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List of Keywords

Keyword List
vital & body initiative of minda Good evilabacus
abolishing faithabolition of marriageabolition of mind
abominationabridging spaceabridging Time
absence of deathabsence of egoabsence of energy
absence of matterAbsoluteabsolute & lila
absolute & relativeabsolute as relativeabsolute evolving
absolute is allabsolute justiceAbsolute realising
absolutenessabsolutist viewabsorption
abstract ideasabstractionabsurdity
abundanceabuseabuse of a cultured man
abusing accomplishmentacceptance of everyoneacceptance social
accepting idealaccepting Motheraccepting Supramental body
accidentsaccompliceaccomplishing work
accomplishmentaccomplishment & Graceaccomplishment in consciousness
accomplishment in yogaaccomplishment maximumaccomplishment of work
achievement innerachievement of emotionsachievements
achievements & appreciationachievements jealousy of ones ownachievers
acme of understandingacquaintanceact
act & examinationact does not forgetact flat
act in Forceact never wrongact of kindness
act tokenactingacting from urge
acting Motheracting on faithacting on knowledge
acting on superstitious faithactionaction & delight
action man-centredaction of Godaction of ignorance
action of Motheraction on oneselfaction on the right thing
action rationalaction through strifeactions
actions commonactivityacts
acts accomplishingacts egoisticacts good and evil
acts of goodnessacts seeking Godadler
admiration for being plunderedadorationadoration of himself
adoration of low emotionadoration of the abhorrentadorer
adulation and blameadults evolutionaryadvance
advance of societyadvancesadvantage
advantage takingadvantagesadventure
affection & loveaffection of old ageaffection physical
affection selfishaffluenceaffluence and slums
ageage of informationage writing of the
ageless manages & punishmentaggression
agreement in freedomagricultureaids
ailments physicalaimaims
Aksharaakshara brahmanalertness
alien inspirationAliporeall
all in eachall-inclusive concentrationall-inclusive consecration
allianceallowing freedomaltruism
ambitionambition of vanquishedAmerica
America & innovationAmerica & prosperityAmerica as leader of the world
American cultureAmericansAmish
amoral manamorous advancesanachronism
anachronismsanalogyanalogy of past and present
analysisAnandaAnanda of creation
ananda sharingancient wisdomangel good
angeranimal intelligentAnnadurai
annoyanceanother point of viewanswer
answer not expressinganthropomorphismanticipation
antidotes socialanxietyapathy
apologyappearance externalappreciating others endowments
appreciationappreciation from a womanappreciation human
appreciation intellectualappreciation of the newappreciation unselfish
approvalapproval of the smallardour
argumentsarguments & surrenderarguments of ego
arguments of sri aurobindoaristocracy emotions ofaristocracy of character
aristocratArjunaarmament industry
armyarmy worldarrival of God
artificialityaryan balanceasana
asatascentascent & descent
Ashramaskingasking boon
asking for helpasking for rightaspect excess of one
aspirationaspiration & luckaspiration for Mother
aspiration for perfectionaspiration for the inimicalaspiration of Mother
aspiration of surface mindaspiration of the earthassassination
assertionassertion mentalassertion of meanness
assertion of opinionassetsastrology
atmosphereatmosphere & workatmosphere of Grace
atmosphere of Motheratmosphere of worshippersatmospheres
atomatom bombattachements of the mind
attachmentattachment vitalattainable goal
attendantsattendants in yogaattention
attention of Godattitudeattitude inner
attitude of receptionattitude to Motherattitude unidealistic
attitudesattitudes changes inattitudes for action
attitudes psychologicalattractionattraction of male and female
attraction of womanattractionsattractiveness
attributesaudacity of foolAUM
austerityausterity & prosperityauthenticity
authorauthorityauthority & value
autocracy & democracyavatarAvatar mans approach to
avatar of Motheravidyaawakened mind
awakened soulawakeningawakening being
awakening of inner beingawakening of psychicawakening soul
awakening spiritualawardsawards & service
awarenessawareness of otherawareness psychic
balanced growthbankruptcybargain
barons robberbarriers to universalitybars to yoga
beautybeauty of physical substanceBecoming
becoming & BeingBecoming & etherbecoming conscious
becoming fullbecoming godbeginning
behaviourbehaviour awkwardbehaviour of man
behaviour of richbehaviour perversebehaviours impermissible
beingBeing & BecomingBeing & the Many
Being and becomingBeing in BecomingBeing movement of
Being of Becomingbeing rightbelief
belief of worldbeliefsbelieving oneself to be God
belonging to Motherbelovedbeloved demands of
benefactorbenefactor hurtingbenefit
benefitsbenefits imperialbenevolence
betrayalbetrayal of idealbhakti
Bill Gatesbirthbirth of revolution
birth of Supramental beingbirth previousbirthday
birthdaysblack magicBlacks poise of
blessing packetblessingsblessings of Mother
blindnessblissbliss evolved in pain
bliss of conscious existenceblock mentalblockhead
blood pressurebodybody & Absolute
body & descentbody and higher ideasbody and soul
body capacity to seebody changing consciousnessbody learning
body thinking ofbondagebook service
book writingbooksboon
boredomborrowingboss surrender to
bounded knowledgeBrahma JananamBrahma vidya
BrahmanBrahman & aristocratbrahman & freedom
Brahman and the BecomingBrahman in bodyBrahman in life
Brahman in manBrahman in MatterBrahmin
brainbreaking normsbreaking out of ego
British role ofBuddhabuddhi
calculationcallcall of the being
call to Godcallingcalling Mother
calling Mother from insidecallouscallousness
calmcalm dispositioncalm of mind
calm of the yogicalm of universalitycalmness
canceling gracecancercapacities
capacities & accomplishmentcapacities & rewardscapacities & urge for action
capacities inability to expandcapacitycapacity & enjoyment
capacity & surrendercapacity and givingcapacity faith in
capacity for lovecapacity for reactioncapacity latent in man
capacity through surrendercapacity to accomplishcapacity to deny
capitalcapitalscapitals in The Life Divine
casual mancatastrophecatastrophes
catch phrasescausal forcescausal plane
causalitycausecause & effect
cause dying forcause saved by enemiescause serving negatively
causeless joycauses of eventcauses of problems
cautioncelebration of smallcell phone
censorcenter of consciousnesscentre
centre of evolutioncentre of existencecentre of personality
centrescentres of beingcentury men of
certitudecessationchains love of
chakra lastchakraschallenge
challenge of upcoming menchancechance in life
changechange & workchange as Darcy did
change effecting outsidechange in otherschange in the subtle plane
change of heartchange of the meanchanges
changes in the societychanging atmospherechanging attitude
changing evilchanging phenomenonchanging selfishness
changing temperamentchanging with the windchannel of Grace
chaoscharactercharacter & allurements
character in literaturecharacter in thievescharacter of act
character revealed by actscharitycharm
charm of femalechastising egochastity
chastity of the prostitutechaturvarnyacheating
cheerfulcheerfulnesscherished authority
child of Motherchild rearingchild soul
childishnesschildrenchildren of Mother
children of the greatchillness psychicchinks in personality
choicechoice humanchoosing Grace
circumstancecircumstancescircumstances accepting
circumstances lifecitycivil authority
civilisationcivilised becomingcivility
civilizationcivilized habitsclarity
clarity & aspirationclarity of thoughtclassification
cleanlinessclevernessclinging to present
cloistered virtueclosed mindcloseness
cloud on consciousnessclumsinesscoarseness
cobra beauty ofcode of consciencecoincidences
Cold Warcollectivecollective & Individual
collective hatred ofcollective individualcollective joy
collective mancollective wisdomcollectivity
comfortcomfortscoming close to mother
coming out of egocommercecommitment
commitment for getting Infinitycommon sensecommonplace wisdom
communicatecommunicate urge tocommunication
communication non-verbalcommunication of knowledgecommunication subtle
communismcommunism spiritualcompanionship
companycompany exploited by employeecompany longing for
company needingcompany shunningcomparison
compassioncompassion of higher consciousnesscompatibility
compensating losscompensationcompensation for service
complement contradiction forcomplement of complementcomplete knowledge
completing dutycompleting workcompletion
complexcompliance to authoritycomprehending & apprehending in a company
