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Power of Public Conscience


Nov. 20, 2005

  • As one man's Perfection can save the world, One Man's conscience can move the world.
  • What are the qualifications of that One Man, where should he be and is there one like that NOW on earth, or can we create such a ONE?
  • One rule of success is to treat a fully rational man as utterly irrational, which means to tell him a simple fact through a long winding cumbersome process of arguments, experimentation and deduction.
  • We all know Truth is all-powerful and there is nothing in this world that cannot be accomplished by utter truthfulness as the life of the world is an organised falsehood functioning effectively, described as diplomacy, NGO, networking, public service, education of public opinion.
  • When you say you have to educate the public opinion, it only means that you do not believe in what you say. Education of the public opinion is, in other words, carrying convictions with you inwardly about what you are enthusiastically expressing.

= Inner conviction is outer confirmation =

  • There is enough historical evidence for the effectivity of public opinion.

- When the unorganised society gets organised, when the organisation of the society acts by choice in another or opposite direction, when the organisation militates against the ideal, public opinion swings into action. Julius Caesar was killed, Churchill was called to power, society perpetuates unemployment for the mere joy of it. These are examples of the above.

- In Indian stories of two millennia ago, monarchs valued public opinion with spiritual sensitivity and set the highest ethical standards. A king ran his son over by his chariot, another king gave his flesh to protect a vulture's prey, and the wounded swan of the Buddha are but a few examples. For a perceptive individual in a spiritual civilisation as India, bringing this fact to his attention is securing his understanding. In a practically successful culture that sets this endowment at a discount, the same result is arrived at by a study of the extant historical records. Though they contain volumes of corroborative facts, they have no weight to carry conviction, as the most powerful forces of these acts are not recorded, as they were subtle. Its absence in quality is to be compensated by quantity. This is what is called doing a mental work by the very parts of the BODY. Metaphorically this is to be ignorant by choice for the very joy of its taste.

- Please note ALL great decisions of history without a single exception were taken by an inner perception, not by the study of events. Rather any study, analysis, procedure, METHOD will offend its power of sensitivity to the extent of cancelling it. Effective action and collective decision are antitheses. Still, for a society which has with a vengeance set its face against such a simple truth, an analysis will help. It does largely by removing itself from being an impediment.

- Access to institutions acquainted with the power of public opinion can help us organise such studies. From it we can know exactly the point at which the public sails into action, a point when the public conscience becomes an active force in public life. It passes through several stages.

Public awareness, positive awareness or negative disgust.

Becomes an ever-living table talk.

Shows tendencies of talk, matures into opinion and finally sensitivity.

Sensitivity sinks into substance acquiring force of self-propulsion.

Outside harangue subsides into simple statement of fact.

Public support - full support - is taken for granted.

Public conscience crystallised behind the screen peeps out in myriad ways. Environment evinced it.

One Man or one organisation acts as the spearhead.

Gorbachev in 1991 and Carter in Arab-Israeli conflict acted thus.

  • Should such a study be organised, it will certainly point out to those individuals who can now deliver the goods.
  • The study has to evolve at least approximate scales of weight of events, strength of individual personality, measure of effective action, the duration in which the result is achieved, the quality of the result and so many other essential characteristics of such a procedure.
  • Maybe enough has been done already and all that one has to do is to modify it for our present benefit.

Money for Public Education:

  • Not one great event of history - the founding of the East India Company that gave birth to the Empire or Luther's Protestantism or the founding of any movement - was accomplished by collecting MONEY. They accomplished themselves because Money moved to these activities.
  • If the above is a fact, the theory is Man cannot achieve by relying on the instruments of his creation. An instrument can achieve what it is created for. No instrument can achieve what MAN alone can achieve. There cannot be a SINGLE historical evidence for it.
  • Not only methods cannot accomplish, even demonstrated results cannot accomplish. Drag's fight against inflation was not SEEN. The Austrian monetary experiment was wiped out. If means are powerful, there is no great demonstration than those events.
  • Out of a substantial client, ALL the money can be earned.  Then he will see what is missing - the Man, his commitment. If money can accomplish, it can do so by demonstrating its uselessness and moving away from the field.

story | by Dr. Radut