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Ideas on Employment


November 15, 2006

  • Every man born comes with jobs for his existence.
  • Progress of a society means generation of endless jobs.
  • Technology dissolves jobs of a lower order, generates jobs of a higher order.
  • Unutilised potentials of employment are as much as the present employment;

- It is the view of life that determines - Ramapuram.

- India has very well within its means to becomes a middle income country. How many jobs will be then created? What matters is the political will. Usually it waits for the social will to overtake it.

  • Nothing prevents Germany from ‘moving' to 2010 now by a willed effort.

- Education generates employment. Raise the minimum level.

- Attitude to money can deliver any social good intended.

- Entertainment generates employment.

- As the minimum level of education is an employment-determinant, raise the level of cultural, entertainment level in quality and quantity. Introduce schools of music, dancing, painting.

- Give a social reward for a higher attainment in these.

- In Pondicherry there are 23 engineering colleges and five medical colleges for a population of eight lakhs. The tuition fees of higher education are fully reimbursed to the students. Let Germany raise her educational level higher than the highest in the world and make it free.

- Take education and training to the lowest level through polytechnic and industrial training schools.

  • Aim at 100% organic agriculture. Offer demonstration and training at ten levels.
  • Aim at 100% natural health. Organise it through institutions.
  • Making life comfortable generates more jobs than what technology eliminates.

- Comfortable life is a cultured life.

- Cultured life for the community requires armies of employees.

  • Espousing an international cause solves all internal problems including unemployment. World Army, Disarmament, Global warming can be sponsored.
  • Raising the level of freedom destroys the support of problems.
  • Eliminating superstition to some extent eliminates problems to a great extent.
  • Draw upon the political, cultural, religious, social potentials of Germany.

- The fact that Germany is a nation.

- The freedom of Protestantism.

- The fact of reuniting East and West Germany.

- Germany's EU membership.

- Euro can be used as an unofficial common currency between East and West Germany or with France or even with a non-EU member.

  • Germany's passion with perfection is a Resource.
  • Examine its traditional enmity with France and Russia. New avenues will open.
  • As EU demands its members to raise themselves to a standard, Germany can have a higher standard for itself and try to raise herself to that imagined level.
  • Offer rewards, incentives, training, etc. for entrepreneurship, acquiring Individuality, fresh original ideas in all the above fields.
  • Raise sports to standards of the world.
  • Examine the freedom for women, workers, children for new schemes.
  • Scrutinise the talents stagnated in the Army.
  • Explore the services of the computer.
  • Apparently this is problem solving. In reality, it is changing the basis of the society that creates problems.
  • Europe could not have created America. But it is the Europeans who have created America which is now being followed by Europe.

- Social freedom was created in the USA.

- The individual GOT all the results of his work.

- There were NO wars.

- There was NO tax.

- There was HOPE that each one could reach the top on his own effort.

       There are revolutionary principles here evolving in the society.

  • The formidable impossibility becomes an eminent possibility when we move from practicality to theoretical understanding. This is the sense of obstacles becoming opportunities.
  • Life exists in wider concentric circles. The problems of one circle give way to a wider circle's theory.
  • Our mental sanction to a problem energises its life.
  • Employ the thesis behind: solve economic problems by a political solution.
  • As Pakistan destroyed the unity of India given by the British, Germany was united by Bismarck without inner sanction. That was why after 1945 it was in four bits. Even after 1990 when unity was restored, its reality has not emerged. The final solution lies here.
  • One line of progress for Germany is to become intellectual or emotional. But to combine both is the best.
  • The holocaust is not yet overcome. Unemployment is its residue.
  • She created full employment to destroy civilisation. Now she must work for building the civilisation to reach full employment again.
  • It is better to come from above than go up from below.
  • Aiming to lead EU will unite Germany really when unemployment will really disappear.
  • Music, for Germany, is a great saviour.
  • So also Protestantism and its freedom.

Theory of unemployment in East Germany

When revolutions are replaced by evolutions, armed conflict by political maturity, residual problems

need a similar change in administrative strategies for a final solution.

  • The post war problems cannot be solved by pre-war policies.
  • Kashmir is a post-Independence problem. India approached it by the pre-Independent colonial mentality. The incursion of Pathans was an attack by Pakistan on the free territory of India. Had the Indian army driven out the Pathans, no problem would have risen as Kashmir problem.
  • Western Europe asked for military help from the USA. Having done so, she lost her political independence. Later they accepted economic help and now they are the satellites of the USA. The USSR refused the Marshall Plan and emerged as a super power. These are realities that cannot be ignored.
  • East Germany was not strong enough like Yugoslavia to keep the Russian army out. Loss of that military strength resulted in the loss of its political stature and economic status. In 1990 West Germany offered the East its freedom, but the inherent weakness remains as an economic phenomenon. Economic strength given by the government to the people is artificial, won by people by their desert is real. Education, industrial training, entrepreneurship alone can create it. It is not a problem of unemployment in the economic sense. It is a political-military gap apparently seen as economic weakness of unemployment. The basic approach of creating more jobs as in the pre-war economy will meet with stiff resistance. Society will throw up its negative resourcefulness at every point its sensitivity is touched. The attitude of accepting the convenience of DOLE itself expresses the loss of individuality and self-esteem. Education of a higher level, skills of a higher order, enjoyment of entertainment, avenues of tourism are expressive of self-respect, self-esteem. The nation as a whole will give a powerful response to such a programme, especially if these programmes are drawn in such a fashion that the West offers hearty cooperation to the process of emancipation of the East.


story | by Dr. Radut