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The Mother once told a story of how some vital beings gave trouble throwing stones. Mother dealt with them and finally they agreed to stop the mischief. They also offered to serve Mother. She asked them what they could do for her. They answered readily, "Throw stones".

Beings of the vital world are known for their troublesome nature. They trouble man everywhere. Especially when a work is to be done to Mother, they present themselves on the spot and try their best to prevent Mother's work. It is their nature, perhaps their duty. Often even those beings have responded to Mother and have agreed to stop their disturbance. Mostly these beings obey her. These beings in the above story seem to be somewhat special and had offered to serve her. They felt the necessity to serve Mother and expressed the desire. Considering their natural instincts, it is a great step in them towards the right direction. To arrive at that point of decision there should have been a great ‘aspiration' in those beings. The evolutionary distance they had traveled to arrive at that point must have been considerable. They offered their service and Mother accepted it too. The question was what service they were to offer. Very instinctively they offered to ‘throw stones' on Mother's behalf. Though they are vital beings engaged in evil tricks, they could bring themselves to surrender to Mother and offer to serve her; but all the service they could offer was ‘throwing stones'. The decision to serve Mother was made by changing the field of service; but the type of service remained the same. The beings found themselves incapable of offering a different service that Mother could use. They remained, even after coming to Mother's service, what they were; their natures and skills and services remained the same.

Man makes a great decision in coming to Mother. He gives up family, wealth, career, life, all its enjoyments and happily chooses Mother. For anyone, in any country to give up life for the sake of yoga is a GREAT decision. It is a major adventure in life. Having chosen her service, her yoga, still he finds his nature unyielding. His selfishness, greed, jealousy and that long list remain with him. Having made a revolutionary change in his life, when he starts yoga he finds himself working for Mother in the old way. To change is old way of life that worked for profit, name, gain, etc. is difficult for him. He continues to function in his old way. In her service too, he competes with others, he works against others, works for his exclusive benefit. In other words he continues "to throw stones". [When men of good nature come to her and continue to be ‘good' without shedding their goodness in favour of Mother's consciousness, Mother would say that these good men who refuse to prefer HER in favour of their ‘goodness' also "throw stones"].




story | by Dr. Radut