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Chapter 2e Errors relating to Infrastructure


June 9, 1996

1) The phenomenon of an instrument later developing as an obstacle is the history of civilisation.

2) Under ideal conditions all instruments of progress must be undergoing the appropriate changes when the basic society that created the instruments for its progress, is changing.

3) In practice instruments once created refuse to change their structure.

4) The rigidity is most in the physical, least in the mental.

5) Even in the mind the idea that is once expressed in a physical form resists change.

6) One reason for this is, our idea of progress is vertical, but existence does permit endless growth in the horizontal which is progress of survival.

7) For social progress to be real, the old order should yield place to the new.  That which has given place to the old, does not dissolve but turns into an obstacle.

8) The phenomenon of the total authority of the leader and party in a democracy is a vestige of monarchy.  We have a way of worshipping it as tradition.

9) The slave when granted freedom becomes a slave of laziness and dissipation and shows very little improvement over the decades.

10) The farmer who is used to dumping his land with cowdung when he resorts to concentrates dumps the land again.

11) The Brahmin who memorised the esoteric Vedas, now memorizes astrophysics losing the opportunity of understanding.

12) Bankers entrusted with development banking are unable to give up money lending habits.

13) Parliament evolved for rational discussion is marred by the street brawl which was to be replaced.

14) Opposition in the Parliament meant to offer constructive criticism has taken to opposition for opposition sake.

15) Money value acquired as an error remains forever even in IMF.

16) USSR having chosen democracy is trying to implement it as dictatorship.

17) A small businessman who prospered by thrift and secrecy, is unable to part with it when he has become the chairman of a Public Limited Company.

18) Late coming is carried into air travel where it helps miss the flight

19) Feudal habits carried over into modern business ruins the business.

20) The greatest obstacles to development today are errors relating to infrastructures in earlier times.

story | by Dr. Radut