comprehensioncomprehension emotionalcomprehension of vital
comprehension powers ofcomprehensive knowledgecomprehensive preciseness
compromisecompulsioncompulsion of society
computercomputer values ofconcealing
concentrationconcentration of egoconcentration of the Absolute
conceptconcept of Brahmanconcept of infinity
conceptionconception of absoluteconception of Absolute Ignorance
conception of Brahmanconception of creationconception of infinite
conception of Motherconceptionsconcepts
conceptualisationconcernconcord in discord
concrete capturingconcubinecondemnation
condescensionconditioned manconfession
confidentilaity of the Englishmanconflictconflict & dislike
conflict in lifeconflicting forcesconflicts
conflicts harmoniousconflicts seeing insideconformist
conquering ignoranceconquerors of Indiaconscience
conscience of humanityconscience the adversaryconscientious life
consciousconscious aspirationconscious becoming
conscious beingconscious developmentconscious enjoyment
conscious identificationconscious knowledgeconscious oblivion
conscious thoughtconsciousnessconsciousness & world progress
consciousness changingconsciousness doubleconsciousness higher
consciousness lowconsciousness Mothersconsciousness of infinite
consciousness of manconsciousness of Motherconsciousness of Purusha
consciousness of truthConsciousness-Forceconsecrated work
consecrationconsecration of the pastconsequences
constant progressconstant remembranceconstruction
contactcontact innercontact with Mother
contagioncontagion in subtle planecontemplation
contentcontinuity of peoplecontinuous
contradictions from Naturecontradictions law ofcontraries
contrarycontrolcontrol of a person
convenienceconventional courtesy toconventions
conversationconversation commonplaceconviction
convictionscooperationcooperation emotional
cooperation in yogacorrecting errorscorrespondence
correspondencescorrupt organisationcorruption
cosmic consciousnesscosmic ignorancecosmic self
cosmosCount of Monte Cristocounting in material plane
Crawleycreationcreation and results
creation artisticcreation at ones own levelcreation by Brahman
creation mystery ofcreation of cosmoscreation of ego
creation of human beingcreation of lifecreation of matter
creation of new formscreation process ofcreation skill of
creativecreative organisationcreative writer
creativitycreativity & productivitycreativity & waste
creativity dynamiccreativity in writingcreativity of Life
creativity of smallnesscreditcredit card
credit ratingcredulitycreed new
crimecrime & sincrimes
criminalcriminal & victimcriminality
crisescrises of lifecrisis
crisis in lawcriticcriticism
criticism applying to selfcriticism of otherscrookedness
crossing of limitscrossing planescrossing the border of life
crudenesscruel tyrannycruelty
cruelty & affectioncruelty transformationcrusade
cultural valuescultureculture & incompetence
culture & subconsciousculture and yogaculture of a place
culture of societyculture of wordscultured sensitivity
cursecyclescycles of life
danger & royaltydanger calmness inDarcy
darknessdarkness & lightDarwin
datadeaddead organisation
dearth of moneydeathdeath & Peace
death approach ofdeath of a devoteedeath rate
deceitsdeceits of the lowdeceits under law
decisiondecision centraldecision of subliminal
decision to follow Motherdecision-makingdecisions
deconditioningdecsion for anotherdeep-seated hostility
defeatdefectdefect of others
defectsdefense by a shallow characterdeference to potential
deference to womandefinition of termsdefying idea
degeneration of Indiadelaydelicacy & social behaviour
delightdelight and paindelight divine
delight in lifeDelight of creationdelight of God
delight of involutiondelight sorrowdelivery of language
demand of duedemandsdemocracy
denialdenial of Goddenseness
denunciation of Goddepravitydepression
depression & joydepthdepth & surface
depthsdescending truthdescent
descent & ascentdescent of Forcedesert
desert & benefitsdesertiondesertion by the husband
desiredesire & consecrationdesire for admiration
desire for knowledgedesire for lifedesire for ones due
desire for resultsdesire to communicatedesire to do good
desire to pleasedesire to understanddesires
desires sillydespairdestroying and crowning
destroying idealdestructiondestruction desire for
destruction of a rivaldestruction of leaderdestruction of oneself
destruction of peersdestructive forcesdetached mind
detachmentdetachment from lifedetails
deterioration of societydeterminantdeterminants
determinationdeterminative consciousnessdeterminism
determinism of a devoteedevadasidevelopment
development and peacedevelopment by destroyingdevelopment of society
development opportunitydevoteedevotee & non-devotee
devoteesdevotiondevotion to following
devotion to Herdevotion to Motherdharma
dharma of executiondiarrhoeadictionary for psychology
differencedifference & equilibriumdifficult idea
difficultydigestiondimension new
dimension thirddiplomacy internationaldirect perception
directiondirection of the worlddirector
disbeliefdiscipledisciples expressing Gurus habits
disciplinediscipline & dissipationdiscipline & freedom
discipline a torturedisciplinesdiscovering Brahman in matter
discovering good in evildiscoverydiscovery of a great man
discovery of Brahmandiscovery revolutionarydiscovery supreme
discriminationdiseasedisease & body
disease and curedisengaging minddisgrace
disgustdishonest appreciation ofdishonesty
dislikedisloyalty to lifedisobedience
disowning rightsdispositiondisputes resolution of
disregarding societydisregarding understandingdissatisfaction
dissolution of ignorancedissolving egodissolving thought
disturbancedisturbance emotionaldiversity
divide & ruledividendsdividing mind
divinedivine coming to us through lifedivine existence
Divine forcing it to act as we wantdivine joydivine life
divine loveDivine relation toDivine self
divine serviceDivine waiting for usdivision
division & reconciliationdoctordoctors
doingdoing & knowingdoing good
domestic happinessdomestic life delight ofdomination
domination of husbanddouble openingdouble standards
Doyledraindrain enjoyment of
dream meaning ofdream of ancientsdreams
dressdress carrying powerdrishti
Dronadrugsdualism & monism
due givingdullnessdullness & interest
durabilityDurvasaDuryodhana & Karna
duties discharge ofdutydying culture
dying evildynamismdynamism rational
earliest aspirationearningearning by oneself
earning moneyearthearth mans touch with
ecstasy intolerableEdmondeducation
education & compulsioneducation of feelingeffect
effective actioneffective knowledgeeffectivity
effectivity in subtle planeeffectivity of ideaefficiency
efforteffort quality ofeffort to understand
ego & desireego & great soulsego & mind
ego & painego & stupidityego & values
ego & yogaego desires masteryego necessary for involution
ego of the godsegogiving wayegoism
egoistic ignoranceegolessnesseight levels
electioneleganceelegance & simplicity
elegant expressions of cultureelementselimination
emancipation of womanembarrassmentembellishments in trade
emerging societyemotionemotion achieves
emotional aspirationemotional ignoranceemotional interest
emotional superstitionemotional understandingemotionalising thought
emotionsempire Britishempiricism
employmentencyclopediaendorsement human
enemiesenemies & friendsenemy
enemy trust inenergies newenergies of life
energies yogicenergisationenergizing rival
energyenergy for change of attitudeenergy not seeing it
energy of Absoluteenergy of Matterenergy of Spirit
englishenglish & sri aurobindoenigma of the Divine
enjoying experienceenjoying workenjoyment
enjoyment & possessionenjoyment & tortureenjoyment and longevity
enjoyment of actenjoyment of consciousnessenjoyment of ego
enjoyment of varietyenlightenmententerprise
epithets moralequalityequality of experiences
equality of soulequilibriumequilibrium of life
equipmentera end oferror
error through relationshiperrorserrors in typing
errors of the pastescapadesessence
essence not experienceessence of Brahmanestablishment
establishment lure ofEstablishment theeternal
Eternal Unmanifesteternityeternity & Time
eternity conceiving ofethereuphemism
Evening Talkseventevent determinant of
event explained yogicallyevent in subtle planeevent knowledge of
event negativeevent uniqueness ofevents
events humanevents lure ofevil
evil and egoevil and Loveevil eye
evils socialevolutionevolution & creation
evolution in ignoranceevolution of earthevolution social
evolutionary actionevolutionary adultevolutionary choice
evolutionary enterpriseevolutionary fluxevolutionary force
evolutionary processevolutionary skillevolutionary urge
evolutionary vibrationevolving akshara brahmanevolving being
