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The Field Trip — A Beginning

Everyone going on the university field trip agreed to meet at school at 8:00 am Saturday morning. My Mother drove Martha and I to the school, where two other students joined us. Mr. Vidya took two other students in his car. The university was about thirty minutes across town by highway. We reached before 9:00 am. My mother agreed to come back in the evening, as Martha’s parents had other plans. Mr. Vidya thanked her for the help and said, “We will meet you in front of the stadium at 6:00 pm sharp.”

The exhibit was fascinating. There were lectures from scientists who were still working at the original lab where Seeker had conducted his experiments. There were stacks of record books showing the original notes recorded by Seeker’s colleagues. There were a number of workshops where instructors were showing interested students and other attendees how to use various devices to quiet and reach the higher levels of their minds. There were also a few stalls where companies were selling these devices for schools and private researchers. There were complex and expensive models for institutions as well as budget models for students. I collected information about these devices, so I could purchase one after the exhibit, if my parents agreed.

Everyone was thoroughly enjoying the exhibit. There was so much to learn. In the late afternoon, we attended a workshop where an instructor was showing advanced techniques for quieting one’s mind using a particular device. We sat and listened to his explanations. After about thirty minutes of explanation, he asked for a volunteer. Without thinking, I volunteered. Mr. Vidya was surprised but made no effort to prevent me. I went to the stage area where the instructor attached me to the device. He reminded me of the procedures I should follow. I said I understood them completely. He told me to relax, as he turned on the machine. I noticed a pleasant relaxing sensation pass through me like a shiver. Step by step, I followed the instructions he had given.

One minute I was on the stage, the next minute I was staring into the quiet of my mind. I recognized the space from Seeker’s notes. I remained quiet. Everything became intensely silent. It took a few minutes for my concentration to gather in a center. I was floating in a space of quiet in my mind. Suddenly, I noticed the experience was intensifying. It must be the second stage of the machine taking effect. I waited. I imagined rising up in my mind. To my great surprise, it began to happen. As I rose, there was a flash of light, followed by a more intense silence, followed by a sense of my concentration expanding across a space wider than the earth. I was immobile. There were no thoughts in the mind, as I relaxed into the experience. I disappeared into the silence. It was delightful. It was something I could never have imagined. The next thing I remember was a growing sense of my body. I felt like it had disappeared. Then, there were voices and I awoke.

I was surprised to find my mother and father in the room. Mr. Vidya was sitting on a chair close to me. Martha and the others were gone. I smiled. Both of my parents smiled back. Vidya looked at me and asked, “Are you ok?” He waited until I spoke, which took longer than I expected. It took a minute to finally feel back inside myself. Then, I said, “I am fine.” Finally, I understood something serious must have happened. Had there been some problem? I asked Mr. Vidya, “Why are my parents here and where are the other students?” He said that my parents had been here since yesterday evening at 7:00 pm and the other students had gone home yesterday at around 9:00 pm. I was startled. I asked him what time it was. He said, “It’s 9:00 pm Sunday evening.” I could hardly believe what he said. I felt like I had been in the silence for no more than an hour or two. It had been more than a day.

            Soon after I woke from this silence, I got up from the chair where I had been sitting for a day. I felt fine. I was calm. I did not understand why everyone was making such a fuss. My mother was standing next to me. She was not upset. She was, in fact, pleasantly excited. She held my hand and said, “You must tell me about it when we get home.” A doctor examined me. He said that I was perfectly fine. Everyone was relieved. The conference organizers were speaking with my parents. I could not catch what they were discussing, but it appeared serious. Finally, around 11:00 pm, we walked to our car. Mr. Vidya apologized to my parents for the incident. My mother said that he had acted responsibly, as she expected any teacher would. She assured him that there was no need for him to feel troubled by the incident. My folks drove me home. No one said much. My dad seemed a little out of sorts, but it did not seem too serious. My mother got him to laugh a few times on the way home.

