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Life Divine Statements of Value





3          Life around is in contradiction to the Ideal. But this direct opposition is Nature's profoundest method and the seal of her completest sanction.


6          Thus the eternal paradox of divine life in an animal body justifies itself to reason.


9          Contradictions are unsatisfactory. Reconciliation is needed. An objective method of analysis of Life and Mind as applied to Matter or a subjective synthesis will arrive at the ultimate Unity.


10        When  the rhythm of unity is disturbed once, mind always returns to it more fully by exclusive methods. To perceive their Source eschewing exclusiveness, Mind arrives at That.


13        What is unknowable by thought is attainable by consciousness.           

24        This is not so much due to the failing vital energy of the race as the requirement of the ascetic spirit for human perfection.


25        Any extreme statement is a sovereign fact disguised and cannot be bypassed except at our peril.


29        Freedom to be in fetters.


36        Nothing is entirely valid until it has possessed itself of our physical consciousness and is in harmony with the highest summits.           

            Brahman here represents in the values of Life.



40        The divine soul reproduces itself in the liberated souls as the animal reproduces in similar bodies.

              Therefore the liberation of one soul leads to the outburst of liberation in other souls.


44        The disorders of Mind and Life cease by discerning a more perfect order than the physical.


45        Universe is a diffusion of the divine All in infinite space and Time, the Individual its concentration in limits of Space and Time.


46        To the Life Spirit, the individual is Manu Manomaya Purusha.

48        A divine transformation is possible if these contraries are of the same identical substance.


48    It is capable of being conceived by the intellect,perceived

         by the vision, received through sensations that which it seems

         to deny.*     

50        All totality is a reversion to harmony and a reconciliation of the opposites.           

58        To correct the errors of sense-mind by pure reason is a chief instrument of man.

62    Master word of Superconscient is Light.*

       Action is the key of Life.*

       Intuition is hidden in action.*

       Light is itself contained in Supreme Consciousness.*    

69    We suffer from the illusion of quality, quantity.*


73        If we can go behind Space, we cannot go behind Time because it is the very stuff of our consciousness.           

            We can withdraw into That which is in us.


74        Stability and Movement are psychological representations of the Absolute even as are oneness and Multiplicity.


77        Consciousness is the reflection of anything on the soul.           

81      The force is anterior, not the physical instrument.


92     Those objects we now seek as stimulating causes of a       

         transient pleasure and satisfaction.    


98        There is no obligation to return the responses of pain or pleasure. We can equally respond with the opposite. This is the greatest conquest.


107      We know the Reality, not the process by which the Reality formed into phenomenon.


116   The distinction between the lower and the higher Maya is the

         link in thought which the pessimists miss.*      


118   Infinite consciousness must first translate into infinite

         faculty of knowledge, which is Omniscience.*      

120      When we penetrate we perceive the Law founded in self-being.


119      Mind understands not knowledge but its own analysis. 


132      Supermind is the nature of the Divine Being in its action as the Lord and Creator of its own worlds.                       

142   Concentrated, it is Bliss.

         Active and creative, it is delight of the play of existence,

         play of consciousness.*      

150   We know God in the descent.  We do not know what God is in ascent.           

151  The divine soul has the conscious sense of itself as a mani-

        festation of the Absolute.*    

160   What is undivine to us is only action necessary to create this

         universe of forms.*

168   Becoming conscious of this -- Pranamaya Purusha -- is our


173  Material force is only a subconscious operation of Will.*    

174  Mind forces even the brute material force to Law, Order etc.*         

193   One fundamental necessity of nature is to seek infinite

         experience in finite form.     

195   Desire is self-affirmation of the Life principle.

         It is wrong to extinguish it.*    

199  Mind comes to realise at one stage that the individual is a

        minor term of which the Universal is the whole.*

       Once this is discovered, his evolution is secure.

200      (The atom) the physical type of the separate ego in Matter.


202      As soon as Nature secures a firm basis for safe conduct, She reverses her process. The individual form perishes and the aggregate life profits by the elements of the form thus dissolved.


204      Mind, because of its greater subtlety, need not devour to assimilate.


209      For an evolving life like ours, the inevitable culmination must mean finding the potentialities in the seed.


222      The subliminal has the conscious delight of everything it contacts.


232      These discords are best solved by taking the discords further, by cutting away and final severance.


234      Therefore, a superconscient Mind through universal sense creates in itself the relationship of form with form and constitutes the rhythm of material universe.     


243      Evolution works through a law that is the opposite of things, against the grasp of Ignorance.


249      Matter has no self-being.


250      Matter can accept a higher law, accept other levels of substance and our view can be changed and transformation attained.


252      Therefore touch is the primary sense.


254      The formula of the physical being is based on a relation between sense and substance.


269      The material world must bring forth the apparent life from the hidden life, apparent mind from hidden mind. So also it must evolve apparent Supermind from hidden Supermind and from the concealed Spirit within the triune glory of Satchidananda.


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Those objects we now seek as stimulating causes of a transient pleasure and satisfaction. 


Those objects we now seek are stimulating causes of a transient pleasure and satisfaction. 


Spelling Mistake.


story | by Dr. Radut