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Organisation of Sincerity as a Power


Feb. 26, 2006

Sincerity spiritually means being true to the Spirit.

Sincerity in public life means being true to the highest ideals to which the public is awakened.

When organised as a Power, all other powers - political, military, economic, monetary, social, cultural, religious powers - are subject to its hegemony.

Organized sincerity will always be there and does not require effort, the way cultural values are always there. In Organized sincerity the energy is there on the surface as power all the time. If unorganized, the energy has to be brought to the surface and called into play consciously. Inside the school, the energy of the child is organized while the child outside is not. If I organize my sincerity, its power will be 100 times greater.

What is it to organize sincerity? Organized energy becomes skill and capacity. The structure that organizes sincerity is character. If the energy of sincerity passes through his character it becomes power of sincerity. Westerner has a structure of character through which it can pass. The organized mind is the structure. For sincerity, the structure must be in the being. If it is the character, it is mental power of sincerity. If instead of relating to through my mind, if I relate through my being or my soul, which has a structure of its own, it becomes power of spiritual sincerity. Soul is universal, so what goes from the sincerity of the soul power has the character of universality. It acquires the power of universality when a second person receives it at the soul level. If several people receive it at that level, it becomes more universal.

Still it is not organized. To be organized is to have a skill permanently based on the structure of your personality.

In an individual or collective, values are spiritual skills. Values organised as power in the individual or collective makes them formidable centres of action as other powers are subordinate to them.

Sincerity can be present in a personality as an influence or a power or a being.

Here I explain how Sincerity can be organised as a Power in humanity through the instrumentation of an individual. Organised in one or a few individuals, it can make itself felt all over humanity.

In an earlier article I was asking for the organisation of Sincerity as a power for the practical purposes of governing the society.  (Sincerity can be organised as a Power for economic production, social security, administrative efficiency, military readiness, politically aware action, etc.)

  • Organisation admits of several aspects, planes, forces, structures, values, skills, etc.
  • USA rules the world today as She is organised in physical freedom, utter individual liberty through the latest educational information for economic production nationwide.
  • Europe was and is organised in its aristocratic population for the goal of the creation of a gentleman in the individual.
  • USSR was an organised police state in the total absence of political freedom for the security of the socialist system and its organised production.
  • Britain was militarily organised to buttress her trade and empire through her intelligentsia that was the cream of their aristocratic manpower.
  • In ancient India, life was organised for the preservation of spiritual values through the entire collectivity.
  • Tamilnad was so organised ethically.
  • Greece in the period before Christ was mentally organised to preserve the goal of mental freedom in the population.
  • Rome was then militarily organised to foster the liberty of her citizens.
  • French Revolution organised her state to preserve liberty, equality and fraternity in the population.
  • It is possible to evaluate each of the 197 nations now from this point of view of organisation.
  • India today is a powerful social force in its unorganised virulence trying to organise her political power for the rampant exploitation of her social resources by the erstwhile oppressed sections such as devadasi community and Harijans.
  • Our idea is organisation of sincerity as a power of public action.

Sincerity can be organised for work, collective security, administrative efficacy, military action, patriotic existence, cultural enjoyment, educational eminence, etc.

It can be organised either in one individual or a few individuals or collectively.

It can be organised as mental, vital, spiritual powers.

Sincerity can be organised for the rule of Truth, Law, Goodness, Knowledge, Love, etc.

Organised sincerity is a power that attracts instruments it needs to itself, i.e. instruments as Money, Political Power, etc. come to it.

Sincerity organised is a power which will be implicitly obeyed by all other powers in its plane.

We see in India the market is trying to organise itself to the increasing needs of the consuming population encouraged by the investment opportunity she is attracting.

FDI coming to India is the sincerity of the market even in its unorganised state attracting it by its innate strength.

Nuclear Powers have no alternative to obeying such sincerity.

Some examples that can explain organisation with respect to its plane, the purpose for its organisation, its instrument of energy, force, power, skill, results.

  • Organisation can be present in all planes from the Inconscient to the Superconscient touching subconscient, circumconscient, intraconscient and the conscient.
  • Organisation belongs to any field where there is energy in action, such as

Social sectors, the departments of life;

Parts of being, from the sub-physical to the Supracosmic.

Form organises Force of any type. Form means organisation.

Organisation has a structure and form.

Organisation is a tool of efficiency covering a whole field of action.

Sensations, perceptions, thoughts, inspirations, revelations can be organised.

The proper place for organisation is consciousness.

