Series XVII



1) vv zv E; { Bߩ a].

Satisfaction is mind's maximum; Fullness is soul's flowering.

2) Mental self-justification reduces in practice to talking to oneself seeing the rightness of his actions in terms of his beliefs. To break out of that web is mental freedom from verbs.

u \ Gߣx u uh ] u Gsn[P u Ai \ G \uڮ \x Px. Av Cx kkx ڮ ֮ _uv.

m\ Bz ku.

ڮ zv m\.

3) The most important discipline to us we often do not know. When we know it, it is our privilege to forget it.

UQ 寮 ux. uu Ӣx S. { u \ mh.

4) Mind, even at its height, will not attain a fullness which the emotions carry from the beginning.

Ena] GP {Ӳ, ڮ G Eu A{ x.

5) ڮ uh.

Mind is an obstacle of a mountain.

zuU Phu PͲ, u[PͲ Phu.

6) It is not the heart that is the seat of divine emotions. That centre is behind the heart.

Uv \x |g\, |g_US E ߩ SP.

7) To present another's strength as weakness is possible for conscious falsehood that is venomously mean.

Akzu | SnzuU Pmh SnP o ¸ Hأ. A P x.

8) A disciplined rationality can wipe out all one's problems except the exceptional.

Pmkh Szu Bsh, C G a]PЮ, Ksk uµ wUPk.

A a] AUS.

9) Money through price made the human mind aware of measurement in life.

G n {nu u ڮ AUS v x.

10) Excellent manners espoused without inner content of character or sincerity develops strong energies of insincerity from which the person has no hope of escape at all.

| |PPzu _zv E zv Es wµP H֨ Q E C Gʢx E ֮. Au u ix.

US E Esk.

11) A stupid person when he has to face a complex situation carefully goes to the root of the issue and understands all that one can or needs to. Interest makes it possible.

uUS UQ, C ix G J US ]UP `{US u, A] AUS AvPm\ EnzxQx.

12) Aڨkzu kh Eu x Aih _.

Man likes help from one whom he wants to humiliate.

Man relates to all from where he is.

13) U P \x u zu Csh {. Aئu {.

Man cooking the son to please God is the stage of Timelessness of the Rishi. The Marvel is a further 3rd stage of Timelessness simultaneously existing with Time.

CP x ]zushU Phu {.

14) How can you transform evil if you avoid it?

w »UQ vĸx Gi?

wsh vĸӪ.

15) Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde are the same person. Mind can see separate personalities, not the Supermind. Brahman, Purusha, Ishwara are one.

zu u CP, P En i. A \zv ¯zvS J.

Schizophrenia is the extreme perception of the Mind.

16) The mind calls from the surface. The Supermind calls from the depths.

x AǨx ڮ.

EͰx AǨx \zv ¯.

Aiڮ AǨx A AǨx.

17) The future demands spiritual intelligence, spiritual skills and spiritual equipment even as present life needs mental endowment.

A C |P . Aڰ Aͨ B߫P A, B߫Pz v, B߫P US u.

The Future belongs to Spirituality.

18) The highest the Rishi knows is the ease in being QUIET. We want that quiet to be moved in the third dimension of Time.

_x _P x b۰ Cm]. Ax APzv ]zvx. , zv & P ]zvx _x ڢu x BS.

_US ڮ _PzuU Phu Bڢu.

19) A vibration we consecrate as unwanted changes its character to offer enjoy- ment.

Pmhu »UP \n \u, Ax |uP \u u.

»USx ›x \u u.

20) Every successful man has found a balance of behaviour with his immediate society. The psychic has that Balance with all Life and Nature.

UP u UPzu zux. P UP \zv USz u.

Gv |sx i ԯS.

21) As technology is constantly offering previously unavailable comforts, and law, previously unavailable rights, Mother's Force now offers a previously unavailable subtle organisation to solve problems and avail of opportunities.

v \P[PЮ, v EPЮ Qhx A \Uv ǯ a]PmS v wĮ, Gv& PzvS v PЮ uu HأuS G uh?

22) Man in the mental plane is identified with the spiritual experiences he has, while moving into the Supramental plane, he can detach himself from the experience and see it as another and evaluate it.

ڮ Bzݣ Aݣzxh IUQS. \zv ¯zv Aݣzu zx UP. Au uzu En.

23) The fool's audacity in initiating an uncommonly ridiculous thing becomes a rare avenue for Luck to release its power.

G \ mPk \P ¸a \ h G AvhzvSz uu AǨz uQ.

24) Human life of disharmony is lived with other men outside. Divine Life is one of harmony with all men inside.

zv nUP h x u . APzv _PP Ah x A .

25) The highest known spiritual realisation is not enough to rid man of his folly or his ego.

]zv G Euu, Ax Aԯ, APu AUP ux.

BzݣzuU Phux Aԯ.

26) When technology is advanced, one or a few companies can produce all the products of a commodity the world needs. So too, a few realised men can meet all the spiritual needs of humanity.

ESUSz u \Ͳ J \UQ ] PP uUP i. J ] ]zu P EQ B߫Pz u zv \ i.

