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Introduction to The Line


Life being amoral responds to two individuals coming to it for judgment differently, even in the opposite fashion, though their causes are the same or similar.

  • A strong man when injured asserting gets his due, while
  • A weak man doing so loses his claim and suffers a further loss.

This is blatant injustice if it is before law, as all are equal before the law. It is not so in the plane of life.

  • Life rewards strength, nor justice.
  • This is a fundamental axiom of existence which is here explained in terms of a line which is supposed to divide people on various occasions in diverse ways. The line lies between above average and below average men. It exists between two social atmospheres. It is seen between people of two classes and castes. Life is a wider, stronger plane than a political atmosphere which chooses to equate all numbers. A charitable-minded landowner who chooses to sell his grains for a cheaper price to the poor, discovers that the benefit does not reach the poor as they do not consume the grains but sell it in the market for a higher price. Not even the higher income does them good as it is squandered away.
  • One's capacity to benefit is limited to his receptivity, it is not determined by what is given to him.

─         Scholarships to very backward populations do not raise their educational levels. It is spent on clothes and food.

─         Sewing machines distributed free to poor widows in India does not give them a profession, but are sold for a song at the doors of the function.

─         Freedom in USA in the 19th century resulted in the freedom for Mafia to buy wholesale legislatures and keep judges in their pay.

─         Aid to developing countries helped line the pockets of corrupt politicians, did not serve the purpose intended.

─         An excellent management strategy in a poorly structured company brings down the existing efficiency.

─         Those living in glass houses starting to throw stones discover that they are totally destroyed.

─         Copious inflow of income into uncultured homes does not raise their cultural level, but is spent on exhibitionist activities, thus lowering their cultured status.

─         Any new opportunity is more enjoyed by the more organised section of the population.

─         Adult suffrage helped the electorate to sell their votes, did not enhance their level of liberty or freedom.

story | by Dr. Radut