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December  9, 2001

  • The soldier is trained, he is given a gun, he can shoot, fight, run, defend, offend and for every function he needs, he is equipped.
  • When to attack and whom to fight with comes to him as an order from the general.
  • Which country he should attack is decided by the President.
  • The soldier does not intrude into the powers of the General nor the General, the President.
  • As a student, I know reading, writing, understanding, passing an examination. I have been trained in them and I know how to do them.
  • I want to take a job and then get married.
  • As I was trained to pass an examination, no training has been given to me to choose a job. Life wants to give me a job.
  • Having been trained to take up a job and acquit myself well and not having been trained to choose a job, my capacity to wait for life to give me a job will get me the very best life can give. Life will come to me according to my circumstances.
  • Otherwise, I will choose a job with the training for writing the examination.
  • The capacity to WAIT for life to give me the job will bring me the very best I deserve.
  • God wants to give me a wife as life desires to give me a job.
  • I insist on choosing a wife and choose one as my age knows with its experience.
  • By waiting on God to give me a wife, God gives me the one my patience deserves. Otherwise, I get a wife my impatience deserves.
  • In the language of yoga we can say:

- The soldier surrenders to the general.,

- The General surrenders to the President.

- The man surrenders to the life as well as God.

  • What then is surrender to the divine Mother?
  • Man has the freedom to choose jobs, wife, decisions, etc. as he is equipped.
  • Mother comes to the devotees, offering us the very best SHE has chosen for us.
  • Surrender is a choice before us.
  • We always choose as we like and insist on The Mother fulfilling our wishes. This is NOT surrender or consecration.
  • Our surrender has so many levels.
  • The very first and the smallest is the passive indifference which passes for surrender. It can be negative surrender.
  • In the very best of inner conditions, this is what we do.
  • When we ask for something, Mother is eliminated from there.
  • When we desire something, our desire removes Her.
  • A thought about a possibility is an intrusion into Her domain and to that extent She is rendered ineffective.
  • Not to ask, desire, and think is excellent, but still they are all passive surrender, negative in character.
  • To know that our desire has a small scope for a great work on hand, to withdraw the energy in our desire to ourselves, and offer it to be used by our personality changes our personality.
  • To actively offer those energies to The Mother for Her to use them as SHE chooses is active surrender.
  • Now our personality is not only passive or equal but is positive to allow Mother to work on it as She chooses.
  • It is positive surrender that enables Her to act as She alone can act.
  • Such a positive surrender can be enhanced in its value by one's adoration, aspiration, and knowledge of Mother.
  • Knowledge of the Mother expands the scope of Her action and aspiration energises the personality to be more receptive.

story | by Dr. Radut