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Triple Transformation

Sri Aurobindo says that the result of this yoga is a triple transformation. First is the psychic transformation in which the parts of our being open up and allow the psychic to come forward. The mind, vital and body open to the psychic consciousness. The second transformation is the spiritual transformation. The parts of our being directly receive from the Supramental consciousness. We no longer have to receive through the intermediacy of the psychic. Mother’s consciousness-force comes down from the Supramental plane into our parts of being and directs them. But we are still not supramentalized. Our parts are only under Her influence. Finally the Supramental transformation completely changes the nature of mind and makes it other than it is. It loses the sense of division and acquires the Supramental knowledge. The vital becomes universalized and the physical is transformed into the Supramental consciousness. The body becomes Sat, self-conscious being. Mother describes in Agenda what it was like when the cells of Her body became supramentalized. 

Triple Transformation

·        Psychic – parts opening to the psychic

·        Spiritual – parts directed by spirit

·        Supramental – parts supramentalized

book | by Dr. Radut