As soon as we got home, I had something to eat and within thirty minutes I was in bed fast asleep. I was up earlier than usual. It was before 6:00 am and I was wide-awake. I went down to the kitchen and prepared myself some breakfast. My parents normally got up early on weekdays, but they did not come down until 7:30 am today. They had taken the day off from work, so we could spend some time together. Things were a bit awkward for the first hour. I explained to them that I had no idea that this would happen. They listened as I told them about my experience. My dad was shaking his head. He seemed a bit annoyed, but my mother was beaming with a bright cheerful smile.

During the morning, there were a few calls. Mr. Vidya called to see if I was ok, as did Martha. There was also a call from the instructor who had asked me to demonstrate the device. He apologized for exposing me to the test. He said that in his entire career, he had never had such an experience. My parents said there was no reason to apologize. I was fine and everything had turned out quite well. In the afternoon, there was a call that surprised everyone. It came from the director of the original lab where Seeker worked for more than thirty years. They had heard about my experience during the exhibit. They had seen the data from the instructor’s equipment and felt that my signals were close to the range of Peter Seeker. He spoke with my parents for some time and then with me for a few minutes. Later that evening, my parents told me that he had offered me full use of the most advanced system in the world, if I was interested.

After dinner, I told my mother I was going over to Martha’s house for a while. I knew she would be anxious about me. I wanted to assure her I was fine. Her mother opened the door and asked how I was feeling. I said, “I’m fine. Thanks.” She called Martha who came running. We went up to her room, so we could talk without her parents listening to every word we said. We talked for more than an hour. I told her what I felt like in the absolute quiet of my mind. She listened, but did not fully understand what I was saying as her quiet had not been that intense. She was glad to know I was fine.

Things settled back to normal. I continued my studies of Seeker and the Legend and became a celebrity when I reported my experience at the exhibit to my classmates. Some of the guys in my class started teasing me when I walked by. They would join in a chorus and say, “Seeker! Seeker!” Everyone got a kick out of it for a few weeks and then it was forgotten. But it was not the end of the incident. Mr. Vidya called a few weeks after the Legend class ended and asked if he could see my parents. He had received numerous calls from various labs that were interested in offering me time on their equipment, if I was interested. They felt I had extraordinary capability.

My parents said they would leave it up to me to express interest. I knew offers had come from more than one lab and if I wanted to go, it was fine with them. They felt I was a bit young and wondered what effect prolonged use of these devices would have on my career opportunities or interest in other areas of study. They said they would wait and see what I wanted. Mr. Vidya was happy with their decision and felt I should not be pressurized into something I was not ready for. Throughout the rest of the school year, my parents found me reading more about Peter Seeker and the Legend of Brahman. They neither encouraged nor discouraged me in my newfound interest.

About two weeks before summer vacation, I asked my parents if they would object to my attending an advance summer course at the university. It was a two-month intensive on the life and work of Peter Seeker. They agreed. The course was quite demanding, so I was in class almost all summer. I hardly saw my friends. Martha was away for the summer with relatives, so I did not see her at all. We e-mailed each other once a week and I told her a lot about my classes. The course exposed me to more ideas of Brahman that Seeker had described in other notebooks. I understood how much he had struggled to make things clear for humanity.


At the end of summer, I had time for a short vacation. During my classes at the university, I learned about a camp in the mountains about 200 miles from my home. It was a very unstructured summer camp that offered a place for young students to meet in a casual setting where they were free to discuss Seeker and his ideas amongst themselves. There were a few counselors and an occasional guest speaker who visited the camp. They had boating, swimming, hiking and all of the normal things you would expect at a summer camp. Students were free to choose how they spent their time.

I had spoken to my parents about the camp and my mother made enquiries about the place. She learned it was a great camp where students could get away and relax. This was exactly what she thought I needed, after the intensive college level courses I had taken. As far as she was concerned, it would be wonderful if I spent some time like most kids my age. She had a growing concern I was too absorbed by Seeker and the Legend. She never said anything, but she watched and worried like all mothers. She actually took a day and drove up to the camp to see what it was like. She did not wait till she returned to register me for a three week stay just before school started in the fall. She loved the place and knew I would be comfortable there.

