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543. There is No Loss

Aruna Raghavan has a long experience in teaching. All her teaching methods are her own. In her experience, there is no dull child. We have simply not yet found the right method for each child. Swami Vivekananda's goal in spirituality was each man should discover his own religion, which means each man is unique. Working at that level, everyone can produce results that are the very best. When John Milton said, ‘They also serve who stand and watch,' he meant that spiritually everyone's contribution is equal to the sum of life. The child from his own perspective wants not so much education as affection. Even this affection has various versions. Physical attention is one. Vital interest is another. Mental responsibility is a third. Spiritually, affection expresses as compassion. We are essentially social. We see the social equipment of the child and judge him by that.

When educationists discovered the phenomenon of late bloomers, they came by one expression of this fundamental Spiritual Truth. As we seek results in teaching, we are free to devise methods suitable to our goal, but it is salutary to know the root principle. For a wider discussion, one needs to go into the Theory of Creation and the Process of Creation. I often give the analogy of a father giving his wealth equally to his children. One child keeps it as bank deposits and the other converts it into property. Appearances may vary, not inherent worth. We seek the appearances we value. Brahman is a WHOLE. In His self-giving, He can only give Himself fully. It is not in Him to give a part of Himself. In creating the solar system, Brahman took the appearance of the sun and the planets. In the creation of the anthill, He became the ants and their hill. Brahman remains Brahman in both, not a whit less. There is NO loss for the ant.

This may be high philosophy, obscure or abstruse. Spiritually, it is a fact. If this is the truth, how shall we conduct ourselves in life? Do as Romans do, while you are in Rome. As you are in human life, act as humans act. But in the deep recesses of your mind have the spiritual knowledge that there is NO loss. This knowledge removes all tensions from the Mind. Tension is created by the ununderstanding Mind. When the nerves usurp the functions of the Mind, one feels tension. Mind is as much open to the Spirit as nerves. In our minds, we can remain open to the spiritual knowledge and enjoy eternal calm. What then is the aim of life? The aim of Brahman in life is to create perfect forms. We are free to have any aim, but let us have the knowledge.

story | by Dr. Radut