzx, |hӲ \vx A¢u.

28) God fulfils our wishes. God gives us what we have rejected.

B\mhu Bsh PkUQ.
zu B\ Bsh zv \Q.

B\kx, ֨x |. Pkx |? | ڤ | Bsh?

29) No amount of physical work however skillfully it is executed will be of any help to an organisation of scholars and thinkers. Similarly, in a world of evolving spirit, no mental work will be of any avail.

ڮ ֮ A ߣk { EP Phx mhx.

All recent great discoveries and innovations are in a moment when mind recedes.

30) The peak cannot be maintained forever by virtue of its being a peak.

]P Gߣu Ax EuUS.

31) The simultaneous integrality of Time is to rise from Time and Timelessness to combine the potentialities of one and the actualities of the other.

Cmh \ݮ, vmh k uβ v R \vu , \vzu P Pnzv |hUS.

The alert manager rising outdoes the proprietor.

32) Being in Her atmosphere receptive culminates in constant remembrance. When transferred inside, it becomes agni.

AU Eθx Gx, Ehx Gx UvU Phu hzv bڮ.

Force, being a prior stage, does not espouse the quality of heat.

33) Saturated vital intensity that secures mental clarity is the ability of writing.

Ea\Pmh En u wµQ ڮ Au \ Ψkzxx Gzx.

Linguistic ability of saturated vital intensity that acquires clarity of mind gives birth to a writer.

34) Conditioned consciousness that constantly occupies the being is the constant current status of man.

Phu P PP u BUzxU Pshx { u u.

Man is the conditioned complexity.

35) Bߩ uگx P, u A\U Psx Ch.

36) Life is living engagement that is not occupation.

Sx ux .

37) Man becomes ageless beginning with the impersonal and the universal.

PuzuU Phu Eͮ Ezu.

F EP Phx EzuU Phu PzuU Phu.

38) GUP UP, Gߣx shows the urge inside is irresistible. There is this social perception of the spiritual truth.

The jnana of spiritual truth is there as life knowledge revealing the opening for spiritual evolution.

G Psn mkmhx Gߣx B߫Pz u.

39) Writing and speaking invariably carry the stamp of the age, at least the period. Devoid of that stamp, the writing becomes ageless.

Gzx Pzu Phx C UPS.

Pu Gzv Ψk.

The age of the ageless.

40) Mother, I want your blessing for me to surrender to you is the ultimate weapon of falsehood refusing to awaken to Truth.

EP Gʨ u A } zxU P Gߣx Ph] Bu.

41) _| __֨ __֨Px. Ax \zuڮ.

42) uz uk ڮ ]ԯx.

43) mPk \v ΰ x.

h ΰ \Q.

Pride, prestige, vanity broadcast.
Shameful facts are secrets.

44) Masses are meant for movies or movie-like attractions. Principia Mathematica is not for those masses. Integral yoga is not for the wide population. It is for select serious people as Valmiki, Shakespeare, Ramanujan and Socrates.

uzuU Phu P uoUP.

45) Mans physical subjectivity of primitive individual survival becomes mental objectivity by one becoming a disciplined intellectual. Yoga aims at supramental subjectivity, which is itself the objective consciousness of Sat.

Primitive man intellectual Supramental being.

46) Man does not like to work. Dynamic men love to work at what they are interested in. To have that urge to work moved by the Force for its own sake is the dynamism of evolution. That man is not lazy.

_|zvPPĮ, BzvPPĮ \x BPx. A A Ψh \ \zuzvS Gvx.

47) Mother not giving us opportunities to lie is Her protection from our own falsehood.

| x |U P A |US \ \u uv.

48) Savitri conquered Death inwardly. We can conquer our desire by the concentrated energy behind consecration. That is sincerity becoming strong.

Es UP EsUS sk.

Es E \ { .

49) Our will always tries to outdo consecration, thus reducing consecration to being its own subordinate. Sincerity is to subordinate our will and its initiative to the will of consecration.

\nzu x | B\ \nzvSm kzxx zv Es.

Shift the energy from initiative to consecration.

50) All the great secrets of the world which may become future custom are now delightfully captured by humour. That is why He said humour is the savour of life.

쯮 \u, \v, _Pzuz um Pshx.


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