evolving Godheadexacting lifeexaggeration
exampleexcellence of the non-professionalexcellent behaviour
exceptionexcessexcess energy
executiveexerciseexercise of authority
exercise of intelligenceexertionexertion physical
Existenceexistence relying onexotic
expansionexpansion vain-gloriousexpansion vertical
expectation of recognitionexpectation of rewardexpecting
expediencyexperienceexperience & imagination
experience professionalexperience vs knowledgeexperience world
expertiseexplanationexplanation rational
explanationsexplanations of SAexploitation
explorationexpressing sachchidanandaexpression
expression highest of Graceexpressions of egoexpressions of Sachchidananda
expressivenessexpressiveness silenceexternals & content
faces of absolutefacial expressionfacilities
factfactsfacts unknown to us
facultiesfaculties mentalfaculties of plane
facultyfadsfailing Force
failurefailure & choicefailure & possibility
failure inner causefailure of faithfailures
faith banished in the Westfaith in a childfaith in medicine
faith in our capacityfaith in willfaith of Muslims
faith of the foolfalling out strongfalsehood
falsehood in the substancefalsehood of the Indianfalsehood serving Truth
famefame & workfamiliarity
familiesfamilyfamily happiness
family problemsfamily valuesfanaticism
fanaticsfantasyfarm schools
fashionfaultfault finding
feelingsfeelings living infelicity
femalefemininefeminine boldness
feminine felicityfestivalsfiction
fictional characterfictitious characterfidgeting
fieldfield created by Great Mindsfilth
finitefinite & infinitefinite and infinite
finite representing Infinitefinite to infinitefire
fire of godfirmnessfirst contact
first love first stepflatness
flattery offensivefluencyfluency & intelligence
fluency colloquialflux non-formed in societyfollies
follies in thinkingfollyfolly & crisis
folly of great knowledgefolly of primitive manfolly of rational man
foodfood given by a psychic personfood security
force & deviceforce & routineForce acting
Force and instrumentForce consciousForce descending
force in the oppositeforce of civilisationforce of compassion
Force of Motherforce of social changeForce of Sri Aurobindo
Force position given byforce separated from consciousnessForce sustaining life
force that harmonisesforce touching Mothers negativelyforces
forces and freedomforces equilibrium offorces hostile
forces opposingforces positive and negativeforesight
foresight subtleforethoughtforget God
forgetfulnessforgettingforgetting Mother
forgotten Motherformform and force
form change ofform emerging in workform power of
forms creation of newformulaformula & physicality
formula for happinessformula for successformulas
formulas of existencefortuneforum
forum of one who serves Godfoundationfourth dimension
fragrance of bodyFrancefranchise
franknessfree imprisonmentfree information
free to choose falsehoodfree willfreedom
freedom & partitionfreedom 112freedom and offensiveness
freedom finalfreedom for egofreedom for the low
freedom from moneyfreedom from pastfreedom in organisation
freedom in relationshipfreedom of womanfreedom of women
freedom to actfreshnessfreshness feminine
friendfriend and foesfriendliness
friendsfriends & enemiesfriends giving up
friendshipfriendship & betrayalfriendship between man and woman
frontierfruit and treefruits of growth
frustrationfulfillmentfulfillment & growth
fulfillment of yogafulfilment emotionalfulfilment in life
fullfullnessfullness of mind
fullness of subliminalfunctioningfunctioning from mind
functioning in yogic consciousnessfundamentalismfundamentalists
fundsfuneral ritesfuture
future and pastfuture for the oppressedfuture of oppressed
future of the yogifuture resultfuture well-being
Gandhigangstergap between planes
gapsgaps in evolutiongaze
generation nextgeneration secondgenerosity
generosity of the misergenerosity of understandinggenius
genius & brutegenius of actiongentleman
gentlenessGermanygetting out of mind
gifts of Godgifts of lifeGilbert Martin
girakiGitagiven unasked advice
giver idealistgivinggiving & receiving
giving & retaliationgiving & takinggiving benefits
giving by Mothergiving lovegiving to the world
giving up attitudeglamourglobalisation
glory of Sri AurobindognosisGnostic life
goalgoal & consecrationgoal highest
goal of mangoalsgoals social
GodGod & human fulfilmentGod & man
God & timeGod as criminal and saintGod as spouse
God asking Him for needsGod becomingGod chasing souls
God coming as eventsGod fulfils wishesGod in life
God in ManGod in NatureGod loving
God needs usGod on earthGod realised in life
God role ofGod seeking DelightGod waiting for us
god-visionGodhead emerginggodhood
godsgoldgolden age
golden ruleGone with the Windgood
good & badgood & evilgood and bad will
good done to onegood happeninggood reputation
good willgood will and the mediagoodness
goodness not rewarded by lifegoodness of devoteesgoodness of low consciousness
Goodness truegoodwillgorbachev
gossipgovernmentgovernment participating in Her work
Grace & SupergraceGrace in knowledgeGrace of Mother
grace receivinggrace seeks indifferent mengradualness
greatgreat & purposegreat & small
great as lowgreat ideagreat ideals
great in the lowgreat scripturegreatness
greatness & energygreatness divinegreatness eternal
greedgriefgross controlled by subtle
gross mismanagementgroupgroup (& discipline)
growthgrowth of personalitygrowth of soul
growth psychologicalgrowth through openinggrudge
guruguru & discipleguru inner
habithabitshabits of the cultured
habits of the masterhand using the lefthandicap
handicappedhandling problemshankering after past
happeninghappinesshappiness family
hard and softhardness of bodyhardness of learning
hardness of sensibleharlotharmony
harmony in familyharmony in freedomhaste
hatha yogahatredhatred pain of
headachehealthhealth harmony of
health of organisationhearingheart
heart & choiceheart & impossible idealheat
heights of manHelenhell
helphelp & workhelp and loyalty
help and miseryhelp seekinghelp to weakness
helplessnesshelplessness & successHeraclitus
heroesheroismheroism of India
hidden knowledgehidden lovehidden soul
hideous enjoyment ofhiding Absolutehigh
high & lowhigh and lowhigh and low oneness
high statushigherhigher & lower
higher & lower planeshigher consciousnessHigher Mind
Higher Mind & humanhigher seats of knowledgehighest & lowest
highest accomplishmenthighest refusal ofHim
Him & HerHinduismHis view
history of the worldHitlerholocaust
holocaust of motherhome culturedhonesty
honesty of ignorancehonesty socialhonour
hostile beingshostile forceshostiles
hostilitieshostilityhostility purity
hostility to the DivineHourHour of God
Hour of Motherhourly consecrationhours dull
housewifehumanhuman & Divine love
human actionhuman behaviourhuman ceasing to be
human choicehuman consciousnesshuman contact
human emotionshuman exertionhuman expressiveness
human greatnesshuman idealhuman joy
human knowledgehuman lifehuman life truths of
human naturehuman relationshiphuman smallness
human soulhuman sufferinghuman understanding
human valuehuman valueshumane
humanity evolving layer ofhumanity leader ofhumiliation
humilityhumility & greatnesshumour
humour of SAhungerhurry
hurthurting egohurting oneself
husbandhusband & wifehypnosis
ideaidea & willidea acceptance by world
idea and wordsidea becoming poweridea of action
idea of next social periodidealideal & organisation
ideal & practicalideal & sincerityideal for youth
ideal meanly interpretedideal schoolideal work
idealismidealism & opportunismidealism in the family
idealism shedding limitationidealistidealist & scoundrel
idealistic disciplineidealistic organisationideals
ideals & material needsideals & valuesideals bar to yoga
ideals of futureideasideas disliking
ideas of a planeideas of lifeideas of Mother
ideas of next centuryideas popularidentification
identification emotionalidentification with diseaseidentification with the body and vital
identifying with Motheridentifying with Sri Aurobindoidentity
idiot eloquence ofignoranceignorance & intellect
ignorance & knowledgeignorance of faithignorance of force
ill willill-feelingill-omen
illusionillusion of qualityimagination
imitationimmoralityimmortal work
immortalityimmortality Vedicimmutable
immutable selfimpactimpact of the mind
impersonalimpersonal actimpersonal knowledge
impersonal loveimpersonal of Motherimpersonal truth
impersonal valueimpersonalityimpertinence
impetuosityimportanceimportance of a man
importance of accomplishmentimportance of God to usimpossibility
impossibleimpossible possibleimprecision
improvisationimpulseimpulse 646
impulse and hurryimpulsesimpulses of impatience
