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Global Warming


Jan. 1, 2007


  • Mother said there will be snow in Auroville. Therefore this phenomenon of warming can only be a passing one.
  • When man obstinately persists in his foolish course away from the evolutionary intention Nature brings him back in line. Of her several methods, eruption of volcanoes, earthquake, cyclone, global warming are catastrophic physical methods.
  • Mankind is moving towards unity and one world and world government are on the Agenda. Global warming is a warning in this direction.

As long as man oscillates within a range Nature does not interfere in the hope he will come back to the evolutionary line. He deviates in mental opinion, vital impulses and physical acts. Nature, at each of these stages does indicate her position. When he persists and persists in the physical plane and affirms his deep decision to deviate from Nature's course, she too acts physically through earthquakes, etc. preventing him from his course. One who knows he deviates or is oblivious of it sees in his readings the very opposite ideas. Every word that falls on his ears, every word that catches his eye is a voice of Nature's protest. It is for him to pay heed to those warnings. If his mind is on the right track, but his vital impulses go astray, events occur in just the fashion as the words without explanation. It is for him to explain it to himself. Should he still persist and launch himself in his course, Nature prevents by her acts from acting on his choice. Further persistence will lead to his being destroyed by Nature. This is a subtle, occult phenomenon. I shall illustrate with events that come to my mind. The French Revolution, The Russian Revolution, Great Depression, the Wars, Indian Independence, etc. are examples in history. In my view if the world goes about setting a world government, global warming will change its direction. The French in Vietnam went through hell till 1973 which Britain saw the writing on the wall and transferred power to India and other colonies avoiding a catastrophe. A United States of Europe before war would have avoided the two wars. USSR has resorted to democracy now. Had she done so earlier the police State for seventy years, thirty million lives could have been saved. Granting freedom for the Negroes could have avoided the civil war in the United States. Surrender of Japan before August 1945 could have avoided the dropping of the atom bombs. Society accepting the hippie values after a fashion avoided a major revolution by the youth and women. World wars are physical, others are vital but warming is terrestrial. So one has to dig deep to unearth a solution. Not an idea or a movement will meet with the requirement. It must be an ACT of establishing the world government.

In 1950, the Indian constitution stipulated reservation of jobs and admission to the Harijans for ten years which continues till now. If only untouchability had not been abolished by law then and reservations offered, India would have entered a phase of everlasting civil war. (The above are my earlier notes copied verbatim from a bit of one-side paper).

Nature's toleration of Man within a certain amplitude is her freedom to Man or her way of recognising his innate freedom. His freedom has two aspects: one that of his soul; the other that Nature permits. If FDR had not introduced welfare measures in 1932, the USA would have gone red before the end of the decade. In 1957 in India, Kerala and West Bengal went Red. Government passed the Land Ceiling Act in 1962 in all states, took the side of labour, started Block Development, etc., etc., and stole the thunder from the Communists. Otherwise in the fifties India would have gone Red. Sri Aurobindo talks of Germany as the most advanced, intelligent nation in Europe. Even England borrowed her ideas. Her idea of an organised state was gaining ground. Writing during the First World War, He said, even if Germany lost the war, her ideas will spread. She herself revived it in the Second World War and helped the world to overcome that idea. Then He considered the possibility of the British Empire developing into a world empire and the United States of Europe. Later He went to World Union and World Government. In our own life the principle of one man's perfection can save the world can be tried after seeing the validity of that thought in practice.

Man acts impelled by needs, desires and ideas. As long as his actions are within the scope of social custom, society does not interfere. His success depends upon his capacity. Where society permits, but his conscience or Life does not permit, they interfere to disturb him. His accomplishment and success will not mean anything more than his own success. It only means it is not in loggerheads with social or life forces. Perfection even at the personal level will mean going beyond society and life to spiritual life. One will succeed in his personal life up to 90%. Beyond that it will be a struggle to reach 95%, as his important capacities are to move towards perfection. From there to 99% is an uphill task. The last 1% is supramental effort based on surrender. These are great endeavours. For ordinary mortals the early steps are NOT to act contrary to common sense, to act in such a fashion as to bring about results, and then desirable results. Rational action follows. If one becomes RATIONAL in the eyes of his actions - i.e., they bear results - and in others' eyes, he would go a long way in this endeavour. Man's capacity to see everyone's defects and NOT see his own defects is great. It is an area of great buried power. Such work will move in the direction of perfection. Any work done in this regard when the decision touches the depths and is matched by the sincerity required, will at once evoke a response from outer life around or even from outside. Its power is unfailing. By his inner actions Man can move outer work is a rule that never failed in my observation. What fails is Man's capacity to move inwardly.

  • Establishment of world government will dissolve the threat of global warming.
  • As pollution is being controlled, warming too will come under control.
  • One man's perfection can achieve it in the measure of his perfection.

story | by Dr. Radut