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Psychological Product


October 01,  2001

  • Often a Product comes initiating an age.
  • It is either a product or a new source of energy or a technology or an organisation such as education.
  • Car, phone, electricity, computer, education, printing, religion, language, democracy, etc. have played that part.
  • Social life has never fully utilised its potentials. Now, the potential is infinitely greater. A commercial product that abridges the aspirations of the people can abridge the future into the present. Computer serves that purpose through Internet.
  • That role can be played better by a Psychological Product.
  • Whether it would be a psychological product or a commercial product with a psychological dimension can be seen only when it emerges, but one can imagine the major components of such a Product.
  • Money has been the prime motive for a long time, but recently it has began to lose its primacy in favour of a security that is psychological which is more than a quest for happiness. Still, it is not attainable as long as money is scarce.
  • Man's capacity to generate money is known to be his productivity. Here we can only think of the productivity of an unattached individual outside organisations.
  • It needs a very solid base of general education.
  • There is a widespread quest for a formula for happiness in the family or individual happiness. Generally, it is the happiness of the individual in the family.
  • We know that this lies in the capacity to make decisions.
  • When someone can make the right decisions, he is sure of not only family happiness but the much wider psychological security which stands on his capacity to produce.
  • My proposition is that anyone who is situated at any level, if endowed with commensurate aspiration, can reach any level of accomplishment when such a product is made available to him.
  • The components of that Product are 1. capacity for decision-making, 2. acquiring further education, 3. increasing one's productivity and 4. the formula for family happiness as it would suit him.
  • Each of these can be developed independently and the individual can combine them on his own.
  • Ultimately to combine all of these around the centre of a person is our aim and that will be the Product we speak of.
  • The available computer programmes offer education at all levels to aspirants. Just now they can be directly used.
  • Productivity programmes exist in so many walks of life and whenever they are available, they can be directly used.
  • In the market, such programmes are constantly emanating for fresh fields.
  • My idea is to arrive at their essence and create a single programme of essential equipment.
  • A similar thing can be partially attempted to raise even the educational levels.
  • The principle at work in both these is the same principle of education that abridges generations of experience, theoretical knowledge imparts practical equipment more easily. Essentials of experience eliminate excessive expenditure of time.
  • If one can acquire any level of education, if he can be unfailing in his work and know the secret of happiness, he can rise to any level by raising his prosperity.
  • Creation of software programmes independently for each of them will be a beginning. To show that a RATIONAL combination of these around human personality will abridge a hundred years into a few years is feasible today. He who accomplishes such a progress in his own life will eminently qualify to produce them or coordinate their production.

story | by Dr. Radut