impulsion of the Divineimpulsivenessin each
inabilityinability of mindinaction
incisivenessincline of headincome
incomprehensionInconscientinconscient energy
independence socialindeterminableindeterminate
indeterminatesIndiaIndia & falsehood
India awakening to spiritualityIndia split inIndian
Indian familyIndian farmer subtle knowledgeindian senses god
indifferenceindifference to defectsindigenous
individualindividual & universalindividual character
individual is the Eternalindividualities of soulindividuality
individuality spiritualindolenceindulgence
indulging anothers selfishnessindulging weaknessinertia
infallibilityinfatuationinfection from atmosphere
inferenceinferiorityinferiority complex
infiniteInfinite action ofinfinite conception
Infinite concreteinfinite lifeinfinite potential
infinite resultsInfinite understandinginfinitesimal
infinitesimal OvermentalinfinityInfinity absolute
infinity of understandingInfinity practical concept ofinfinity swallows mind
inflationinflexibility of mindinflicting suffering
influenceinformationinformation technology
ingratitudeinheritanceinhibition social
inhuman cruelty ininitiationinitiation by Mother
initiativeinitiative of mindinitiatives
injusticeinjustice or civilizationinner
inner & outerinner absorptioninner action
inner beinginner callinner crusade
inner flowering ofinner forcesinner functioning
inner godinner knowledgeinner life
inner lightinner moveinner outer
inner powerinner psychological powerinner shift
inner statusinner suninner urge
inner voiceinner wordsinner work
innocenceinnovation commercialinnovations
insideinside & outsideinside power
insightinsincerityinsincerity of the Britisher
insistenceinsistence of the Spiritinsisting on right
inspirationinspiration & occupationinspiring the world
instantaneous action of Motherinstinctinstitution negative
institutionsinstitutions of societyinstruction
instruction from Godinstructionsinstrument
instrument negativeinstrument of knowledge or Ignoranceinstruments of the society
insulted by loveinsuranceintegral inversion
integral joyintegral knowledgeintegral life
integral yogaintegralityintegrality of absolute
integrality of Divineintegrality simultaneousintegration
integration of classesintegration of creationintegration of parts
integration of the individualintegrityintegrity in office
integrity personalintelectuality & faithintelelctuality & objectivity
intellectintellect & headacheintellect responding to sri aurobindos thought
intellectualintellectual knowledgeintellectual leadership
intellectual orthodoxyintellectualityintellectuality seeks oneness
intellectualsintelligenceintelligence & memory
intelligence & mischiefintelligence academicintelligence spiritual
intelligence understandingintense eventintensities
intensities marvel ofintensityintensity & crime
intensity of low consciousnessintensity of passionintensity passionate
interchangeintercourse humaninterest
interferenceinterference feminineinterference in work
international organisationsinternational politicsInternet
Internet keyinterregnuminterruption
intimacyintimacy divineintolerance of progress
introductionintuitionintuition & intellect
intuition of womaninvalidinversion
inversion points ofinverted visioninvisible
invisible workinvocationinvolution
involution & evolutioninvolution & GraceIreland
irrationality of the physicalirresistibilityirritability
irritability & joyirritationIshwara
issue solving a long-standingitchingJagat Guru
Jagatgurujail reformjails
jealousyjealousy of the richJesus
jivatmajnanajnana of spiritual truth
jnana yogaJnana yogijokes
joyjoy & authorityjoy & pain
joy & pleasantnessjoy in betrayaljoy in domination
joy of a fooljoy of emerging spiritjoy of lila
joy of Motherjoy of self-discoveryjoy of the rebel
joy through womanjoysjudgement
judgement blindjudgement of the Divinejudgements
judging actionjustjustice
justice humanjustice in lifejustice of power
justice of violencejustificationjustification of ego
justification of emotionsKalikarma
karma soul losingKashmirkeeping friends
keykey for luckkey formula for
key to resultkey to vitalkey vital
keyskilling love ofkindness
kingkingdomkingdom inside
knewknowingknowing & doing
knowing actionknowing characterknowing ego
knowing fullyknowing Motherknowing Sri Aurobindo
knowledgeknowledge & actknowledge & authority
knowledge & mantraknowledge & practiceknowledge & result
knowledge & willknowledge and actknowledge and power
knowledge as systemknowledge from assumptionknowledge in the depth
knowledge innerknowledge of bodyknowledge of Brahman
knowledge of developmentknowledge of essenceknowledge of integral yoga
knowledge of lifeknowledge of Life Divineknowledge of ones defects
knowledge of organisationknowledge of pastknowledge of poet
knowledge of propserityknowledge of selfknowledge of the body
knowledge of the essenceknowledge of vitalknowledge of where you are
knowledge of workknowledge of wrongs doneknowledge-will
KrishnaKrishna & Radhakshatriya
lack of appreciationlack of concentrationlack of culture
lack of energylack of equipmentlack of recognition
lack of self-respectladder of personlityland passion for
land value oflandmarkslandmarks in yoga
languagelanguage & poetrylanguage & Supermind
language for Mothers messagelanguage of Sri Aurobindolanguage of the soul
language proficiencylapselapse in character
lapse in sexlapseslapses & creativity
lapses of leaderslaughing at actlaughter
lawlaw determinant of rulelaw spirit of
lawslazinesslaziness of dynamic man
laziness of falsehoodleaderleader idealist
leader of futureleader of institutionleaders
leadershipleadership & wisdomleadership in India
leaklearninglearning from above
learning from anotherlearning from the collectivelearning of body
leaving Motherleechlesson from others
lettersletters being offendedlevel
level of organisationlevel raisinglevel rising to another
leveling offlevelling offlevels
levels mind outgrowinglevels of creationliar
lie objectivelieslife
life & deathlife & hostilitylife an operation
life and decisionslife as sacredlife beyond death
life brought by womanlife calling to actionlife changing consciously
life controls manlife creation of mindLife Divine
Life Divine central messagelife educationlife energy
life experiencelife granting aspirationlife long
life of manlife of repetitionlife of Transcendence
life offers helplife or deathlife response
life response to goodnesslife reveals the futurelife reviewed
life sciencelife science oflife subjected to inner experience
light & shadowlight & valueslight and power
light in subconsciouslight in the bodylight of heart
light of Rishislight protecting itliking
liking and hatelilalimelight
limitlimitationlimitation physical
limitslineline crossing
line of evolutionary movementlink lostlink with evil
litearature & lifeliteratureliterature reflects life
livelinessliving in Motherlogic
logic of infinitelogic of lifeloneliness
longevitylonging for misfortunelonging for recognition
longing for what one has notlonging of heartlooking for Mother
losing friendslosing interest in problemlosing oneself in present
lossloss of memoryloss of the devotee
lost objectlotterylove
love & abuselove & hatelove & hatred
love & marriagelove & tyrannylove and Grace
love and malicelove and secrecyLove divine
love of being known goodnesslove of chaste wifelove of children
love of darknesslove of Godlove of low life
love of oppositeslove of womanlovers
loving interestlow & highlow consciousness
low consicousnesslow culturelow love
lower & higherlower classeslower consciousness
lower forceslower lifelowly avoiding the
lownessloyalties shallowloyalty
loyalty in loveloyalty of the most troublesome personloyalty to one
luckluck & atmosphereluck & discipline
luck going to othersluck of Motherluxuries
luxurylyingMacDonald Ramsay
machinations master ofmachinesmacro & micro
magnanimitymajoritymajority & minority
malemale & femalemale & female principle
male charm ofmale incapacity to listen ofman
man alone ethicalman & Godman & his neighbour
man & originman & problemsman & society
man & womanman a dormant universeman acting and thinking
man becoming Godman becoming mentalman cannot order himself
man changing after Motherman doing his honest bestman forgets Mother
man forgetting Godman is behind wordsman is God
man needs knowledgeman needs womanman one with all
man represents timesman seeking Godman superior to Gods
man the doermanagementmanagement of forces
management of moneymanhoodmanifestation
manlinessmannersmanners demands of
manners of gentlemanmanners of Mothermantra
mantra of luckmantra of Mothermantras
mantric powermanufacturemans denial