  • Knowledge, more particularly the spread of knowledge through communication, is socially organised as education.
  • Power of social relationship based on economic production is organised as Money to act effectively in Space and Time.
  • Collective as well as individual vital physical sensitivity is organised as national culture often through religious beliefs.
  • Action gives instantaneous results where organisation of sensitivities is complete to saturation.
  • Beliefs and convictions are organisations of mental energies objectively with respect to society or subjectively with respect to inner human consciousness.
  • Evolution of subconscious organisation into conscious organisation is yoga. All evolution is subconscious organisation becoming conscious organisation.
  • Romance is evolution of social organisation of man's uniting with the woman into its counterpart of psychological organisation.
  • Eternal ROMANCE is the ‘Organised Effort' of the Eternal in Man to effectively prevent any organisation at any level of the human relationship, especially that of MAN with his complement of woman.
  • Lila is the absence of such organisation admitting divine action and activity.
  • Maya, especially divine Maya, remains a cosmic paradox because it is such an organisation acting through the instrument of non-organisation.
  • Marvel is MAN's seeing such organisation in his life.

What is it to organise an Individual's sincerity so that it can have universal impact?

Let us go back to what sincerity is and what it is to organise before considering its universal aspect.

  • Mind thinks and releases mental energy.

Vital feels and issues sensational vital energy that touches people effectively.

Physical acts and puts forth physical energy of motion that affects physical objects.

Organising mental energy is to fashion thoughts.

Human relationships are organised vital energy.

Physical energy is organised into physical skills and finally physical capacity.

Sincerity is the Spiritual energy of one who entirely relies on the Divine.

The energy of sincerity is organised in the plane of the Divine, the universal.

The Divine is related to all Individuals in their spirit (and is in touch with each being in all).

Sincerity when organised becomes a universal vibration which can move universal forces, i.e. all men, including those in Power. (for our purposes all men at that level are equal).

  • To pass a force through a structure is to organise it into power.

In men such a structure is character.

In a society it is culture.

In a company it is their system of management efficiency. [1]

Sincerity is the spiritual energy unleashed into the universal plane.

This energy is directed into a spiritual force, the direction being from the spirit in man.

In the measure the universe is already structured to accomplish a purpose, that force can pass through that structure to become universal spiritual power.

(The Indian's faith in raghukalam, subtle life knowledge, Rasi, etc. is structured in their atmosphere. It can take up any individual's present faith and reinforce it by its power. The atmosphere in the USA supports scientific enquiry and anyone's effort is reinforced there by the general atmosphere. In India it is life knowledge. In America it is scientific knowledge.)

In the universe there is presently no structure created from below for disarmament.

But the work done by The Mother and Sri Aurobindo has given them such structures.

One man's individual faith becomes universal faith, at least turns to have that character as soon as another endorses it.

This is organising the power of sincerity in the public conscience. (The public conscience being the human version of universality).

  • Sincerity is different from truthfulness, honesty, fair-mindedness, integrity, etc. Confining ourselves to sincerity, I wish to point out that this is not a collective trait, but a characteristic of the Individual.
  • As the eminent leaders of today in any walk of life, even in science, are social in their opinion, this caution or precision is called for.
  • Here we are concerned about Spiritual Sincerity.
  • To make my point abundantly clear, it will be good to consider sincerity of the mind, vital, and physical.
  • Mental sincerity is to believe in what his own mind understands.

To know clearly what others say is understanding. One can believe that.

It will be conformity, a belief in the collective.

  • In order to have his own understanding, he should have Individual mental discrimination. To believe that, one needs mental courage. It issues out of mental individuality.
  • Soul is the Self of the individual embodied being.

It has its own Soul-view of everything different from other views prevalent.

To have the courage to believe it, is the sincerity of Spirit.

It is this power that can reach others at the soul level.

  • Sincerity is for the Individual; conformity is for the member of the collective.
  • Even in Spiritual sincerity, there is the evolving spirit and the unevolving spirit.
  • The unevolving spirit admits of the ego. Therefore Sri Aurobindo says that all the realisations so far are egoistic realisations.
  • Spiritual sincerity is that of the Psychic. The Psychic can only be sincere and cannot act otherwise.
  • How to know which is which? How to distinguish the one from the other? Physical, vital, mental, spiritual of the evolving spirit?
  • Sincerity of the Psychic yields instantaneous results, at least quicker ones. It is several times more than the usual. Often the end results come in the beginning. The most important of them all is, NO result will have a further negative consequence. It can never satisfy the ego. No one will be hurt by this, not even the rival or even the enemy.
  • In discovering the precise power of Individuality, comparing the parent-arranged marriage in India and the boy seeking a girl on his own in USA, it was pointed out what a preoccupation it is for a western youngster. In India, the same preoccupation is with the parents.
  • Take it further. Every Western man or woman, irrespective of the age, has to have the eternal alertness to keep the spouse safe. Nothing is secure at any time of life. Having won the woman at twenty or twenty-five, he is preoccupied in keeping her in which he eminently fails after the first few years. Life is infinitely open. What chance will take his wife - or husband - away from him when is a preoccupation that becomes an adventure.
  • Spiritual Individuality which sincerity is does put ONE on the alert. It is an eternal alert. Idealists in this field can enjoy or do enjoy an eternal romance courting the Spirit.

