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Aspects Related to Individuality


December 12, 2005

  • Individuality forms when the Self occupies the soul form, is His definition in the Chapter, "The Divine Soul'.

What constitutes Individuality is the entry of Self into the soul form. This is the spiritual Individuality and it becomes true when the Self does so in all soul forms.

That leads us to think of mental, vital, physical individualities on those lines. The two aspects are:

1. Self in the form of each plane - soul form, mind form, vital form, bodily form, and

2. It should occur in all such forms, i.e., be universal.

  • We have seen the experiences of India, Greece, birth of Jesus, Rome, Europe, Martin Luther, Newton, Darwin and recently the experience of the USA.
  • Vedas reached spiritual heights in a great many individuals, but not in all persons.

The Upanishads took a good many to the Spirit in their mental journey, but not the entire population.

Greece produced a host of thinkers who applied mind to life. That movement of mind embraced all population in Hamlet. Luther was a Mental Individual in the sense he destroyed vital superstition, enthroned Mind and the world followed him

Jesus brought Love, which is Ananda in the soul, but when it reached the population it reached them as a doctrine perpetuated by a social organisation call church.

Rome created the vital plane and its power all over the world. It is law.

Europe gave scientific inquiry to the entire population.

Confucius took Mind to its height earlier.

Newton's Mind discovered the laws of material existence, as did Darwin.

We can assign numbers to all these.





No. 1 that explored God.


No. 1 that explored mainly life and mind.


No. 5 in its most sublime form.

Greek thinkers

No. 1 exploring material life and its laws


No. 3 emancipating itself from superstition.


No. 5 that covered the whole world - law


No. 1 exploring laws of existence.


No. 1 exploring the law of life.


No. 7 organising the entire national life for the maximum production for Prosperity and taking it to all the nations of the globe.


  • The phenomenon of the entire nation spiritually energised fully in a plane, offering an organisation to every citizen for maximum possible production was not witnessed earlier in any nation or in any plane. Thus USA qualifies for Individuality in that it covers all nations and it covers the entire plane of physical existence.  The US citizen evolutionarily conceives, perceives and senses
        • all men are made of the self of the society;
        • all men reside in the society as individual entities, and
        • the society is there in each man making him the Individual.

  • Human nature has the partial body, vital, mental and spiritual parts in ascent. There is no descent in the partial nature. As humanity rises, while it is still located as parts or constituted as parts,
    • we find the emergence of a plane in a lone person and in scores of great men.
    • Next, after centuries, it emerges in all men, when it fully embraces the whole cultural unit of the population. This movement travels from 1 to 9 and within each number there are grades, e.g. in No. 1 conception of the cosmos, conception of laws, of existence, life, etc.
    • For Individuality, we have to look for the Self in each of these planes.
    • In the partial ascent, we find the leader of a plane as an unformed unconscious brute coarse spearhead that totally achieves.
    • The real validity of Individuality is perhaps only in the ascent of the whole in Supramental consciousness in the plane of Simultaneous integrality of Time eternity and Timeless eternity. This too has two phases of ascent and descent. In the descent it has the rounded perfection of the marvel and is conscious. In the ascent, it is still unconscious but fully serves the evolutionary purpose in the primary needs.
    • The Self  lodging in the mental form of Man is mental individuality.
    • The Self  lodging in the vital form of Man is vital individuality.

The Self Lodging in the physical form - the body - is the physical individuality which has taken shape in the USA. 

Now it must spread all over the world before vital individuality emerges.

Its emergence in the external will wipe off all armed conflicts, terrorism, tyranny, abuse, etc.

Its birth in the inner would be the spiritual joy in the vital symbolised by domestic harmony, marital bliss, family affection, personal fulfilment in human love - the milk of human kindness.

Let us stop there and take up similar expressions for the mind and the spiritual range later.

  • A fuller knowledgeable understanding and appreciation of Intuition in a person gains him entry into the region of genius.
  • To appreciate Brindavan where this aspect of Krishna avatar emerges * is the only recorded material available in this regard.
  • It is up to each devotee to review his life - past and present -- in this light and to launch oneself on the journey of Supramentalisation.

a) This is a process of reversing the involutionary status of the four major reversals.On the surface it is contradictions are complements. This is the easiest.

b) In the inner mind, the contradictions lose their edge and become a neutral possibility in the Timelessness as austerity. Out of negative austerity we have to create the positive Supramental marvel in the psychic.

c) In the subliminal where the subconscient and the Superconscient meet, we meet the hell of the subconscient where perversity is maliciously active and has acquired the dynamic energy of venom. The hostiles lodge here. Without resentment one has to understand their intention and when we fully appreciate they disappear in the light of the Superconscient.

d) The Psychic is hidden in the subliminal cave where we reach by surrender of act, feeling, sensation and their subtle parts. Mother's consciousness directly leads us here if only we do not resist.

e) This Psychic has the two weightier versions of the vital psychic and physical psychic when we go down. In going above, it has the four versions until we reach the Ishwara of the Supermind. In each of these six levels, the plane splits into consciousness and substance.

As the USA has landed on physical individuality, Europe, Rome and Greece have the opportunity to develop mental and vital individuality. Whether they will avail of that opportunity or go under the sea like Italy and England or dissolve is to be seen. As the Psychic was born in Krishna, India cannot die a spiritual death. She is already presented that evolutionary opportunity. All that she has to do is to take up that thread by shifting to Truth, hard organised work, loyal work of harmony in the vital, and organise mental knowledge based on utter Truth.

*  Sri Aurobindo calls Krishna the divine soul.

story | by Dr. Radut