As soon as my courses were over, I had a couple of days at home. I did nothing for two days. I sat and watched TV. I listened to music. I went swimming with some friends. I packed all I needed for a three week stay including some wilderness gear. My mother drove me up to the camp on Sunday. We had a pleasant drive through the mountains. We stopped along the way and did a little hiking along a beautiful stream. We ate dinner in a small family owned restaurant and enjoyed ourselves. By the time we reached the camp, I was a bit exhausted from the walk and fresh air. It was big change from sitting in class and studying as I had for the past two months.

I registered as soon as we reached. My mother drove me around to the cottage where I was staying. I would have my own cabin, as the camp was not full. That was fine with me. After I had unloaded my things, my mother and I talked for a few minutes before she left. She told me to relax. She urged me to forget about school, about studies, have fun, and enjoy myself. She was very happy to see I had not packed a single book. As soon as she left, a counselor showed me around the camp. He took me to the kitchen and introduced me to a few of the students who were there. The counselor and I had some dinner and talked about my stay.

The camp was not crowded. Currently, there were only 85 students. He told me how most of them spent their time and said it was really up to me how I wanted to spend my days. I was tired so I went back to my cottage, unpacked and was in bed within an hour. I slept very soundly. It was early when I woke, but I felt totally refreshed from the change in my surroundings. I went to the kitchen by 7:30 am and was surprised to find a number of students already having breakfast. I took the time to introduce myself to all of them. Then, I ate a big breakfast. The mountain air had also improved my appetite. I was not sure what I would do all day.

For the first three days, I really relaxed. I played basketball with some of the other students. I went swimming a couple of times each day. One afternoon I went canoeing around the lake with another student. I slept well at night in the cool mountain air. I definitely felt more relaxed than I had since my Legend of Brahman class in December. Each day, I made some new friends and soon knew almost everyone in the camp. On the fourth afternoon, one of my new friends asked me if I was going to the guest lecture tonight. I told him I had not heard anything about it. He said that it had come up suddenly, when a well-known teacher arrived unannounced in the morning. I asked him where and when it would take place. He said, “Tonight at 7:30 pm in the hall.” I was delighted by the news. I had been fully enjoying myself for the last few days, but I was anxious to speak to my new friends about the Legend of Brahman.

At 5:00 pm I called my parents to let them know how I was enjoying camp. I knew my mother would be happy to hear from me. She answered the phone with a cheerful hello. She said she had been waiting all day for a call. We talked for half an hour. I told her how I was spending my time and she was happy to hear that I was enjoying myself. I told her how I was looking forward to another couple of weeks of relaxation. I would surely be ready for school in September after three pleasant weeks in the mountains.

After my call I grabbed a quick dinner and went to the hall by 7:20 pm. There were about twenty students there. I knew most of them. I took the time to introduce myself to everyone whom I had not met so far. I asked if anyone had heard anything about the speaker. No one had any idea. I sat with a few friends and waited for the speaker to arrive. I had a feeling that this was going to be an important meeting where I could learn about others’ experiences. I was the youngest of the group so I could learn a lot from the older students.

The counselor came in. He was talking with an elderly Asian woman. I immediately knew who it was. The counselor was introducing her to everyone. When she came to me, she smiled broadly and bowed. I returned the bow with a different feeling inside. In the past, it had been a spur of the moment thing. When I bowed this time, I felt a sense of awe. Everyone watched and wondered what was going on. She moved on to meet the rest of the students. My mind was racing. What was she doing here? Why had she suddenly come here? What did this mean? My mind was full of questions, but I knew I must wait for the answers.

The counselor introduced her with little formality. She was a well-known teacher from Asia who would be staying at the camp for the next two weeks. She would offer classes nightly for anyone who wanted to attend. Everyone eagerly awaited her words on Seeker. She spoke for almost an hour about various aspects of Seeker’s life and his awakening to the mysteries of Brahman. When she finished she welcomed questions. Surprisingly there were none. Everyone seemed complete with what she had spoken. Her speech did not awaken mental curiosity; rather, it released a deep sense of inner quiet and fulfillment. I had many questions but they were of a more personal nature, which would be answered in time. I would wait, remembering her last words to me about oneness and flow.