mans intentions of evilmans valuemarket
market freemarket newmarriage
marriage & divorcemarriagesmarvel
mastery and energymastery of emotionsmastery of every field
mastery of lifematerial lightmaterial prosperity
material valuesmathematical inferencemathematics
matrimonymattermatter as delight of existence
matter as substancematter is delightmaturity
maturity and the idealmaturity collectivematurity wisdom
maximum & minimum of culturemaximum accomplishmentmaximum social
mayamaya and lilameaning
meaning of act meaning of act in its own contextmeaningless message
meannessmeansmechanical intelligence
medicinemeditationmeditation at end of work
memoriesmemorymemory of Her
memory of peoplememory of the earthmental
mental couragemental egomental faculties
mental maturitymental openingmental organisation
mental pyschicmental silencemental status
mental urgementalising emotionsmentality
message of an eramessage to the worldmetabolism
metaphormethodmethod & personality
method mentalmethod of naturemethods
methods of prakritimethods of societymethods of success
militarymindmind & body
mind & collective lifemind & creationmind & discovery
mind & evolutionmind & its originmind & knowledge
mind & purified sightmind & rulesmind & silence
mind & spiritmind & Supermindmind activated by spirit
mind calmmind descending into substancemind determines body
mind development in Indiamind divorced from bodymind fulfilling evolutionary purpose
mind giving up speechmind insisting on its truthmind must disappear
mind not the creator of the worldmind occupied by someonemind of humanity
mind over mattermind reflectionmind regaining origin
mind seeking approbationminiature of universe actmiracle
misermiserly naturemisery
misery & gracemisfortunemisfortune caused by love
misunderstandingmisuse of freedommobile power of self
mockerymode of Delightmodern information
modern manmodernisationmodesty
modesty perversemokshamoment
moment lost inmoment sacredmoments
moments of Mothermoneymoney lust for
money systemmoney valuemonogamy
moralsmorals looseMother
Mother a spiritual toolMother acting instantaneouslyMother an Institution
Mother awaits in workMother comes as urgesMother destroys human life
Mother gives infinitelyMother giving easilyMother in life
Mother knowing Hermother letting Her inMother liking Her
mother not wanting HerMother organised nucleusMother possessing you
Mother precedingMother raises statusMother relieving pain
Mother rewards actMother sacrificed HerselfMother serving & harming Her
Mother sweetnessmother tongueMother's life
Mothers consciousnessMothers familyMothers Force receiving
Mothers knowledgeMothers lifeMothers Light
Mothers quietnessmotivemotive primary
motivesmotives for prosperitymove
move insidemovementmovement negative
movement of consciousnessmovement of knowledge-willmovement of population
movement of Realitymovement of timemovements live
moving awaymoving the old populationmoving the society
moving to subliminal actionmulti-consciousness of Godmurder
musicMuslimsmystery of accomplishment
mystery of worknamename of Mother
namesnarcissismnation civilized
nation determinants of anation maturenational prejudice
national processnations equality ofnations ranking of
NatureNature & harmonyNature & the psychic
Nature consciousnature humannature working through parts
nearnessnecessitiesnecessities & spiritual brilliance
needneed & likingneed for relationship
need of the oppressedneed physicalneed psychological
need to actneed to betrayneeding excitement
needleneedsneeds of God
negativenegative attitudenegative forces
negative oppositenegative sidenegative vibrations
negative worknegativismnegativity
neglectneglect by a meaningless manneglect conscious
neglect of dutiesneglect of necessitiesneglect of peers
nerves & knowledgenervousnessnether side
netineutralneutral goodwill
neutralitynewnew and old
new experience of wisdomnew idealnew ideas
new philosophynew technologyNew Year
newsnews badnewspapers
nihilnirvananobility emotional
noble actNon-beingnon-being moving towards
non-reactionnon-stop prayernon-stop progress
non-thinkingnormsnorms legal
nostalgianot exercising rightnot paying taxes
not recognizing insufficienciesNot-Selfnothing
nothingnessnovelist & playwrightnovice
obesityobeying willobjective power
objectivityobjects absorb Motherobjects of the earth
obscenityobservance in the breachobservation
observation of the obliviousobsessionobstacle
obstaclesobstacles to the Forceobstinacy
obstinacy of honouroccultoccupation
occupation with godof children self-affirmationof consciousness reversal
of mannersof Nature purposesof routine life
offenceoffence & Supergraceoffense
offeringoffering of serviceoffering of sins
offeringsoldold & new
old & the newold ageOM
omniscienceOneOne & Many
One & the ManyOne in the ManyOne with a second
onenessoneness of bodiesoneness of humanity
open mindopen-mindednessopening
opening doubleopening of heartopening plane
opening to Motheropennessopinion
opinion provokes humiliationopinion publicopinions
opponent energisingopportunismopportunities
opportunities for the worldopportunities socialopportunity
opportunity goes to anotheropportunity socialopposing forces
oppositeopposite assertsopposite method
opposite understandingoppositesopposites coexistence of
opposites truth hidden inoppositionopposition & the force
opposition to Godopposition transformed by knowledgeoppressed organisation of
oppressionoppression of selfishnessoptimists
opulenceorganisationorganisation & chaos
organisation & subordinateorganisation & worlds problemsorganisation by the individual
organisation needed for perfection in spiritorganisation of societyorganisation of USA
organisation offered by Motherorganisation sinkingorganisations
organising energyorganising workorganiwork of organisation
organizationorganization represents innerorigin
original ideasoriginal matteroriginal thoughts
original unityoriginalityoriginality of application
orthodoxyoscillationossified form
ostracismoutcomeoutcome decided by minor details
outerouter & innerouter activity
outer actsouter and innerouter and inner organization
outer awakeningouter responseoutgrowing
outgrown relationshipsoutlawsoutliving the need for company
outrageoutside & insideoutside of society
outside shifting fromovercoming problemoverdoing
OvermindOvermind crossingown capacity to
painpain & Anandapain & bliss
pain & enjoymentpain & evilpain & joy
pain or losspain-free lifepainstaking labour
parents & childrenparents & potential of childrenparents ideal
parsimonypartpart & whole
part organized in manpart self-awareness of thepartial
partial consciousnesspartial perspectivepartial work
partialitypartiality for selfishnessparting
parts deadparts playing severalpassing on knowledge
passionpassion attachment ofpassion for certitude
passion of bodypassionate lovepassionate thought
pastpast carryingpast consecration
patrimony of Motherpatriotismpaying taxes
paymentpayment volunteeringpeace
peace & anandapeace of mindpeace of Mother
peaceful lifepeakpearls
penny-wisepeople good and badperceiving God
perceptionperception of soulperception subtle
perceptionsperfect disciplineperfect life
perfectionperfection & laughterPerfection illusion of
perfection in valuesperfection of depravityperfection of finite
perfection of imperfectionperfection of Indiaperfection of one can save the world
perfection of partperfection of workpermanence
permanent & temporarypermissivenesspermissiveness social
persecution religiousperseverancepersistence
personperson & purushaperson ineffective
person of each planepersonalities completepersonalities universal
personalitypersonality & yogapersonality centre of
personality innerpersonality level ofpersonality of different types
personality of the surfaceperspectiveperversion
perversionsperversityperversity & clear logic
pettinesspetty desirephases
phases of lifephenomenonphilosopher & artisan
philosophies oldphilosophyphilosophy conveying
photo of Motherphrase audaciousphysical
physical & destructionphysical & mentalphysical & repetition
physical experiencephysical interestphysical knowledge in
physical learningphysical mindphysical need to exert
physical sensation of harmonyphysical supremacyphysical the
physical workphysicalityphysicality of mind
pityplanplan success of
planeplane crossingplane energy of
plane exceedingplane intensity inplane knowledge of
plane of accomplishmentplane of actionplane of divine life
plane power ofplane reaching Brahmanplanes
planes organisingplanes subtle and causalplanning
planning for futureplatitudePlato
playplay & playerplay of spirits
Play PlayerPlayer & Playplayfulness
pleasantpleasant behaviourpleasant to enemies
