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Energy that Multiplies Money


October  25,2001

  • We are occupied with ourselves all the time. We are ourselves.
  • We accept a work as duty or necessity which means we remain inside ourselves and give a part to work which is not 1% but less.
  • This means we can give our all to work and raise it hundred fold.
  • Raising the work a hundred fold raises the income hundred fold. This is logical.
  • We know doubling the interest trebles the result as the result is in proportion not to the energy but the quality of the energy.
  • The decision to double the interest is of a far higher quality than just twice in volume. Hence the result is out of all proportion.
  • Giving a hundred times greater interest results in a 1000 times better.
  • Again when we are ourselves, we are not at the best possible level.
  • Usually we are vital, not even mental. Even the vital sulks. Beyond lies the mental, higher mental, illumined mental, intuitive and overmental before reaching the Supermind. Mother is beyond in Consciousness-Force.
  • The outer work admits of a hundred to one thousand-fold increase by doing our duty conscientiously and dutifully.
  • The inner admits of (100,000 times to infinity) expansion.
  • Calling Mother brings the highest inside and expresses it outside.
  • We would be happy for a ten-fold increase.
  • A token act reveals the vast expansion that is possible.
  • An expansion too great is difficult to sustain, but it reveals the possibility.
  • The token effort reveals once the possibility which will surely inspire.
  • In the measure one can give himself to Mother permanently, this new vast reality will sustain.
  • It is decided by one's personality of TRUTH.
  • A sincere, total effort to give up falsehood in words and deeds and also in the inner feeling will surely retain a substantial portion of what has been indicated or achieved in the token act.

story | by Dr. Radut