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Chapter 6b Development Theory Level 2

July 26, 1996

1)    Level Two is the vital of the mental plane.

2)    As concept and Idea belong to the consciousness and substance of One, feeling and sentiment belong to Two.

3)    Two is that which generates the poet.

4)    Poetry belongs to the sphere of ideas that are idolised and it is Two that does it.

5)    As One deprives the idea of sentiment to become a pure idea, Three refuses to mature into sentiment which will prevent its decision from being effective.

6)    But Two overcomes the practicality of decision and before maturing into pure idea, creates poetry.

7)    Two is in direct relation with 5 and 7.

8)    Seven produces the rustic folklore.

9)    Five produces the hero, the artist and the vital poetry whose thought content is not rich. Maybe the bard of ballads comes out of 5.

10)  Idea before becoming the action matures into sentiment.

11)  Decisive action before becoming essential idea acquires the feeling and sentiment.

12)  The language of decision and determination is a matter of fact.

13)  The language of concept is precise, well-defined, leaving no room for sentiment.

14)  Physical action before becoming mental idea stops at the destination of poetry.

15)  Not only poetry, but idealism belongs to this seat of Two.

16)  An idea becomes an ideal when the emotions espouse it.

17)  Philosophers are doctrinaire; men of action act and do not speak. Idealists who exhort the population cannot resort to doctrines nor will mere action inspire the people. Emotion of patriotism, metaphor of poetry, inspiration of music, and and passion for a goal belong to Two.

18)  Passion without ideas or energy is that of a worker who prides himself on his servility to the master.

19)  Passion with energy is unidealistic ambition for wealth or status.

20)  Passion informed of an ideal or led by an ideal is no longer passion but can become devotion to an ideal or dedication to a cause.

story | by Dr. Radut