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Chapter 5b Levels of Enjoyment


June 26, 1996

 1)   Energy saturating the vital harmoniously is enjoyment.

 2)   Enjoyment is emotional comprehension maturing in an act.

 3)   Accomplishment issues enjoyment.

 4)   Therefore enjoyment can be a measure or index of accomplishment.

 5)   Enjoyment can be an index of accomplishment even as comprehension can.

 6)   Comprehension, enjoyment, accomplishment each can serve as an index for the   others, as each includes the other two.

 7)   Enjoyment can be seen at all the 9 levels.

 8)   Mind enjoys comprehension, comprehending the emotion of the situation.

 9)   Poetry is mind's emotional comprehension of life's intensities as realities.

10)  The poet is placed higher than the philosopher because the philosopher lends his knowledge to No. 2 to appreciate the higher realities of life.

11)  Enjoyment expresses in quantity as well as quality.

12)  That which you enjoy will not hurt you as enjoyment is integral.

13)  Properly enjoyment belongs to the vital and precisely to No. 5.

14)  Enjoyment can be found in taking or giving; mastering or submitting; or in any activity.

15)  Enjoyment does not depend upon the activity but upon the harmony and intensity of the energies involved.

16) No. 9 enjoys non-moving stability.

17) No. 1 enjoys detaching from decision as well as emotion into pure idea.

18) Each level enjoys going to the next higher level.

19) Enjoyment in the descent is far greater than the enjoyment in the ascent.

20) There is an expansiveness, intensity and harmony that make for enjoyment.

21) Joy is Ananda reflected in the nerves.

22) Joy is a sensation as being is a status and consciousness is a knowledge.

23) An individual or a family or a nation can be evaluated by the level of their enjoyment.

24) Austerity is the enjoyment of denial.

25) Tyranny is the enjoyment of negative intensity.

26) Progress issues out of either enjoyment or denying it.

27) The wider the field of enjoyment reaches, the greater is its quality.

story | by Dr. Radut