pleasantnesspleaseplease desire to
pleasing otherspleasureplots & subplots
ployplurality of beingspoet
poetrypoetry of lifepoint irretrievable
point lowestpoint of changepoint of transition
point of viewpoint of view otherpoints of intersection
poisepoise last innerpoises
politenesspoliteness in spiritual relationshippolitical science
politics after WWIIpollutionPondicherry
poor & richpopular willpopularity
popularity & helppopulationpopulation levelling
posion of creationpositivepositive & negative
positive attitudepositive virtuepossess desire to
possessionpossession by Motherpossessive joy
possessivenesspossessiveness of egopossibilities
possibilities & strategiespossibilities evolutionarypossibility
possibility & fruitionpost-war hysteria ofpostponement
potentialpotential capacitypotential positive
potentiality infinitepotentials of societypoverty
poverty & affluencepoverty of mindpower
power & freedompower & wisdompower and woman
power for actionpower of attractionpower of divine life
power of ideapower of ignorancepower of knowledge
power of mindpower of Motherpower of occupation
power of organisationpower of selfpower of society
power of Supermindpower of the smallpower of the word
power over the giverpower through understandingpowerful thought
powerspowers of Beingpowers of man
practicalpractical accomplishmentpractical concept of infinity
practical ignorancepractical strategypractical wisdom
praisePrakritiprakriti and psychic
pranayama Purushaprayerprayer answered
prayer for someoneprayer moving one further levelprayer of the culprit
prayer opening the doorprayer to Motherprayers not answered
prediction of futurepreferencepreference & luck
present & pastpresent and pastpresent timeless
presentationspreservationpreservation & risk
preservation of societypreserving gainspress
pressurepressure subconsciousprestige
Pride and Prejudicepride in knowledgepride of knowledge
priestpriest & guruprimary conditions of evolution
prime moverprime mover knowledgeprimitive
principle femaleprinciples and tricksprinciples first
privacyprivilege of rewardprivileges denial of
problem & angerproblem pressurizes nervesproblems
problems & Motherproblems & prayerproblems in society
problems in workproblems Mother solvesproblems of the world
problems receivingproblems yielding to attitudeprocedures
processprocess discovery ofprocess of creation
process of growthprocess theory ofprocesses abandoning
processes in creationproductproduction
productive oragnisationproductivityproductivity in faith
productsproducts serve manprofessional
professional individualityprofessionalsprofessions
professions theprofitabilityprofiteering
profitsprofits vs wagesprofound
profundityprogenyprogress & independence
progressprogress & actionprogress & errors
progress & symbolsprogress and egoprogress and the knot
progress benefiting the uselessprogress for egoprogress in yoga
progress of civilisationprogress of societyprogress through exhaustion
progress through ruinationprohibitionproject
proofproof-readingproper act
propertyproperty rightsproperty rights of
proseprose of Sri Aurobindoprosperity
prosperity & depressionprosperity & povertyprosperity of India
prosperous lifeprotecting accomplishmentprotection
protection by Godprotection for idealsprotection from environment
protection from falsehoodprotection of idealprotection of Mother
protection of the physicalprotective cover of societyprotest
psychicpsychic & causalpsychic & fragrance
psychic beingpsychic joypsychic love
psychic openingpsychic progresspsychic sadness
psychic visionpsychologicalpsychological effort
psychological frontierpsychological growthpsychological ignorance
psychological keyspsychological laziness psychological ripeness
publicpublic denied factspublic eye
public opinionpublic servicepublic work
punctualitypunish the innocentpunishment
punishment and lovepunishment for an errorpunishment of Grace
Puranaspuritypurity of client
purity of relationshippurity of thoughtpurna yoga
purna yoga & riskpurposepurpose of creation
purposelessnesspurposespursuit of enjoyment
PurushaPurusha evolvingPurushothama
pushinesspushing away mindputting
qualitiesqualities higherquality
quality & quantityquarrelsquest
quest academicquest for knowledgequest for power
quietquieting of mindquietness
quoting Motherrainraising emotion
raising of consciousnessraising statusraising the plane of action
raja yogaRamakrishnaRamalinga Swami
Ramana MaharishiRamanujamramarajya
rasirationalrational mind
rationalismrationalityrationality & vital
rationality of the vitalraw desireraw materials
raw materials of the divinereach of thoughtreaching others through Mother
reaching supermindreactionreactionary
readinessreadiness for yogareadiness inner
readiness of substancereadingreal
real knowledgeReal-Idearealisation
realisation of defectsrealisation of selfrealisation of sri aurobindo
realisationsrealised soulsrealising potential
realitiesrealities of lifereality
reality & processreality behind processReality reaching the
reasonreason & intuitionreasonable
reasonablenessreasoningreasoning with emotional persons
rebirthreceivingreceiving Mother
receiving with gracereceptionreceptivity
receptivity in bodyreceptivity to goodrecognising defect
recognitionrecognition of anothers valuerecognition of others goodness
recognition of the greatrecognizing oragnisationrecognizing soul
recollection of originreconciling oppositesrecords
records historicalrecruitment of staffrefined idea
reformsrefractoryrefusal of Brahmin
refusal of goodrefusal of Gracerefusal of love
refusal of the Brahminrefusal to be helpedrefusal to give
refusing gracerefusing luckregret
rejecting idealismrejectionrejection of aspiration
relating to anothers liferelationsrelations human
relationshiprelationship and idealistrelationship in supermind
relationshipsrelationships as instrumentsrelative
relatives longing forrelaxationreleasing infinite
reliabilityreliability in workreliable
reliancereliance innerreliance on Mother
reliance on societyrelicsreligion
religious freedomrelying on accomplishmentremedies
remedyremembering pastremembrance
remembrance & problemsremembrance constantremembrance of Mother
removing wrongs from the worldrepeatrepeating act
repeating Motherrepentancerepetition
repetition & mindrepetition of actsrepetition of an act
repetition of eventsrepetition of Her namerepetition of Mother
repetition of thoughtrepression ironrepulsion
reputationrequirements naturalresearcher
resentment of idearesistanceresistance of Nature
resistance to descentresistance to knowledgeresolutions
resourcefulnessresourcefulness and crisisresourcefulness of falsehood
resourcefulness of manresourcefulness of societyresources
resources exhaustingresources of egoresources of mind
respectresponding to suggestionresponding to vibration
responseresponse from physical substanceresponse from people
response fullresponse humanresponse in democracy
response instantaneousresponse of bodyresponse weaning away from
restraintrestraintsrestraints inner
resultresult & imaginationresult & motive
result desire forresult of knowledgeresults
results in workresults of liferesults of work
reversal of attitudereversal of consciousnessreversal of pain
reversal of perceptionsreversal of wrongsreversing involution
reversing turnaroundreviewreview of life
review of life eventsrevoltrevolution
revolution & evolutionrevolution against lyingrevolutionary
revolutionary idealrevolutionsreward
reward for the heartrewardingrewards
rhythm of the Americansrhythmsrich and poor
rich men as anachronismsrich seeking statusrichness
riddle of the worldridiculeright
right & wrongright actionright and wrong
right choiceright contemplation ofright in the wrong
right outrageousright over otherright present and future
right to voteright yielding oppositerightness
rightness of actrightsrights & revolution
rights of womenrigid goodnessriots
ripenessrise of consciousnessrise opportunity
rishirishisrising consciousness
rising expectationrising expectationsrising joy
rising to Motherrising uprisk
rivalryrivalsrivals helping
romanceromance of Matterromantic love
root causes of problemsroot of actroots of life
routeroute for yogiroutine
royaltyroyalty marriage ofrudeness
rule of liferule of lower liferules
rules neutralized by Motherrules of liferules of mother
rules of mother and social statusrulingruling after seeing
ruling art ofrumourrussia
Russian revolutionRussiansSabrina
Sachchidanandasacred valuessacredness
sacredness of promisesacrificesacrifice and teasing
sacrifice for a moments blisssacrifice of preferencessadhak
sadhak and Ashramsadhaks death ofsadhana