27) Self-assertion is because of excessive self-energy, not so much because the other person is wrong.

G Eh EvP Cu x AiUPz ux APu \mh.

Self-assertion is annihilation of all else.

28) People who work in the causal plane cannot think that work or life ends in death. They are in the gross physical plane.

nzv iQx G {ڨUSx Cu P. B߫P n nzv BU-& Qx.

29) If there is a long-standing issue, the best way to solve it is to withdraw your mind from it.

|k|Pz wu a]z wUS zu Au \x.

30) The greatness of the 19th century was mean to its rival. They did not even pretend to be mental, but insistently vital.

zuߣu si uP GvP mhPz vmiP. |iUSUTh |PPzuz uh. u Cݮ zu Gmh.

31) One who chooses the work, especially an ideal work based on the minor conveniences will not only not achieve it, but will not make a beginning.

\ HS x \PzuU Px \v G P°. A BUP ix.

32) To disqualify negative characters from scientific research and physical people from politics will cleanse the scientific and political atmosphere.

Csh ڕh gbzvx, h A]x »UP sk.

| gb, Ah A]v sk.

33) Eu ] ֨ uuh A] \n \x AvP u. Gߣx A.

The best of efforts when successful cannot yield the results which the surrender of that effort can give. It is a result that renders results meaningless.

|hux .

34) To do a Master Act is mastery of the world. To understand is to be the Master of heaven. To understand it in the third dimension integrally is to be the Master of heaven and earth.

Pzua \ EP B. Au x Pң EP B. Au { P x EP \UPzu BuS.

35) The body cannot wait when it learns, says The Mother. The Real-Idea is the vibration of the Being. Body is the inversion of the Being. As the Real-Idea effectuates itself at once, the body acts.

EhUS u Eh \k GQ A. Real-Idea Gsn Gߣx \zv Өx. Ax Eh uڨ zv \x PЮ. Eh \z ԯx Gߣu Eh \z \kQx.

Eh |US \z&.

36) In life, right and wrong are for the poor, not for the rich or high. One in Being of the Becoming has no right or wrong. Whatever he does is right.

ush \UP, \u AuvS. { EUS uӰ. A \uu \.

G \u Gߣv, \ux Gߣu a].

37) Concentration for relief from problems often relieves the oppressiveness inside but no results are apparent. It means work is done in consciousness and not in substance.

Pk a] Gʢu x |k| vڮ Psh ڨ }[S, B ux. ¯ Hu Aui E h HPmh Ax US.

38) The difference between spiritual light and Supramental Light is the latter will be so full that one cannot think of anything else.

J \zv ¯zvx u x {. { Gx. B߫P JUS Azv C.

{ \zv ¯.

39) Ӻ SUS Ch Pkzu Au S | AȲ. AȲ x E S Ax ڮ S.

Indulging another's weakness is the best way to lose the same in us through the most painful of methods.

Ӻ S | Sz ux AUS.

40) Insurance that provides against risk removes risk itself in most cases. It is the collective giving material protection by its intention.

u֮ x Eu P C |i, Ax Cu uv.

Insurance subtly prevents risks.

41) Perfection is the lowest vibration in us accepting the highest ideal.

u̢u _ Eu s Hأx ]Ө n-------kzx.

42) The caste system and the divine right theory are the same. After democracy has come to stay, the caste system lost its rationale.

A\, v J Aih Hأmh. UPm] u S vUS Av mhx.

43) In a highly competitive field where the field is covered 60 % and no fresh entrant will ever survive, Life meets you with her creativity if you approach her creativity. That creativity is there where the collective enriches the individual as it can never be exhausted.

{hu u u zu ͩ uUSU Pmk.

ͮ ͩS.

44) Human suffering is in true fact subliminal enjoyment.

EQ xߣ Gߣx Ai ڮ B̢x xUS Cߣ.

45) Thinking of the part from the whole -- the finite from the Infinite -- the mind becomes the genius.

EQ |UQx J Aԯ K Gsn Gʢx ]Ӣx P۲.

x ]ԯu uPU Pxx u »\.

46) Fullness for the mind can be interested occupation. Vital and body too can feel fullness likewise. But the spirit emerging is fullness which is always rich and sweet.

izu __֨ {P AݣUP. Bz& An {. Ax CPĮ, ͩP& US.

47) Treating everyone as God makes one so. Even one person has the power to change you into God.

A PhPU Pv, Px Ph B. J PhP |hzv A |U PhP i. JUS _uvu | Phu uUP i.

48) Gu bڮ \, u° {z uQu Ax n bڮ.

That Knowledge which gives the richness and fullness of wealth and status is the true integral Knowledge.

{ ux n.

49) The moment the mind falls silent, world knowledge rushes into it. Absence of coveteousness attracts wealth. Humility brings in power.

ڮ bzu, AhUP u, AȲ B\ \zu AuPz u.

Silence raises status.

zu |UQ } Ki .

50) Humility is spiritual depression that attracts all spiritual wealth as water tends to the low level.

B߫P AhUP Bz ͮ.


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