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Chapter 6g Development Theory Level 7

August 29, 1996

1.    The mental part of the physical is seven. This is the very first appearance of Mind in Man.

2.    7 is the conscious mental part even though it is seated in the subconscious physical.

3.    The subconscious has its mental part in what Mother calls Material mind which is the mental part of 9 when it is subdivided into mental, vital and physical parts. It is this mind that controls our involuntary organs and the reflex action.

4.    That Material mind emerges into conscious existence in 7.

5.    Thus, 7 is the seat of all conscious learning of our physical such as walking, talking, eating, etc.

6.    It is about this that Mother says it starts doing the moment it understands.

7.    Its efficiency is thus total and for the very same reason it does not respond till it fully learns.

8.    Mind means turning sensations into ideas and organising them.

9.    7 turns the physical sensations of eight into physical ideas of skills of acting.

10.  The mere undirected movements of 9 become skilled movements in 7 through the sensations of 8.

11.  7 is vitally reinforced by 4 and conceptually educated by 1.

12.  7 is in touch with 3 and gets the benefits of its organisation, decision and determination.

13.  There is no emotion of any kind in 7 nor any thought of any description since it is incapable of both.

14.  7 is the foundation for 3 directly.

15.  Skill and capacity are seated here in the consciousness and substance.

16.  This is the raw human individual which rises in times of utter crisis to act as beast even as the sailors in the stranded ship started eating human flesh before they perished.

17.  Its greatest function is the formation of skills and extraction of their essence into capacity to be stored in its substance.

18.  Skill formation is a process where each unit is to be originally fashioned and coordinated by an original process of trial and error. As bricks are to be moulded one by one and laid one by one to erect a wall, skills need their psychological bricks of movements brought under an order. The writer writes each letter not each word separately to form a word which forms a sentence. Skill formation is a basic fundamental biological process.

19.  The trials and errors have given a resultant knowledge to 7 which it has arrived at on its own. That is its mental functioning. The physical memory of acts repeats those skills ad infinitum.

20.  What 7 does with primary physical movements, 3 does with primary thought movements.

21.  We can say 7 is the mind emerging from the physical while 3 is the physical base that helps the thought mind to emerge.

22.  In 7 the thought emerges from the physical sensation which the mind there organises.

23.  In 3 the physical organises itself as a suitable right basis for thought mind to emerge.

24.  In the relationship of 7 with 3, one supports the other from below and from above in this fashion.

25.  Thought in 3 becomes coarse by the physicality of 7 while the physical in 7 becomes bright with the light of 3.

26.  Thought in 7 is a physical movement which the scientist is trying to measure and track.

27.  Function of brain, the physical movement in 3 is a thought in 3.

28.  7 does not respond to a vital sensation and rejects it.

29.  A concept of 1 does not reach 7 and when it does reach it has no faculty to respond with and therefore ignores it.

30.  7 is the seat of the physical psychic as it is the mental part of the physical.

story | by Dr. Radut