sadharmyasadnesssadness psychic
safetysafety valvesaguna
Sahasradalasaintssalary & efficiency
salvation hope ofSamadhisanction of absolute
sanction waiting forSankhyaSanta Claus
satiresatisfactionsatisfaction lack of
satisfaction of forcesatisfaction vitalsaturation
savitri & life divinescalescale of perfection
scale of valuesscandalscarcities
schoolschools & social productsscience
science & theoryscience of lifescientific research
scientistscientists & knowledgescientists spiritual education of
scriptureseasea and ship
seamy divine sidesearchsearch for god
search for knewseat of knowledgeseclusion
second generationsecrecysecrecy of God
secrecy of selfishnesssecretsecret for the great soul
secret occultsecret of lifesecret of success
secret selfsecretivesecretiveness
secretiveness & franknesssecretssecrets of the Future
secrets unearthed by yogasecuritysecurity in a woman
security in Mothersecurity of hazardsseed of mind
seeingseeing at different levelsseeing defects
seeing inside Motherseeing life in wide contextseeing Mother in act
seeing realityseeing refusalseeing whole
seeing yourself as Godseekingseeking god
seeking insideseeking Motherseeking of Mother
seeking solaceseeking unitysegregation
selfself cosmicself-absorption
self-awareness of the lowself-concealingself-conception
self-conscious Beingself-containedself-control
self-defence against selfishnessself-defence by surrenderself-defense
self-denialself-destructionself-destruction ego
self-discovery & joyself-discovery joy ofself-discovery of Brahman
self-existent knowledgeself-existing goodself-forgetfulness
self-formulationself-formulation of knowledgeself-giving
self-giving to Godself-giving to selfishnessself-importance
self-progressself-respectself-respect & wealth
self-transformationSelf-visionselfish affection
selfish disciplineselfish impulseselfish intelligence
selfish loveselfishnessselfishness & receptivity
selflessne of Nehruselflessnessseminars
sending energy through eyessending Mothersensation
sensation of Spiritsensation physicalsensation vital
sensesense democraticsense of preservation
sense of propreitysensessensing God
sentiments sacredseparationSept.11
seriousnessseriousness in yogaservant
serviceservice of a great soulservice of another
service to godservice to humanityservice to Mother
service to those without conscienceservicesserving another's ego
serving causeserving evilsevering of relationships
sexsexual activityShakespeare
shaktishakti & IshwaraShakti moves
shallow charactershameshame & pride
shameful recollection of pastshamelessshamelessness
shankarasheepishnessSherlock Holmes
shiftshift innershifting centre
shifting needleshirking workshock
shortageshortcomingsshowing off service
sickness & fresheningsiddhisiddhi demands of
siddhi symptoms ofsign of wholesignificance of matter
silencesilence & emotionssilence of body
silence of the Westsilent Brahmansilent knowledge
silent mindsilent willsilliness
silliness & geniussimplesimplicity
simplicity of mindsimultaneitysimultaneous movement
simultaneous timesinsin & virtue
sin and reversal of consciousnesssin and the actsin of the body
sinceritysincerity & prosperitysincerity of soul
sinnersituation understandingskeleton in the cupboard
skillskill & capacityskill and capacity
skill and cultureskill in worksskills
skills spiritualskinslang
slaveslave of Godslavery
sleepslight received by material thingsslighted events
slow and fast progresssmallsmall & great
small and greatsmall man & greatsmall mind
small seeking profitsmall successsmall understanding
smallest partsmallnesssmallness virtue of
smellSmilesmile and bitterness
smoothnesssmugglersocial achievement
social authoritysocial behavioursocial beings
social changesocial consciousnesssocial disciplines
social evolutionsocial expectationsocial factors
social goodnesssocial integrationsocial layers
social lifesocial life & a yogisocial man
social mannerssocial maturitysocial opportunity
social organisationsocial perfectionsocial permissiveness
social power of spiritual mansocial progresssocial relationships
social survivalsocial transitionsocial values
social wisdomsocialismsociety
society & evilsociety & individualsociety & law
society & the individualsociety & valuessociety abridging time
society changes insociety growth insociety playing role of Nature
society response ofSocratessoftness
softness of strengthsolacesoldier
soldier of Truthsolicitudesolitude
solutionsolutionssolving a national problem
sorrow & enjoymentsorry feeling for anothersoul
soul awakeningsoul contains the bodysoul great
soul in mindsoul of the greatsoul of universe
soul seeks self-expressionsoulssouls unconscious
soundsource of energisationSoviet Union
spacespace & timespace overcoming
spaces of consciousnesssparkspark of Mother
speakingspeaking outspecialisation
speechspeech consequences ofspeech fluency
speedspeed of lifespelling
spendingSpiritSpirit and ego
spirit as marketspirit awakeningSpirit controlling matter
spirit in lifespirit in matterSpirit moving matter
spirit of culturespiritualspiritual authority
spiritual awakeningspiritual couragespiritual discrimination
spiritual efficiencyspiritual egospiritual energy
spiritual evolutionspiritual experiencespiritual experiences
spiritual freedomspiritual fullnessspiritual greatness
spiritual ideaspiritual idealspiritual individual
spiritual individualityspiritual intelligencespiritual light
spiritual man & womanspiritual mannersspiritual mind
spiritual needs of humanityspiritual patrimonyspiritual prosperity
spiritual relationshipspiritual relicspiritual self-giving
spiritual sunspiritual technologyspiritual value
spiritual value of blockheadspiritual victoryspiritualideal
spiritualisationspiritualityspirituality & prosperity
spirituality & sillinessspirituality Indianspirituality of India
spousespreading fashionspreading ideal
sprituality & intellectualitysquanderingsri aravindam
Sri AurobindoSri Aurobindo gave his ALLSri Aurobindo's offer
Sri Aurobindos yogastability socialstages of civilisation
stages of social evolutionstandardsstandards of journalism
starting from soulstarvationstatement intellectual
statementsstatic & dynamicstatus
status & perverse egostatus & pridestatus & wealth
status in lifestatus of absolutestatus quo
status symbolssteadinessstealing
stepstep firststhanu
sticking to pathstiffnessstillness
stinginessstock exchangestory
strainstrategiesstrategies of action
strategies of yogastrategystrategy of surrender
strengthstrength in righteousnessstrength not knowing
strength of smallstrength of valuestrength of weak
strength recognizing othersstrength unselfishstress
stress & possibilitiesstrifestrong
structurestubbornnessstudy consecration of
study of behaviourstupiditysubconscient
subconscioussubconscious aspirationsubconscious attachment
subconscious egosubconscious hostilitysubconscious ill-will
subconscious mercenarysubconscious reactionsubconscious ripening
subconscious yogasubjectsubject object
subjectiveSubjective & Objectivesubjective knowledge
subjective originalsubjectivitysubjectivity & objectivity
subjectivity Supramentalsublimesubliminal
subliminal knowledgesubmansubmission
submission of Godsubmissive womansubordinate
subordination of partssubplotsubsconscient & superconscient
substancesubstance and habitssubstance in the depth
substance power ofsubtlesubtle & gross
subtle forcessubtle imaginationsubtle knowledge
subtle lifesubtle opulencesubtle organisation
subtle planesubtle receptionsubtle sense
subtle smellsubtle thoughtsubtle truth
subtle visionsubtletysuccess
success & failuresuccess in societysuccess of revolution
success of rivalssuccess of stupiditysuccess of yoga
success working for otherssuccessful completion of workSudra
Suez canalsuffer capacity tosuffering
suffering & enjoymentsuffering pastsuggestion
suicidesulkinesssummary of essences
sunsun innerSuper Grace
superioritysuperiority sense ofSupermind
Supermind curing ailmentssupermind in allsupermind in evidence
superstitionsuperstitious faithsupport
support absence ofsupport emotionalsupport social
suppressionsupramentalsupramental & progress
Supramental beingSupramental brought down into actSupramental force
supramental fullnesssupramental justiceSupramental knowledge
supramental processSupramental worldsupramentalisation
supreme illuminationsurfacesurface & depth
surface & depthssurface & inner personalitysurface being
surface changesurface naturesurface of man
surface of the Beingsurface shifting away fromsurface values
surrendersurrender & austeritysurrender of hostility
surrender of inner movementssurrender of poetic urgesurrender of Purna Yoga
