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Proximity closes the Inner Opening


February 20, 2002

  • One of the age-old superstitions is the closer we are to the object of adoration or God, the greater is our growth.
  • It is fully true in the rarest of rare cases while the very opposite is violently true in its subliminal severity.
  • If work is the acid test of accomplishment in life, inner awakening of knowledge which is the consciousness of the Spirit is the touchstone of Delight of existence.
  • Grace in Life gives us the option, which we will readily refuse in the clarity of our thought.
  • Those who came to Sri Aurobindo while He was alive were those who had prayed in earlier births to be present at the time of Realisation.
  • An option was always there for each to work at the place where they could progress best.
  • The power of having been with the Mother and the Master in earlier births offers them the privilege of option to be near them physically, though it may not be the best alternative to them.
  • Man chooses according to his mental predilections.
  • Some join the Ashram, the rare few render close personal service, others frequent the sacred place and the rest worship from a distance.
  • Progress is in proportion to the reality of choice.
  • The choices are by the Master and Mother, the individual, life, or force of circumstance which is unconscious life.
  • Where you are matters little, but how open you are matters most.
  • The Light in the bodies of Indians has taken the course of preserving itself by covering itself with the very opposite of darkness, which in life means falsehood.
  • Apart from being original falsehood, falsehood can offer Truth the service of preserving it until the right time comes.
  • The stages of that covering resembles the stages in which Truth becomes Falsehood--the seven Ignorances.
  • Knowledge of that Process uncovers the Truth at once.
  • To acquire that knowledge through experience is a longer process of aeons.
  • Here too the difference between the planes of Mind or Body is there.
  • The Indian population that is educated and westernized, says Mother, is rotten as they have lost their values and did not acquire the values of the West which is of secondary significance to those who have not developed it themselves.
  • I have known it as a potential that can convert into technical knowledge readily. I have seen it as Life knowledge which readily sees that the value of Mother's education in life is of immense practical use instantaneously when it is delivered to them in their own idiom.
  • Mother's knowledge has to reach through what is overlaid.
  • If there is nothing overlaid, the incoming knowledge must be translated into the idiom of the existing one.
  • When a violent conflict is finally compromised, we sometimes discover after a long time that it matures into cooperation.
  • From one end of conflict to the other end of cooperation, all the changes are observable. These changes express in energy, mode of action, type of communication, etc. Similar changes occur here too when the Truth is overlaid with Falsehood.
  • Simultaneously the planes change often from gross to the subtle. One can discern in communication the gross is the spoken or written letter while the subtle is what is left unsaid conveyed by looks, tone, feelings, etc.
  • One can be close to Mother or Sri Aurobindo and be closed or be at a distance and be receptive. In a sense, both will be equal, as to be near to Her or Him means to be under constant spiritual pressure. He closes up so that he may receive only in quantities that he can retain. He who is at a distance is so fully receptive that from the distance he constantly receives a little. Ultimately both may be equal. What matters is the continuous and constant opening.
  • The moment one closes up the reverse movement starts.
  • When coming to Mother, remaining near or distant, one exhausts his receptivity very quickly. The moment that happens, the other side surfaces until all resistances, evil and hostility work themselves out through the human personality. The rule is when growth stops, death initiates itself.
  • It is hard for us to accept that during both phases one is making progress. Mother says the hostiles are all Her children.
  • Being human, we value being good and not bad.
  • One outgrows human consciousness when in his eyes good and bad are equally human vibrations.
  • By bringing oneself to that consciousness, all his evil transforms itself into not good, but GOOD.
  • Whoever he is, in whichever level he finds himself in whatever country, if he is willing for constant growth and recognises the contradictions as complements and is also willing to do the work inwardly, he can see in his work what Sri Aurobindo calls instantaneous miraculousness.
  • Self-giving actively practised, making a conscious move away from selfishness has the same result when we cross the LINE.
  • Whether one is good or bad, low or high, at bottom he is the Spirit, while all these are surface attributes. To see that all people are of the same Being, all objects are of the same Spirit, one becomes the Spirit that is the Being.

story | by Dr. Radut