Everyone stood around waiting for a chance to talk with the guest speaker when the session was over. I needed some time to myself to think about what was happening. I started to leave without speaking to her. As I started to leave the room, she broke off her conversation with another student and bowed deeply. I returned the bow with a growing sense of inner calm. Everyone noticed and was talking about our strange interaction. I paid no attention. My inner feeling knew we shared a deep bond.

I decided to go for a walk rather than return to my room. I felt my friends would come to ask about my relationship with this woman. I wanted to avoid such questions. I walked for an hour roaming around the lake. At one point, I sat down and leaned against a large rock. Within a few minutes of sitting, an overwhelming silence descended on me. I let myself dissolve in this silence. My mind expanded into a vastness unlike anything I had seen so far. I let myself follow the wave of expansion. Would it ever end? I awoke a few hours later with an understanding of why she had come. We must complete the work she had started in our last encounter. I returned to my cabin and slept very peacefully.

The next morning when I awoke, the speaker was sitting in my room waiting. She smiled and asked, “Will you join me for an extended trek in the countryside for a few days?” The counselor had provided her with maps of the mountain trails. She said, “We can find the inner calm we are seeking when we are alone in Nature.” I agreed, stood and bowed. We went for breakfast and returned to my cabin. I arranged my gear and supplies. We would travel for ten days in the backcountry. We were ready to leave by 10:00 am. We met the counselor before we left camp. We walked for hours in silence. I felt I had been here before. A few times in the day, we stopped to rest and to eat small meals. For three days, we hiked deep into the forest. We barely talked, though in the evenings she told me many things about her journeys and stories about Seeker’s life. On the fourth day, we came to an ancient Indian settlement in the hills. The site was a small earthen wall built against the mountain face. We settled in. The next day, we sat near a gentle mountain stream and fell into the depths of silence. I felt I had been here once before, eons ago. Who was she? What was I doing here with her in the mountains? In time, a white light awoke in my mind. Peter Seeker was there in golden robes. The monk was there dressed in a beautiful white toga, draped with a pink sash. They approached me and removed a veil from within my mind. In a moment, I leaped beyond the mind. I was one with Brahman.

We sat for three days near the stream and then returned to camp. Next morning the counselor called me to the office. The guest speaker had left suddenly in the night without a word. He asked if I knew why. I said, “She must have had a long journey ahead of her.” I remained at camp for three more days. My parents came on Friday before school started to take me home. My mother found me different. My father found me the same. I quietly returned home to continue my journey.

Following in Seeker’s Footsteps

I went back to school and life returned to normal. I increased my reading and study of Seeker’s life and teachings. I attended a number of classes at the university on weekends and holidays. At the end of the school year, I told my parents I wanted to call the lab to see if I could spend the summer there using their equipment. It had been more than a year. My father thought I had forgotten about these offers. My mother had been waiting for me to ask. It was on the other side of the country, which meant I would be gone for three months. They asked me to speak to the lab to see what was possible. I spoke to the director. They were ready to fly the whole family to the campus and provide us with a house for the summer at the university’s expense. We accepted. My dad would stay for a week, as he couldn’t get vacation all at once. My mother would stay with me for the summer.

At the end of June, we flew to the university and within a day I was in the lab receiving briefings from the most experienced people in the world. They felt I should take my time getting used to my surroundings. I should feel comfortable in the lab before conducting any experiments. I waited two weeks, before I felt ready to begin. For the past 18 months, I had not spoken to anyone about the effort I had been taking. Gradually, I had divided my mind into two halves. I could do my normal activities from one center of concentration while maintaining a constant effort to remember and ponder the mysteries of Brahman in the other. The division had become quite effective over time and I knew the power of my concentration had developed dramatically. I hoped it would help in the experiments

The first day of the test to contact Brahman lasted about twelve hours. I found it easy to quiet my mind with the aid of the machine. I was able to see and climb into the higher levels of my mind. I remembered reading what Seeker had described about these levels. My feelings were very close to his. I knew most of Seeker’s famous writings, especially the ones related to his efforts to contact Brahman. I understood at one point in these experiments I must be ready to let go of everything. The second experiment was scheduled three days later. My mother and I went to the local beach each day and had a great time. She and I talked and spent three pleasant days waiting for the next experiment.

