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Significance of the Theory


August 10, 1999

   Skill is organisation of physical movement and therefore accomplishes at a greater level. Preference in the vital is not merely a direction of vital energies but an organisation of them, accomplishing at the vital level far more than mere flow of energies as skill at the physical level. Thought is organised understanding whose birth in the mind made it enormously efficient.

   The spirit in the mind - in the spiritualised mind ranges - becomes more effective similarly through silence, light, intuition and knowledge. At the overmental level it acts directly on the knowledge, keeping ignorance aloof from interference, thus gaining a greater capacity. What was objective so far, becomes subjective at the supramental level.

   Going further, knowledge gives way to consciousness and later to Being.

   Theoretically every product, energy, system, power, level of functioning has developed something like skill in the physical and has been benefitted. The theory is like that for social development.

   Education was enjoyed for its own sake at one time. When society discovered its relevance to progress, education became the pre-eminent force in development.

   Technology too was interesting in itself in the beginning. Then it became meaningful for business. Only when technology was discovered to be an instrument of social development, its real big role was seen.

   Ford made car an instrument of development when he made it cheap.

   The woman was first the female, next the mother, next the housewife; now she demands her right and role to build the society of which she is a part. Hence the importance of the woman's liberation.

   Operating systems made computer an instrument of social Development.

   Our aim is to make KNOWLEDGE an instrument of social development as till now man made science and technology an instrument of development.

   After the war, governments are becoming instruments of Development.

   Karl Marx made philosophy an instrument of social development.

   Art, poetry, culture etc. have not yet aspired for that position.

  Every discovery at some point has become such an instrument. It was through skill, preference, thought. Now we are proposing that knowledge must play the role.

   Theory is organisation of knowledge, thus making knowledge more powerful. At this point it enables knowledge to become an instrument of social development even as yogic knowledge becomes an instrument of spiritual evolution.

Theory makes KNOWLEDGE an instrument of social development while till now knowledge was an enjoyable, useful, and interesting faculty.

story | by Dr. Radut