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Report No.: Y23

Mr. X came with a happy news that he has struck water at a comparatively low cost in an area where previously no one could strike water. The pioneer who successfully did so, could do so at an enormous cost, almost seven or eight times as much as this one. X was full of joy and gratitude and remarked, "I am 55 and in all my life I have plodded along and have made headway inch by inch. Never have I known an occasion of luck. This is the first time".

X offered to lend me a few thousands some years ago and it was well used on Mother Estates. It was returned but again his money was borrowed and is still with me. I was all along feeling that X's money being with us for Mother's work, though lent in interest, will bring him certain good. Last year in his business something unexpected happened. There were three partners with quite a sizable investment. One of them was naughty and was nagging. X for these reasons wanted to withdraw the partnership and start afresh. The other partner to whom X was obliged would not let him go. Things took a sudden turn. Friction developed between the other two partners and the nagging one was told by the other to leave the partnership. His share was paid off by the other on the spot and he was relieved. He came to X and told him "I have purchased the other man's share and it is here. You can pay whenever you can. Now only we two are in the picture. Please do not talk of leaving. Run it as you like". X from being a one third partner became a one half partner overnight and was freed from harassment. It was a financial as well as a psychological gift to him.

Now X struck water so easily and was overjoyed. He went on repeating "luck has never been an item of life". I told him not to give oral or mental expression to that thought anymore but allow the increasing luck to enter. I mused. His money kept long in Mother's work has created over this period the consciousness climate of LUCK in his life. Sri Aurobindo says that what apparently seems as Luck or grace has long been prepared by the evolving being. I had the understanding that only life lived in detail or service done to the cause can bring down grace or luck. From this concrete instance of I see that creating the condition of luck in a man's life can happen just by his participating in Mother's work in the course of his professional life.

story | by Dr. Radut