Series XIX


1) A social opportunity is what mind sees as a physical possibility.


hzv ES zv Pأ | \P u PU PxQ.


Opportunity is material creativity.


EP ֮ EP.


2) Moving to Silence from thought in waking invites the Force to act.


Ȩ Gsn ک \zv ¯ zxU PЮ.


3) Overflowing is a rich natural fulfillment. Overdoing is empty, artificial.


A Pkx Au.

AvPPU Pkx AvP\[Qzuڮ.


AvP AuPx.


4) | Phu, P Pۯx.


Efflux of time will not help the stone ripen.


5) Exploitation is the Lila of the existence in Ignorance.


PUP Bshz uh P AiUQ.


6) Inferiority is Superiority circumscribed.


Eu \uzu SӢx Psx u.


7) Vital sensitivity is silently expressive. Absence of mental sensitivity is verbally expressive.


Enu T֮ | ֮ \.


\ | T֣ \n.


8) Learning the first step or the final step requires equal effort, neither more nor less. Neither is easier or more difficult. What matters is your knowledge that you can learn the first step or the final step.


Gzx Pأvx P¯ Gx ] J. GuU PP G | i zux.


9) A strategy should arise from facts or factual experience, not from an aim or idea or idealism which is always a fad. Anything better than that is a facet of intuitive experience of the Spirit.


Aݣ _; B\ AUS.


Matter offers real experience. Spirit that is Matter offers superior experience. Mind speculates.

Matter is real, not Mind.

Matter is concrete, Spirit is more so.

Mind learns, Matter instructs.


10) For instantaneous results, catch the thought as it enters and consecrate it.


nzv iUP `m_ Gsnzua \n \



11) It does not matter what value you follow, as long as you follow it perfectly.


Gu s Gߣu h G zvP Au ߣQ Gߣx UQ.


s h zv UQ.


Not the value, but its perfection.


12) It does not matter that a method is small or great. As long as it fills the heart, it is the right one for you.


]ԯu u Gߣv, \ \ Gߣu P.


Not its significance, but its suitability.


A P°, zu UQ.


13) Absorbed in the vital emotions, thoughts fall silent.


B Bm Psh Gsn Gx.


14) When you turn the corner, it is necessary it should be saturated.


ԯh Au zv \ sk.


zv A].

Saturate the new gain.


15) The greatest depends upon the smallest.


uS UQ ]ԯx.


u ]ԯx.


The significant small.


16) Aspiration is the essence of Mantra.


Uv B vzv P v.


17) v zu APUS.


Aspiration shifts the outer inside.


18) i |[Q, EP E PUS.


When all eyes are on you, know you have the ultimate secret.


19) Mother is the Mantra that takes us beyond the mantra to aspiration. Aspiration is focussed intensity. Beyond it lies the STATUS which is settled aspiration of the entire being.


Uv B vzuU Phux.

Mother G v vzuU Phx Uv Gʨx. Au Phu Av {. ͺa] \zv .


20) Man aspires for the Psychic to surface. The Psychic is divine aspiration.


u \zv |i, Ax C Chhx |k.


u CS u \zv .


21) The calling that at its end leaves you with a thought, is not a calling that has crossed the mind.


Gsnzu AUPu AǨ zuU PhUP.


22) To emotionally respond to anothers yearning is benevolence.


Cuzv HUPzu Hأx C[Qu.


23) Seeking successful self-employment is the awakening of the individual of the collective.


\zu mk u Bx F E Ȩx.


24) Shameful recollection of the past is the awakening of the vital after enjoying the shameful experience.


mP Pmh Aݣ zu mPk.


25) mPzuU PhUS { uzvSx. mPmhuS kx Bsh |iP Ax.


To enjoy the intensity of shame in overcoming it is to expand evolutionarily.


26) Evolutionary efflorescence is to enjoy shamelessness as an identification with all simultaneously.


Fh En Pxӯ mP Pmh Ԩ mi |kx A].


27) The intensity of enjoyment rises to its acme when you are emotionally identified with one who enjoys destroying you physically.


En Ea\ Eh.

