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Other Man’s Point of View


December 12, 2001

  • Husbands can be tyrannical, dominating, rigid, or strict. Wives too, are capable of this. Whether it is the boss of the office or the son who is an earning member or anyone who has the freedom for his ego, they can be overbearing which is frustrating.
  • The Other Man's Point of View is to activate the Supramental element in the mind. Those who have tried it with bosses, customers, partners, friends and children have been amazed by the results.
  • A tyrannical husband turning affectionately attentive until the docile wife is embarrassed by his uncalled for obedience that is solicitude in public is the experience of more than one person who has tried it.
  • An irksome officious offence changes into sweetness of solicitude that reaches its uniqueness in dissolution of personality.
  • This is not what a wife can ever imagine.
  • The other man's point of view is the all-comprehensive power of life that puts the other person utterly at your disposal.
  • One who has seen that can extend it horizontally to others, or vertically to higher centres of power.
  • This includes the other powerful silent will.
  • It is a confined consecration, confined to one person.
  • One who has enjoyed this preliminary success, can extend it to his life.
  • Life for us is not the wide life but the world of our own people that comprises twenty or thirty people.
  • What is it to take the view of our life, one may ask.
  • To be able to take the view of anyone we deal with in any matter as a rule is to take the view of life.
  • It can be done by submission out of timidity or out of understanding of mental clarity.
  • One will find when he succeeds that he will be treated as a VIP of life giving him the feeling for a while that he could accomplish anything he attempts.
  • That would lead to inner blossoming and outer flowering.
  • But, my aim in starting this is not success in life.
  • It can certainly help him think what it is to take Her view.
  • To espouse Her view in place of one's own view is a very powerful TOOL of success in life, but it will be selfish.
  • To take Her view of life for Her sake, for the sake of becoming a devotee is no ordinary status in life. Our small life that way will become Life.
  • Though it is not Mother's life, it is still a great, vast life.
  • In that sense, one does not identify himself with Mother fully.
  • In practice, when you try to fully identify yourself with Mother, you may be able to take the other man's point of view.
  • Not to be selfish is to take the other man's point of view.
  • But, man is so constituted that he is prepared to be selfless if it will serve his own selfishness fully.
  • To be a devotee is to be selfless.
  • Mother lived with us in a human body.

o The Universal Mother came to the Ashram to complete the work Mother was doing.

o She left as there was no recognition. After Mother left Her body, Her subtle atmosphere is here. Here writings are there keeping the mental atmosphere of The Mother.

o She lives in Silence of Her atmosphere as Spirit. That is Her Spiritual atmosphere.

o She lives in Her Supramental atmosphere when She responds to our prayer.

o In whatever plane She acts, She acts from Her Supramental Force.

To take the other man's point of view, to take the view of life, is to move to Mother's life. If one does so selflessly, one becomes a devotee.

story | by Dr. Radut