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Introduction to Individual

  Man is so much a part of the collective that he has no existence as an Individual. Almost all our needs are produced by others. How then can one be an individual? In the villages you cannot see a man acting on his own. If he wants to buy land, he will take his whole family with him. Nowhere does he go alone for work. In any important work of his, he feels that he is not alone. Thus he recognises his very body is part of others. That is the truth of delegation, be it by Roosevelt and Churchill to Potsdam or Crimea or a company in negotiation. This is the state before Mind is born in work. A mental man will always like to do his work all by himself. Such individuality lies at three levels, physical individuality, vital individuality and mental individuality. We see scientific discoveries of fame were all done by a single individual. Teamwork is a later phenomenon.

The doctrine of karma leaves no scope for individuality. Man is at the disposal of his past actions. This belief prevents anyone from taking initiative to create individuality in him. Mind is the seat of individuality. A doctrine in which Mind believes is the basis of individuality. That reared its head in Martin Luther in religion, took full shape in America when Man was thrown into physical circumstances where he had no one to rely on except himself. Today's America is the achievement of individuality. It is an achievement of material prosperity, made possible by physical labour and practical organisation. Now science tells him that MAN is nothing but a part of a process his Mind has discovered. His thoughts are because of chemical reactions in the brain. Its logic leads him to believe that he is NOTHING; there is nothing as his own individuality. If karma eliminates individuality, science too eliminates it by another logic. Our position differs from both and is amply confirmed by experience. It lies in human choice.

  • Man is not a mere body and a brain. There is the Soul in him.

It is more powerful than his body and mind.

His soul, rather the choice of the Soul is the determinant.

He achieves what he chooses or decides upon.

As physically Man finds himself a part of others, it is much more evident socially that Man has no separate existence. If we examine the ideas we have, it is difficult to cull out what part is our own. In fact, there is no part of our idea which is our own. Our endorsement of a universal idea is our part and then it becomes our idea. In the gradation of body, vital, and mind each successive part is more powerful than the earlier and is inclusive of the preceding part. So, the SOUL is more powerful and is a more powerful determinant of our actions and is inclusive of body and mind. The SOUL of a man has an individuality. We call it spiritual individuality. The American achiever had physical individuality. Martin Luther gave humanity mental individuality. It is the mental individuality of Europe that gave birth to Science. Today's civilisation is its creation. The mental individuality given by Luther gradually became, by the weighty scientific process, individuality that conforms to the social opinion of science. Man has to be emancipated from there. Intellectuality is its acme. Insight and intuition can break that cordon. Man can emancipate himself. The 21st century is the century of the Spiritual Individual who by his choice will decide his future. The Secret is the first step to break into that world of higher knowledge.

story | by Dr. Radut