The second test was much different than the first. Everything happened with greater intensity. I sensed there might be a breakthrough. At the peak of my concentration, I saw the border Seeker had described. All I had to do was to cross over. I waited and when I felt most centered, I let go of myself. I rose past the border. Brahman was there in all of Its majesty. Oneness filled my being. Everything was clear, like Seeker had said. I lost myself in this oneness. It was five days before I came out of the connection. No one in a thousand years had maintained a connection this long. The scientists were excited. They did not know how or why I had accomplished this feat. I knew like Seeker, Brahman had chosen me. My job was not to resist Its call.

It did not take long for the news of my contact with Brahman to leak from the lab. There was a great deal of excitement. It had been over a thousand years since anyone had made a connection with Brahman for this length of time. The staff was buzzing with ideas for further experiments. They were already talking about developing an advanced device. Politicians, religious leaders, scientists and researchers from around the world were requesting time to discuss the implications of my contact with Brahman. The media had arrived at the lab in force and were ready for a major news event that would keep the TV and radio stations talking for months. The Internet was already filled with chat rooms and bulletin boards with the latest news on contact with Brahman. The world was awake and people wanted to know more.

My connection with Brahman had lasted five days. My mother and I had returned to the house where we were staying after I regained my equilibrium. After two days, I still found it hard to get my bearings. My mother seemed to understand this instinctively and was there for me. She knew what I needed. She shielded me from the incessant calls and left me to myself. I stayed in my room most of the day. It was late in the afternoon of the second day after the experiments ended when she knocked on the door and poked her head in. She smiled and waited for me to respond. I asked what she wanted. She came in and sat next to me on the couch. She waited and then said she needed to speak to me for a few minutes, if it was not a problem. I asked what was the matter. She told me that my dad was arriving by flight the next morning. Then, she told me about all of the commotion. She said that shortly after the news leaked out about my contact, the university had been advised to place barricades and guards around our house. There were already 10,000 people gathered around the campus and the numbers were growing.

She explained that no one from the lab was pressing me for any public statement. She just wanted me to understand the current situation, so I was not startled later in the day. Then, she sat quietly and waited. We had not spoken since I made contact with Brahman. I took her hand, looked deep into her eyes and held her with my gaze. I could not find any words, as my mind was quiet. She felt a strange, but pleasant sensation touch her emotions. She understood. We sat for almost an hour gazing at each other. Finally, she got up and left the room.

It was three days before I felt more like myself, if such a thing was possible after last week. I began to move about the house. I spent time with my parents. I could see they were acting funny. It was as if they didn’t know how to act with me anymore. When I was finally back to normal, we sat and talked for a few hours. I tried to relate to them what I had seen and how I felt. I assured them I was perfectly okay. Life had surely changed, but there was no reason for us to feel or act differently as a family. After our discussion, my father seemed more relaxed. My mother seemed more at ease than I had ever known her. For two more days we lived in a pleasant though somewhat quiet intimacy.

By that time the lab director and other officials asked if they could arrange some sort of press conference or meeting. Pressure was mounting with thousands of reporters wandering the campus, calls from heads of states and the increasing crowd of curious citizens who had read about the Legend of Brahman throughout high school and college. My mother raised the idea of a news conference with me. She wanted to know what she should tell the director. I said I was prepared to hold a special conference like Seeker had done many years ago. The conference should be open to representatives from as many segments of society as could be accommodated in the university indoor stadium. I would speak to the crowd and answer their questions as best as I could. Until then, I told my mother she could release one statement to the press. She handed me a pad and pen. I said that was not necessary. The message was quite simple. “Seeker was right!” She had a big smile on her face, as she left the room.

My mother met with the officials and explained my idea. They were thrilled. It would meet everyone’s needs without showing any favoritism to any special interest groups. They would begin making arrangements, though it might take a few weeks. She said I understood. Later the next day, they came back and said the conference would take place three weeks from Sunday. My mother informed me of the date. Since it would take some time to organize the conference, I wanted to go to the lab to make another connection with Brahman.

Three days later, I left the house under tight security. We went directly to the lab where all the arrangements had been made. I took some time to meet with the scientists who were there and spoke to them for a few minutes about their data and records, which meant very little to me. They had many questions, but they were reticent to raise them. I repeated the message I had given for the press. “Seeker was right.” They all smiled.

