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September  30, 2004

  • The one characteristic of terrorism is no system, not even the eternal vigilance of the population, is immune to its stray sporadic outbursts.
  • It is this characteristic of terrorism that expresses the fact that terrorism is an aspiration of the people in the reverse, not a malady or malaise.
  • Of course, vigilance can eradicate it to 99%.
  • The goal of humanity now, as it has been from its ORIGIN, is unity of diverse groups.
  • Unity is achieved by coexistence, cooperation, coordination, partial integration, and full integration by complete assimilation.
  • Prior to the need of coexistence, the various types developed their own individualities to the point of uniqueness.
  • These stages - co-existence, etc. - are traversed by corresponding positive strategies of which negative strategies pull in the opposite side.
  • Social existence offers the scope for positive and negative development through the social evolution of new organisations accompanied by new activities.
  • Tracing nomadic life through agriculture, trade, commerce, urban life, crafts, technology, manufacturing, urban migration, money, banking, service sector, media, government, etc., having in mind man's qualities of independence, gregariousness, need based mutuality, its wider version, development of arts, mental development in matter, organisation of various activities that give rise to products that offer comfort, release from drudgery, pure mental organisation that shifts work from body to mind, its rational character, sectors that generate money without material products (service as a product), centralised instrument for protection and law and order, one can see the history of mankind passing through the stages of physical, vital, mental, spiritual stages. One can also see the various types of anachronisms that develop - and their solutions - and their present status.
  • Conservatism is the product of obstructed assimilation.
  • Terrorism is the violent individual version of dying or disintegrating conservatism.
  • Rigidities have developed at all levels obstructing unity or the upward movement of unity.
  • Nature throws up both possibilities - positive and negative - to overcome such rigidities.
  • The physical rigidity relates to physical property and the physical possession of the members of the family. Each level develops its own sensitivity. The physical so developed RIGHTS.
  • One of the four major events of history, the Trojan War, was fought to restore Helen, as she was the physical property of her king.
  • At the vital level, honour is seen as a point of sensitivity. Hence the duel.
  • The individual honour develops into collective dharma for which the battle of Kurukshetra was fought. That is another of the four landmarks.
  • The vital is fulfilled in the Love of Jesus which when it became universal, Brindavan came into existence.
  • The two World Wars of this century where fifty million people died for their nations were the symbolic destruction of the human physical rigidity characterised by nationalism. The end of the Cold War, the vital extension of the World Wars, gave rise to globalisation and thinking in terms of internationalism.
  • Protection of the border against a common enemy makes people accept coexistence in preference to conflicts between groups.
  • Mutual benefit of trade and commerce compels the population to cooperate in preference to economic or armed competition.
  • Upward social mobility overcomes antagonistic religious faiths that generate mutual annihilation.
  • Cultural, linguistic aims make for social stability.
  • Complete assimilation is possible when there is an appreciation of the fact that one's own fulfilment lies in assimilating with the other.
  • To trace these stages historically and end up in a tabular column of exact correspondence is not very difficult.
  • All the problems we now face acutely on a global scale have already been faced by various nations at various levels.
  • Such a study will at once reveal the solutions for all the 26 existing conflicts.
  • To eradicate terrorism in practice, it is enough to fully implement all the legal provisions available nationally and internationally. It may give a long respite, not eliminate the root cause.
  • It is obvious that the future is for assimilation and not for fragmentation.
  • The case of IRA can assume significance in this context. It is the result of offensive neglect of a portion of a kingdom aggrandised by obvious provocations. If the UK enjoys $25,000 GDP and Ireland $11,000, modern economics offers ample scope to raise the one to the other. Should that step be taken in such a way that each future step serves as a reversal of each wrong step in the past, the IRA will soon dissolve. Maybe the Irish would be resistant to such a development. In such a case, the reconciliation should not be in material benefit but in psychological recognition.
  • As the world atmosphere is rich enough for solution, as we saw in the end of the Cold War, cautious attempts will yield considerable results.
  • More than solving one problem, our gain will be the knowledge of solving all such problems.
  • The IRA, Israel, and Kashmir will clear the international arena of any pessimism.
  • The solution of Punjabi Kalistan, the Camp David truce of the Middle East, and the Norwegian success at other points are palliatives and not permanent solutions. They are welcome, but their effects will not last.
  • The lasting solution lies in the ROOT CAUSE.

story | by Dr. Radut