Sincerity is Spiritual Individuality.

The strength of this Individuality varies with varying goals.

Nuclear disarmament covers the entire existence of Mankind.

One who is sincere and spiritually sincere is not one who believes in a great ideal or who has an emotion that unleashes his passions for the ideal.

He is one who is awake in his Spirit, sees his Spirit in action, overriding his mind and emotion and that Spirit acts only depending on the Divine.

Hence the universal power.

Hence the instantaneousness.

  • How do we know we have it or how do we develop it?

Wherever it is, the usual time needed would have been considerably abridged and the quality and quantity of result multiplied manifold.

They are the points where we can discover our sincerity at least in part.

If the results of our work are taken out in several parts and their efficiency raised by raising the energy, skill, abridging the time or raising the quality, it will rise.

Spiritual Sincerity begins as efficiency in work.

It passes through vital, mental efficiencies.

Vital efficiency is mostly revealed in human relationships.

Mental efficiency is seen by newer ideas about work as well as human relationships.

The ingredients of any accomplishment are as follows. It contains the ingredients of the entire universe.

  • As it is an act, it will contain all its ingredients.
  • As an act is a unit of the universe, it will represent all aspect of the universe.
  • Each ingredient such as energy is a world by itself. It is best we trace it from its very origin to its very end.
  • The doer, its structure, its context, the whole of which this is a part, the chain of movements that brought us to this stage, its character, quality, quantity, property, consciousness, form, design, its energy, force, power, the organisation of its power, the skills that convert them into its results, the outer circumstance in which it acts, the inner urges that prompt it to act, the origin of that inner urge, the contributors of those aspects, those aspects of life which draw for themselves something out of this formation, the duration in which you need the whole to come about, the duration in which each of these ingredients can supply themselves, the speed with which we can influence their inflow and outflow, our capacity to harmonise such individual movements with the need of this act, etc., must be taken into account.
  • The above are in the physical material plane where we act. All their counterparts exist in the circumconscient, intra-conscient, subconscient, Superconscient planes.
  • The planes on which they ACT are 1) surface mind, 2) inner mind, 3) subliminal, 4) Psychic Being.

Each of these will subdivide into consciousness and substance. They are further capable of dividing themselves into positive, negative; high, low; weak, strong; light, dark; silent, active; Truth, false; Good, evil; knowledge, ignorance; Power, incapacity; Beauty, ugliness; Love, hate; Joy, Ananda.

  • Each of them owns a characteristic of infinite and infinitesimal. A universal knowledge knows them all implicitly.
  • Efficiency of an act - here, our goal - implies an implied knowledge of all these things precisely and a capacity to handle in the right measure. (Wherever a work is accomplished in Time, all these ingredients will be effectively handled in the measure required. From the grossest work of felling a tree to the perfect work of landing a rocket to the second, we can see ALL these ingredients are present in the exact measure required.)
  • All battles that were fought - won as well as lost - answer to this description. Paul Johnson's book on American History speaks of the monumental labour of the settlers over four centuries creating productive assets, coming together as urbanised collective, allowing states to organise themselves, creating conditions of the birth of a nation (USA). He gives an unorganised abundance of physical, psychological, vital, mental facts, all of which nicely fit into our scheme of things. Johnson does not speak of any such scheme.
  • The work of Nuclear Disarmament is more to be done in the non-material, psychological, spiritual fields than in the physical plane.
  • The more subtle, the more powerful.
  • One who does this needs to know the 32 principles of Social Evolution (principles of accomplishment) and their hundreds of subdivisions. I have only listed 357 of them in the May 20, 1997 document.
  • Man unconsciously does it now from the mind centre to the extent he can know and understand them.
  • The vital man and the physical man have done it earlier from the vital, physical centres.
  • In future, the Spiritual Man can do it from his soul and the evolving spiritual man will do so from the Psychic.
  • It is done by moving to these centres:

Mental centre of understanding.

Spiritual centre of Silence.

Psychic centre of universal love and universal vision.

  • There are grades, as elsewhere. Having moved into the centre, say in the Psychic centre, these are the following grades above and below:

1.      Mental psychic in human mind.

2.      Spiritual centre of Silence - its Psychic.

3.      Spiritual centre of Light - its Psychic.

4.      Spiritual centre of knowledge - its Psychic.

5.      Spiritual centre of received knowledge - its Psychic.

6.      Spiritual centre of knowledge unaccompanied by ignorance.


7.   Vital Psychic

8.     Physical Psychic.

Each of these 8 planes subdivides into consciousness and substance.