The test was conducted along the exact lines of the previous one. It seemed like it took only a few minutes to reconnect with Brahman. I was different. The anxiety of the first connection was behind me. I reached a sense of oneness and dissolved into it. I was lost for six days. Silent, motionless. Lost in a dimension of timeless eternity where all existed in a state that is best described as suspended animation. All was Brahman. After/the second connection, I returned to our campus home where I waited for the conference. I waited in a serene quiet with the occasional company of my parents and a few officials from the lab.

The conference had been scheduled on Sunday to accommodate busy schedules of all the attendees. The final list of invitees was 45,000. The stadium would be filled to capacity. It would be televised around the world. On Thursday afternoon, my mother came in and said there was a phone call from Martha. She explained Martha had called many times and spoken with her. She wanted to make sure I was fine. “I told her I thought you might take her call,” she said. I took the phone from my mother and had a pleasant call for fifteen minutes. Martha was a bit tongue-tied when we first started speaking, but when I asked her about our friends, she relaxed. She said she would see me on TV on Sunday night.

Sunday came. There was a lot of commotion circling around me. I did not let it touch me, though I could see how it was affecting others. The conference was scheduled to start at 1:00 pm and last for about three hours. No one had any idea of what I would say. There was no schedule, agenda or prepared speeches to release to the press. My mother informed me the lab director was a bit agitated from dealing with all of the dignitaries, press and other invitees. Sunday morning, I asked if he could come by at 6:00 am, so we could talk for a few minutes. He arrived fifteen minutes early. We sat together for thirty minutes. At first, I let him speak. He was struggling to tell me all the arrangements in a short time. I listened. Then, I interrupted and asked, “Can you tell me the most important thing you have ever read from Seeker?” He was a bit startled. He took a minute to collect his thoughts, and then said, “Seeker repeatedly said, we are Brahman.” I smiled. We sat for ten minutes without speaking, lost in Seeker’s thought. I stood up and thanked him for coming. He was relaxed. He felt the quiet.

The conference started on time. There were heads of state, religious leaders from many faiths, business leaders, teachers, doctors, and students. Every kind of group was represented. I entered through a side entrance and sat at the center of a platform in front of a microphone. I waited. The silence lasted for two minutes. “Many of you,” I began, “find yourselves in an unusual position today. As leaders and representatives of all walks of life, you are used to providing direction to society; you are the leaders and teachers that inspire youth to achieve more. I also find myself in an unusual position today. A few short weeks ago, I was a junior in a high school which most of you have never heard of. I was sitting in class where teachers were helping me discover a direction for my life. Today, our roles are reversed. At the age of sixteen, I am asked to comment on the nature of our existence and the future of humanity. My story is not unlike someone else we all know. It was almost a thousand years ago, when a relatively obscure scientist who worked at this university made a discovery that changed our lives. Peter Seeker was a pioneer, who many doubted, questioned and even laughed at. For some reason, I have been asked to face a similar challenge in a very different world. So let’s begin with my insights into our nature, our destiny and the challenge we must face together as the future unfolds.”

“Seeker was right! All is Brahman. There is nothing in this or any other world that is not Brahman. These ideas are not new to anyone here in the audience today. You, like millions of students around the world have studied them in class. I need not remind you of Seeker’s words. Brahman has not changed. Brahman’s nature has not changed. The relationship between Brahman and Reality has not changed. Everything from the moment of creation has been and remains Brahman. Then, many of you will ask, what can I share with you today that Seeker has not already spoken of long ago? It’s a very important question.”

“The message is the same, but our perspective must change if we are to understand it. We must reposition the center of our lives and make Brahman more than an idea on the page of Seeker’s Notebook. For thousands of years, we have remained lost in our great fascination with Brahman’s forms and actions. We have spent millennia discovering the action of Its energy in atoms, molecules, minerals and so on. We have examined its force of action in nature as gravity, electricity, atomic power and a growing list that increases by the day. The deeper we search for meaning in details, the more details we discover. I understand from the two communications I have had with Brahman that a time has come in the dimension of Reality for man to reverse the direction of his energies from its surface view of life to an inner view that seeks to uncover the secrets of Brahman within each and every person, their thoughts, their feelings and their actions. We must begin to live from within. We must learn to manage our relationship with Reality from the view of Oneness, not the view of outer expression.”