Eh AȨx Gv Bڢu.

Au Aݣ¨x Eh Akzu H Aݣ¨uS.


28) |kx |u. ui x u CUS.


Wait for the world to seek you.


29) Knowledge is to know the cosmic process; wisdom is to discover it in life.


Bsh Ax bڮ; A EQ Psx b ]zv.


30) The value of silent reading is known. How many will concede the value of silent thinking?


کP ix |x Gߣ ک ]u Hأ?


31) Ideals acquire energy of thought when the urge for physical action lacks vigour.


u Gu | ڮ Cm]zu |k.


u Cm].


32) There is concentration when you sit for dhyana. Consecration is on the agenda when an initiative arises which is all the time.


vڮ {hUSx.

\n E A\Sx.

A\ Azx | Ex.


vzvS | Esk.

E | Azx Ezv \nzvS sk.


Concentration is periodical. Consecration is ever-present.


33) Gsn \.

Gsnzv \ US USkzxx .


A word is formed by the urge of fashioning thought. Language gives the perfection of form to the words so strung.


The physical urge taking emotional shape expressed in forms of social perfection is language.


34) Cm] vmi zvS.


The Ideal consummates itself in the unideal.


vmi zvS Cm].


35) Gsn Gʕ GU Px \n.


To protect one from the rising thoughts before they rise, one needs consecration.


\n GsnzvS ux.


Consecration precedes impulse of thought.


36) Coming from the body, thought is the essence of experience that finds words. Coming from above, it is Real-Idea expressing in the mind as knowledge.


x x .

Qn }Өx Gsn Eh Eأzvx.


37) Outgrowing the nagging memory of a successful competitor is outgrowing a vain assertion inside.


|g\ AUS Gv zv C \.


38) Loss of consciousness in asana is the readiness of the body for yoga.


\ u Ӣu Eh PzvS uQ mhx.


39) Vital forgetting all the loved ones by their desertion shows the vitals readiness for yoga.


AߤS xP Azu UPa \x E Bsh |kx.


40) Confirmation of the conception of the loneliness of the body and the vital is minds readiness for yoga of higher knowledge.


Eh, E uzx u A Hأx ڮ Cگԯ ¸uS.


41) If something is right, its very contemplation will raise the consciousness.


\ Au { |g\ {US.


|g_ {Ӣu {ڨ \.


42) Bv \P Cx \v.


Equality of the Origin is Samadhi.


43) Trance is to keep the Being unmoving in its expressing the swabhava in the perfection of its form.


\ک ͺx Ψx n P \v.


44) He who is inwardly aware of the whole being, not just the mind, can dwell on it behind the heart. It is the concentration that precedes consecration.


E AԢuUS \nzvS {hsk.


zu mk AԣUS { { ix.


45) An act is born out of a sensation of thought.


Gsn En \ Gʮ.


46) Occupation asserts the moment inspiration is exhausted.


|Qa] {x .


Inspiration pierces through the blanket of occupation.


47) He whose aim is survival will have no forethought. Forethought arises in one who wishes to establish a family and provide his offspring a future.


TUPUS GvP { x.

SkuUS GvP u Ezx.


48) Practical wisdom of higher consciousness as well as capacity for mercenary survival need to learn what should not be uttered more than what is to be spoken.


Gu \UThx Gߣx G \ Gߣu

h UQ. Cx Eh E P A]. u ] CǢx uzv AԯĮ Cx A].


Pݮ uݮ Pzv Ph Jzu.


Strategies of action are the same for the aspiring yogi as well as mercenary coward.


Disgusting, mean cowardice employs the same strategy as the yogi whose perfection can save the world.


49) Concentration is for the surface mind. Consecration belongs to the subliminal.


{h uUS, \n QUS.


Q \n, u vڮ.


50) Poetry excels prose in expressing concise thoughts precisely.

Mantra embodies the power of still higher bڮ.


P¯ E|hU Phux.

v Pzv \UvUS Eh, C Csh Phux.


Pzu USx \, E|h.

Pzu Ezv EPUSx P¯.

Pzv P \UvU Pnzv \ha \x v.



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