Sri Aurobindo has summarised this process in 25 chapters in the following stages for the goal of MAN evolving into the next higher species. Their stages:

1) Knowing the principle of this process                             (1 chapter)

2) Intuitivising that principle                                                (1 chapter)

3) Believing that one can achieve what one aspires for      (1 chapter)

4) Purifying Nature                                                               (4 chapters)

5) Purifying Mind                                                                 (2 chapters)

6) Attainment of Perfection                                                  (1 chapter)

7) Acquiring Equality                                                           (3 chapters)

8) Harmonising the Powers of the Instrument                   (2 chapters)

9) Acting on Faith                                                                 (3 chapters)

10) Moving into the domain of Accomplishment on its

Nature, Intuition, gradation, thought, knowledge,

thought process, Sense, Time vision)                                  (7 chapters)

These 25 chapters which is the Theory of His yoga whose practice He has recorded in two volumes and Mother has recorded in 13 volumes can be summarised as:

  "Intuitivising the Principle of this yoga, believing in its central essence, a purified Mind acting through purified Nature attains Perfection. Such a Perfection acting in the plane of Equality with Faith through instruments harmonised reaches the goal which is otherwise reached in 30,000 years. There it can enjoy the Nature, gradation, Thought, Thought Process, Sense and Time vision of the GOAL.

  • Sincerity in the human being has the ability to make conscious his unconscious moves.

(Exercise of mind makes man's vital moves understand by virtue of its being mind. Exercise of the vital similarly vitalises [energises] the physical moves by virtue of its being vital.)

Similarly, Sincerity, by virtue of entirely depending on the Divine, spiritualises - makes conscious - the unconscious moves of Man.

  • In the extremely lucky case of being in possession of all the FACTS of the situation, one having this knowledge can see the result instantaneously.
  • The facts can be gathered and organised. So also, those working in this project can purify, muster, organise their




Their faculties of Mind, Vital, Physical

  • 1. The development of humanity is the result of organization.
  • 2. Organization has developed at different levels in a hierarchy

a. Organization of production was first

b. Organization of human relationships

c. Organization of understanding

  • 3. Each successively higher level possesses the power to deliver the results of the preceding levels as well. Human relationship enhances production by promoting collective activity and specialization of function. Understanding makes possible organized work and development of technologies to enhance productivity. The Organization of knowledge in life as tedchnology has become powerful.
  • 4. The Organization of Sincerity expressing in the plane of life is the highest level to which organization can rise.
  • 5. Sincerity = acting only with reference to the Divine.
  • 6. If an individual develops the Organization of Sincerity, all other powers of organization in his personal life will submit to this organization, e.g. money, social power, etc.
  • 7. Any act can be carried out with reference to

a. Personal interest and preference

b. Requirements of work

c. Social propriety, conformity or expectations

d. Life

i. to be in harmony with the principles of life,

ii. principles of consciousness approach to management

iii. e.g. not wasting water because it is precious.

iv. Life is universal. So a non-egoistic act, a selfless act, even an act of self-giving can be done with respect to life without necessarily being spiritual.

e. Existence -- spiritual

i. The Divine is the Existent

  • 8. Organization of Sincerity can be at different levels:

a. Sincere to the family - obeying the family dictates

b. Sincere to the work - obeying the demands of work

c. Sincere to the guru - obeying the guru

d. Sincere to the principles or teaching -

i. Don't complain against others

e. Sincere to the Truth (Divine) - [psychic]

  • 9. Gratitude is the sincerity of the bodily sensation to the presence of the Divine, making the body thrill.
  • 10. To act sincerely is to relate to the Divine Force in the act during that moment.
  • 11. The weak move toward the strong. That which is organized in any plane is stronger.

a. Money moves toward the USA because life is more organized there.

b. Money moves toward the American consumer because as an individual he is more organized.

  • 12. Organization of a value is more powerful than any lower level of organization such as money or skill or production.

a. Quakers organization of honesty attracted untold wealth

b. Dutch love of flowers brings the world's flowers through Holland

c. China has organized efficient production, attracting huge foreign investment

d. Credit-worthiness, trustworthiness, of American consumer attracts infinite credit like the Chettiars.

  • 13. One whose sincerity is organized at the level of the national life can achieve results at that level. The motive must be not selfish or local or project specific, but for the whole nation.
  • 14. The formula for sincerity: Thy Will, not my will.

[1] Sri Aurobindo's comment on sending his Force to an Indian and a Westerner.

story | by Dr. Radut