“Seeker tried in the past to give us this message, but it is not an easy message for us to hear, let alone act on. We must begin to take a totally different view of our world. In our homes and in our schools, we must introduce new modes of education and instruction that awaken in each person their true identity, which is Brahman. In the beginning, this effort will be difficult, because the knowledge of our inner nature is so primitive. As our knowledge grows, paths will open that reveal the existence of the infinite Real Ideas of Brahman within ourselves. We must learn to live in the realm within ourselves. We must become familiar with its knowledge and power. This too will take time. Once mankind has awakened to the knowledge deep within itself, it must become one with the knowledge and power of Brahman. When we succeed, we will become one in consciousness with Brahman. We will become Brahman in each individual possessing an infinite knowledge and power that has created our world. Man will no longer be an unconscious form of Brahman. Rather he will be a conscious center of its action in Reality.”

“I understand my connection to Brahman is no accidental occurrence. From today onwards, I will begin working here in the university and later around the world to make Seeker’s knowledge that All is Brahman real to the youth of the world. It is in the youth where this transformation must begin. I know this effort will be the beginning of a wave of consciousness that will sooner or later wash upon the shores of all mankind. We will create new organizations, teachers and techniques to awaken spirit in the youth of the world. But this effort cannot be one that is forced on even a single individual. The process must be developed and those who are ready must come forward out of their own choice to become Brahman. For in the end, Brahman is a Self-Existent being of infinite freedom which each of us must become.”

“Many of you may be thinking this is an enormous task that will take a very long time. It may, but it does not have to take forever. Many of you will say Seeker said these things a thousand years ago and still we remain much the same as we were. That is also true from one perspective, but it need not determine our future. The final result will depend on our aspiration, as Louis Aspire told us three hundred years ago. We must discover that We are Brahman. To help each of you understand what I see, I would like to connect everyone in this stadium with Brahman for a few moments, so you can share in this vision, which must be taken to the entire world. For Life is Brahman. Seeker was right!”

The audience listened in total silence. I paused for a moment and waited.

“To create a connection with Brahman for everyone in the audience, I would like all of you to join hands with the people sitting next to you. Then, I would like all of the volunteers to come in and join hands with the people at the end of each row of seats. They should hold the hand of the person at the end of two rows so each row is connected to the next, until everyone in the stadium is connected to each other. As soon as everyone is connected, a small chain of volunteers will form a chain from the closest row to me. When we are one through our hands, I will provide each of you with a glimpse of Brahman. You will be connected for a moment through everyone else to Brahman. The connection will not last more than five minutes, as this is such a large audience. But the experience may last for a few hours. When you leave here today you will know the marvel of this existence. You will be excited to work to awaken this knowledge in everyone.”

“Now please join hands,” I said. Everyone responded. It took a few minutes for all of them to join hands, so I waited. “Please send in the volunteers and connect the rows to me,” I said. This was completed in another five minutes. “Is everyone connected?” I asked. “Yes,” came the reply. “Very good,” I said. “Now I would like all of you to close your eyes and relax. Take five deep breaths, letting them out slowly.” As everyone sat quietly, a composite sound signal of all attendees was played through the loudspeaker system.

I closed my eyes. I surrendered myself to Brahman. The silence came. I jumped beyond my mind. The connection was complete. I let my consciousness expand into the infinity of Brahman. As I dissolved into its infinite consciousness, I sent Brahman through the human chain. Instantly the entire group was one in Brahman. Everyone lost their center of consciousness and was in everyone else, in a state of euphoric oneness. For five minutes, I maintained the connection. Then, I withdrew my hand. There was only silence. Not a person moved. Everyone was one with Brahman. For exactly two hours nothing existed but a Reality that few had ever seen. At five o’clock, the audience awoke. Never before had so many glimpsed Brahman at one time. In one plane of existence, the work had been accomplished. Now, it was only a matter of time for this vision to express in Reality.

book | by Dr. Radut