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Nov. 24, 2005


Q:  What is it you want to accomplish?

Whatever the answer, if you look back for ten or fifteen years, what anyone has accomplished is inner psychological growth.  He accomplishes it by working with various levels of people. It is great. It can be accomplished inwardly by bringing before the Mind those weighty Questions and finding the answers. Such a method is to raise the external vital work to be transferred into internal mental work. This method helps one to accomplish the same goal in a tenth of the time.

Q:  Why do people accomplish more after retirement?

While in power, they have to oblige the necessities of the structure. While outside, they are free. To be free of the rigidities of the structure while in power, one needs to free himself MENTALLY. To be free mentally is to move to the inner mental core that is conscience (Sincerity) - Soul - Psychic. Power banishes conscience. Soul exceeds the power of conscience. Psychic is more powerful in the sense it accomplishes more fully. Conscience brings the power of Mind out, Soul brings the higher power. Psychic elicits the power of soul in the Mind. A mental idea that nuclear weapons must be given up is understood but has no power to act upon. Passionate conviction has that power. Conscience rids of the passion and changes the mental conviction with the power of mind. Mother calls this power of Mind the adversary because Mind's inherent tendency is to be governed by social conditionings. Soul removes the adversary and offers it to the naked Soul's power in place of Conscience.  Man's personality is thus better equipped with the power of the soul. The Psychic will come into play ONLY when nothing of the man's mind is active - surrender. Should that arise, Man's Personality that has to achieve with the soul's power will also submit to the situation. Work is accomplished by itself. In bringing many eminent people together, One brings in many disparate inner strands together. Better do it more inside and less outside.

Q:  Why does Money accomplish?

 It moves work. If one can move that work inwardly, money is replaced by that inner capacity. Money being a Force, its being there with us, gives us that capacity in greater abundance.

Q:  What is the obstacle?

The US economic interests are used as a weapon to fortify USA's pride of position. Addressing it in oneself, a headway can be made. Get at the exact mental perch and shed it. It is an egoistic power, a power ego is unwilling to shed and is capable of increasing. No one else is in a position to counteract it. Ego is defenceless against Sincerity. Let Sincerity face the ego. Ego will be defeated.

Q: How do we maximise our efficiency?

There are several ways: 1) Convert the work into the Power of the next plane; 2) Exhaust your efforts; 3) Increase efficiency of Time or Energy.

Factor of conversion:

   A vast set of activities has been accomplished. Organise them into power at the next level. Methods are many. One is resort to Silence; 2) Shift the outer into the inner; 3) Raise the level of awareness; 4) Coordinate; 5) Raise the vital habits to mental.

1) Silence: Whatever you are going to do by planning and explaining to others, Do it silently first. This is to use spiritual resources.

2) There are two ways of shifting the outer into inner.

            a) All that you do, do inwardly first.

            b) Find the inner counterpart and move it.

3) Raising the level of awareness: --

            Do by faith what you do by money or method, e.g. explanation by Silence.

4) Of the many people he interacts with, find out the points where their work can be coordinated. E.g. bring the experience of a retired head of state to bear upon another who is sincere. Gorbachev is sincere, Carter has US experience. Think what Gorbachev would do in Carter's position. Imagine what Carter would do in Gorbachev's position.

5) Raising the vital to mental.           

Organisation may achieve all that he aspires for. These things can be approached in terms of Time, Space, correspondence, understanding, observation, Perfection in work, Skill, capacity, etc. If he is very open and equally eager, suggest an experiment. Whatever you speak, speak not from understanding, but from inner emotional conviction born out of earlier experience. Anyone will be touchy if we speak of Truthfulness. But that is the great power. Once you are in a measure of inward consciousness of Truth, in that measure, it will not offend.

  • You be calm and collected.
  • Don't be anxious about achievement.
  • Do anything inwardly first.
  • Commit yourself to TRUTH totally.
  • Let no assertions, not even those of Facts, Events rear their heads.
  • Eliminate yourself at all times.
  • (Buddhism is popular in the West as it has disinherited Ego).
  • (The success of the westerner is mainly due to his truthfulness. The Indians are buried in darkness because of their falsehood.)
  • SHE achieves; we let Her accomplish in us.

Nov. 25, 2005

It is a well known practice, if not a conscious possession of knowledge, that accomplishments in one field can be converted into power required in another field.

  1. Usually it is the power of a higher plane that so lends itself to such an abundant conversion. The intermarriages of European Royalty that helped preserve peace is a great example. Here the psychological power of the family prevents a military misadventure or even a holocaust.
  2. J.P. Morgan converted money power to save the society in 1907. In myriad works, it is being done all over the world all the time.
  3. My thesis is after WWII, the world is overflowing with the potentials of prosperity that are more than enough to solve all her problems. For want of conscious self-awareness in the collective, problems of pollution, terrorism, nuclear issues, etc. remain. Presently it is the unorganised unconscious awareness that by its own weight surfaces to solve some problems. Two such striking solutions are pollution control and the demise of the Cold War.
  4. Consider the food scarcity of the 80s. By then knowledge and resources to become food surplus were overwhelming all over Asia. There was no WILL to act.
  5. Eradication of epidemics in this century, especially after 1950 by the UN agencies is one example of conscious successful effort.
  6. It is again the Thesis of the Theoretical stand that Russia and Eastern Europe can be level with Western Europe. Asia can soon join them. All military conflicts can be abolished. Terrorism can be eradicated. The world has all the power she needs in potential. They have to be converted into skills and strategies appropriate to the problem before any solution is aimed at.
  7. History is full of examples, if only we need any conviction or comprehension. The principle is as FDR did in 1929, go back to the origins of work and power. Churchill likewise appealed to the patriotic emotions.

Some examples:

  1. The US is using economic power to stall the nuclear agreement.
  2. Perhaps the best example is Nixon's opening up the Chinese market to USA. The market power has abolished even the thought of war between the two countries.
  3. Diplomatic power influencing politics is fully known.
  4. Patriotic power of Germany is used to pay economic dividends in Eastern Germany. Gandhiji used spiritual power in politics. In the 19th century, the power of trade created the Empire.
  5. Imperial power was used to civilise the world.

story | by Dr. Radut