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Surface and the Subliminal in Business


November 28, 2001

  • The surface consists of the five elements of Mind, Time, Finite, Ego and the Surface.
  • The businessman who 1) plans according to his small conception, 2) according to the Time requirements of his work, 3) fixed to be a Finite determined by the volume of his capital, 4) is egoistic, 5) will be on the surface of business.
  • His own small conceptions are many, but all of them will determine him, it is not he who determines the situation.
  • Time needed for the work will be very much, as he is at the disposal of others and other circumstances.
  • Money determines the scope of his work.
  • Egoistic, selfish attitudes are self-evident.
  • Business of the surface will be adrift in the market conditions.
  • Beyond the surface are the inner mind and the subliminal.
  • The inner mind being the seat of the Purusha, the owner who is unmoved, calm and determined will have a lot of mastery over the circumstances though he is still fully subject to these circumstances. His success will be great within the context of the same old determinants and circumstances.
  • The subliminal is wide and can reach the dimensions of the universe.

- Its information is not from the senses, but from its own perception.

- Its master is neither ego, nor the Purusha but the Psychic.

- The psychic is the evolving soul of the universe who will consummate as Ishwara.

- Shedding the ego and his own small conceptions, knowing that any work can be done in any time he chooses, refusing to be tied down to the determinations of his capital, he moves to the ever-widening national market.

- Ego: profit is not the motive, but work.

- Commission is not so important as the customer's satisfaction.

- Not to sell the maximum, but to meet the exact entertainment requirements of the customer must be the view.

- When a customer wants a product which we do not have and we know it takes twelve days to secure it, he would bind himself to that period of time. It is a small conception bound by the rules and our practice.

- When another store offers a certain concession, it is our conception that we must conform to it or we will lose business.

- Another of our conceptions is that in a downward market, sales will dip.

- Time required for any work must be decided by the requirements of work, not by our earlier practice. We must try to do it in the time required by the Work, not the fancy of a customer. Suppose a company needs a setup for its function which is there shortly, we must rise to the occasion of that function and explore ALL organisational possibilities.

- It is a common conception that capital decides. It is an equally common experience that performance outstrips the capital's availability when the inner endeavour is put forth.

- Markets are local. They are never wider than the locality. Market has so many other dimensions which when tapped one finds his market widening.

  • When the selfish small attitudes are shed, one can immediately see more capital is available and the market widens.
  • The usual channels of information are like our senses. To be able to keep the eyes and ears open to the widest market news, a beginning will be made to break out of the surface and step into the subliminal.
  • If a survey of the MARKET is systematically undertaken, it will reveal the subliminal opening contrary to the common conception of shrinking market and you will land in a wide one.
  • To avail of the subliminal is the first step and one step.
  • Brahman, Purusha, Ishwara are at the end, separated from us by 8 or 12 steps.

story | by Dr. Radut