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Scales of Measurement


Scales and measurements are one of the most powerful tools for social development. Already there are a few thousand such measures of various types. Another equal number will be justified. British historian Paul Johnson has done a cardinal service in writing the book ‘'The Intellectuals''. Apart for exposing some of the greatest Western intellectuals for their utter lack of character, the book also proves that among them there is no rational thinker.

It is definitely possible to create a scale for rationality. Scales for integrity, loyalty, probity, sincerity, rectitude can certainly be constructed. On the opposite side scales of irrationality can be constructed. Comprehensive scales are created for assessing the validity of news reports, book reviews, newspaper and journal articles - a scale to measure sense and another for its opposite, non-sense. Computers can automatically evaluate articles and award them scores on the scale of non-sense.

As Fowler's famous book ‘''The King's English''' helped eliminate errors in English newspapers, the construction of these scales can upgrade newspaper articles and book reviews. The Human Science wikia invites people to create scales and measures in areas where people have normally not thought of. If international conferences are evaluated on such scales they will certainly rise in quality. Then international associations will start evaluating their members and allied activities on such a scale.

story | by Dr. Radut