surrender of the partsurrender of the willsurrender of the yogi
surrender of thinkingsurrender of willsurrender to betrayal
surrender to Supermindsurrenderingsurrendering impulses
surrendering resultsurrendering worksurvey
survivalsurvival socialsurvival values
surviving competitionsuspensesuspicion
swabhavaswargaswarupa change in 944
sweet charactersweetnesssweetness of woman
symbols of revolutionsympathysympathy with poor
symptomsynthesis subjectivesystem
system academicsystematisationsystems
taking advantagetaking helptaking to Mother
Tamil cultureTamilnadu awakening oftantra
tapastapas & the Superconscienttarget
taste of brahmantaste of Ignorancetaste of knowledge
taxtaxesteacher & best pupil
technology & organisationtechnology of last centurytechnology using appropriately
teenagerstemper goodness oftemperament
temperament changingtemporal eternitytemporary
temptationtemptation to dominatetenderness
The Life Divinethemetheoretical knowledge
theorizingtheorytheory & result
Theory of Creationtheory of developmenttheory of evolution
thinkerthinker world needsthinkers & rationality
thinkingthinking & awakeningthinking & understanding
thinking and readingthinking mindthinking of Mother
thinking of Sri Aurobindothirstthoroughness
thoughtthought & sensationthought as dissipation
thought controlling bodythought deniedthought of other man
thoughtlessnessthoughtsthoughts & ideas
Thoughts and Aphorismsthoughts coming truethoughts impartial
threatening the big smallnessthree poises of consciousnessthrill
throne power ofthrowing away energytiger
timeTime & Spacetime & the HOUR
time & Timelessnesstime & tiny movementstime ahead of
time healstime wastedtimeless in time
to Mother responsetoday and tomorrowtoken
token acttoken worktool
toothless tigertop reachingtorture
total visiontotalitarianism in the Westtotality
totality integraltouchtouch of God
touch of gracetouch of higher consciousnesstouch of Mother
town lifetradetradition
tradition & evolutiontragediestragedy
tragedy and comedytrainingtrait defining
trait individualtraits & oppositestraits human
Transcendent formtranscendent individualtranscending law
transformationtransformation & the weaktransformation of act
transformation of actstransformation of Godtransformation of jealousy
transformation of mattertransformation of weaknesstransformation through negativity
transgession of rulestransgressiontransition
transition demands oftransition of mindtransition of society
transition periods oftransition to prosperitytransitions
treachery and Gracetrial & errortrick
trickerytrickstricks of hostiles
trikala drishtitrnasformation of actsTrojan War
troubletrouble seed oftrue knowledge
true persontrue personalitytrue relationship
true surrendertrue valuetrust
trust and doubttrust in yourselftrust refusing
trustingTruthtruth & falsehood
truth & IndiansTruth & luckTruth & perfection
truth and problemstruth in falsehoodtruth in the fact
truth of active beingtruth of Brahmantruth of scriptures
Truth of the individualtruth of the soultruth of Their words
truth of workTruth to Falsehoodtruthfulness
truthfulness & prosperitytruthstruths of life
turiyaturnaroundturning away world
turning point in lifetyrannytyranny & Love
tyranny of mother-in-lawtyranttyrant offspring of
uglinessugliness & affectionultimate secret
unavailed opportunitiesunawarenessunclean habits of vital
unconsciousness in workunderstand desire tounderstanding
understanding of mindunderstanding actionsunderstanding circumstances
understanding Godunderstanding in actsunderstanding of a fool
understanding of maleunderstanding of national eventsunderstanding of the part
understanding of the soulunderstanding processunderstanding quality
understanding thoughtunderstanding vital mindunderstatement
underworldundivided Brahmanundivine
undoing verdictunegoistic helpunemployment
unexpectedunfailing successunfaithfulness
unfamiliarunfitunique and repetition
uniquenessuniqueness of luckUnited Nations
unityunity & dualityunity in multiplicity
unity of discordsunity sense ofunity to division
universal capacityuniversal conceptuniversal consciousness
universal lawsuniversal loveuniversalisation
universe and Motheruniverse power ofunjust evolution
unknowableunknownunlimited power
unorganisedunrealised dreamsunreliability
unspoken wordunsuspectingunsuspecting love
unsuspecting natureunthinking manuntouchable
unwillingness subconsciousUpanishadsurbanisation
urgeurge & aspirationurge & energy
urge for actionurge innerurge to bind
urge to break disciplineurge to do goodurge to educate
urgencyurgesurges spiritual
USAUSA & organisationUSA demanding gold from Britain
use valueuseful knowledgeuseful not important
USSRutilising computerUttamam rahasyam
vacillationVaisyavalidity of success
valuevalue for moneyvalue in thought
value of human lifevalue of manvalue of organisation
value of possessionsvalue of spiritvalue of vital person
value Supramentalvaluelessness life ofvalues
values & statusvalues & vandalismvalues of India
values of Indian lifevalues of lifevalues of motive
values of societyvalues of the mindvaluing money
vanguardvanityvanity & self-giving
varietyVastvast formless
Vedasvelocity of workvengeance
verdictverificationvested desire
vibhutivibrationvibration of Mother
vibration of Naturevibration universalvibrations
vibrations of great soulsvicevictim
victoryvictory innervictory over hostile forces
view of good and badview of manview of paramatma
view of wholeview other mansview wider
views of lifeviolenceviolence transformed
violently changing attitudeVIPvirtue
virtue of Anandavirtue rewards ofvirtues
Vishnuvisionvision in Alipore
vision integralvision of Brahmanvision of consciousness
vision of Godvision of marvelvision of physical
vision of psychicvision of Sri Aravindamvision of Sri Aurobindo
vision of the wholevision supramentalvisions
visions varyingViswarupavital
vital & concentrationvital aspiring to be mentalvital attachment
vital beingvital beingsvital ego
vital freedomvital generosityvital mentalised
vital mindvital personalityvital problem
vital rationalvital spiritvituperation
voicevoice innervoid
votevote majorityvoting
vowvulgar freedomwaiting
waiting Motherwarwarning
warning of lifewastewater
we are Brahmanweak & strongweak destruction of the
weaknesswealthwealth accumulation of
weightage for ageweightless soulwelfare
welfare statewell-beingWells G.H.
West hypocrisy ofWesternerwhole
whole & partwhole & particularswhole & parts
whole & surfacewhole and partwhole in part
wholeness of visionwholesomenesswife
wife & husbandwife & manwife appreciation of
wife approval ofwifely affectionwill
will centralwill evolutionarywill mental
will of Godwill of the Divinewill to accomplish
willingnesswillingness lack ofwind second
wisdomwisdom & actionwisdom & folly
wisdom and ignorancewisdom as follywisdom of Shakespeare
wisdom of the wisewisdom of vital wisdom practical
wish for punishmentwisheswishes of universal Soul
withdrawal of Spiritwithdrawing from servicewitness
witticismwomanwoman & advances
woman & manwoman and freedomwoman as complement
woman complement of manwoman Shaktiwomanhood
word of Mother & Sri Aurobindoword of mouthword vs values
word-of-mouthwordswords & occupation
words relying onworkwork & 12 aspects of mother
work & egowork & energywork & failure
work & freedomwork & interestwork & omens
work & the individualwork and resultswork as duty
work brings luckwork done by the soulwork given up
work in cold countrieswork in substancework in the body
work inside and outwork not movingwork not result
work of Godwork on another planework possibilities
working in depthworks HISworld
world accepting oneworld armyworld changing it by an act
world creation of newworld for the yogiworld forces
world giving upworld innerworld leaders
world of dreamsworld of luckworld Purusha
world raising itself to latest knowledgeworld reflection of youworld revealed by subtle plane
world ruling theworld unionworld war
worldwide killingworryworship
worship of the person most hatedworst & bestwriter
writer creativewriter greatwriters
writers prejudicedwritingwriting of great men
writings of Sri Aurobindowrongwrong doings
wrong forcewrong influencewrong man
wrong side of lifewrongdoing & popularitywrongs
wrongs in societyWWIIWWII & USSR
yawningyogayoga & Grace
yoga & illnessyoga & magicyoga & rest
yoga in lifeyoga made easyyoga of body
yoga of the universeyogamayayogi
yogi final realisation ofyogi integralyogic concepts
yogic forceyogic knowledgeyogic life
yogic perceptionyogic poiseyogic power
yogic surrenderyogic visionyouth exchange of
youth secret ofZakaria

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