Series VII

1) Thinking will STOP when it realises that thinking narrows the process of enquiry.

ڮ Ea\ Pmh ]u.

2) By moving from the personal to the impersonal or particular to the general, one moves from the finite to the infinite. Any single line in such a transition is infinite.

3) Wealth, beauty and power are great social assets that enable people to overlook other shortcomings. Erudition, honesty, loyalty, chastity, propriety are higher values that do not equally enjoy the above privilege.

4) Man wants to earn to spend. When he decides not to spend, but goes ahead earning, he finds his earnings dry up.

ڮ P \ P sk.

\ P ڮ Px.

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5) For the least response of yours -- prayers -- Mother reveals to you. She awaits your full response of giving up the ego and does not impose it on you.

P mh \ Ex u.

6) The value in a thought has a greater urge for expression than an offence it contains.

Gsn |hkuz ukUP ix.

7) Mans primary concern is social survival. Prior to that is physical survival which he has crossed successfully. Psychological survival enables him to acquire prosperity. Spiritual and supramental survivals are for the future. Sri Aurobindo offers spiritual survival as part of the supramental survival.

A H |hzv, Au uhx ͸.

8) Symptoms of life outside are observable, not controllable. They are observable as well as controllable in their origin of inner impulses. The capacity to control the inner impulses offers mastery of the outer life.

AP zu Bz uv.

9) As a man begins to oblige another out of turn and increases his level of such obligation to the utter ridicule of others, the discontent of another will increase in equal proportion. That is the way Nature relives the former of his folly. For that, she acts through the latter.

Euh Ezv.

10) The moments when great movements envelop one are his most helpless moments. For the same reason, they are the most propitious moments to invoke Mother.

Man may falter, Mother never does. Her response is full, instantaneous and rich.

ӸUS ͯ, AߣUS A.

11) Accomplishment in yoga demands that it should be the ONLY aim, as Yoga is integral and total. A total aim requiring total energies is in the nature of things.

Azx AߦUSx.

12) Sense of inner quiet or a joy issuing from it is the surest sign of outer security at that level.

Av Bmh Pnu Av.

13) In the measure a work done by us bears material result, Grace will give us wealth.


14) The mind is pleasantly occupied by a person or an interest for the best part of the day. When it is not so engaged, it is dull and bored. Can we give these dull hours to Mother and turn them into pleasant moments? We can, if during the other hours when we are occupied by a person or interest we allow Mother to overtake those interests.

Mothers moments arise when man gives himself fully to Her.

x EnUS xoa\ u.

15) The best possible strategy to solve any problem is to discover how the tangle can be meaningfully related to the greatest strength available in its own context.

vh ]Ӣu PP.

16) The brute who continues his brutal acts at some point comes to hide his acts from the society, as he values its opinion. Values are born when the individual recognises the collectivity. It is the horizontal extension. Values are also born when the lower plane is aware of the higher plane.

s \Pzv _.

17) Knowledge and even wisdom fail in the absence of data. Insight and intuition offer that missing data .

uUS u vnzvQ.

18) Legal contracts and social customs into which the contracts matured have now replaced plunder, robbery, arosn and loot and have given them an acceptable civilised appearance. They are the social antidotes to physical selfishness. When society discovers such antidotes to vital selfishness and mental narrowness, it will usher in human abundance. This is the abundance that comes from the capable selfish to the incapable selfish man. The real abundance lies outside in the untapped potential. Science sees it as technology. Commerce sees it as customer satisfaction. Spirit knows it as human choice of human resourcefulness. Human kind can comprehend it as a mentally framed theory, not a personally tapped potential.

Avh A P.

19) The Marshall Plan is the very first response of humanity to recognise our greater good in the other mans survival. The Green Revolution is the first major initiative of the Government of India to aim at long term goals based on self-sufficiency. These are the distant echoes of humanity of the future descending grace. Man, as an Individual, can take several such initiatives in Peace, Employment, Food, Resources, all based on a Theory. I see that echo in Carters and MacNamaras attitudesexpalined by Harry and Harlan. Harrys idea of Carters possible interest in theory is the very FIRST time I hear anywhere in national or international politics that people would consider a solution in terms of a theory.

P, Avh Akzu P.

20) One who has kept all his friends is a social success at the psychological plane.

Aȯu |m Aߤ USx.

21) Rain of prosperity endorses efforts to enrich agriculture and it can be two or three fold.

A Px.

22) Cynical distancing easily becomes cynical superiority. In either case, cynicism is retained.


23) Non-combative mild men who have not risen in life have their goodness recognised by enthusiastic popular support.

\xUS Psk, E.

24) Freedom is Light; Light is immortality. And all of them are God.

\ .

25) One who has lost alll his very good friends that were intimate may be one who rose high in spirituality.

B߫P Bzzu |mUS Gv.

26) One cannot endeavour to remove a defect through an advice that, in some way, suffers the same defect.

xUS ¯v C]sk.

27) People offending others is common. Evoking respect by offence is not possible. Though it never occurs, invariably the offender expects greater respect by his own offence.

skzv P uk soz.

28) He who has lost his all by his own crookedness is still capable of holding his head high as one who has lost most.

uUS E Esk.

29) The idea of selling the fake as an original can be repeated endlessly if the original is hidden. It produces fabulous wealth. This is the idea of an evil genius. The more profound, positive truth 1 behind it is, even the unique lends itself to endless repetition!

HPݮ, A|P.

30) Pleasure in repetition is great. Repetition in varying conditions yields greater pleasure.

vz v \x vzvUS.

31) Death of a devotee releases an atmosphere of intense peace, the peace the soul seeks, which reaches all those related to him.

n Eh Bz ֮ Eu Av.

32) Self-denial is an ingredient of feminine sweetness. What she thus denies is the human self. What awaits her next is Self-expression.

u u Ψkzxu A BzUS Ex.

33) Man seeking the hand of a woman in marriage has the biological attractions as well as psychological charms of the youth, and he is therefore romantic. The human soul seeking the embrace of another soul of the opposite sex opens the infinite springs of selfless sweetness and transcends romance. It is entrancing.

Pu Ea]US u, u Ȩ Bz.

34) To be conscious that there is no waste around us is to have God-vision.

µ Gߣx P.

35) Those who are adepts in exposing the tricks of the hostile forces and those who intelligently adopt those tricks can best appreciate the strategies of military generals.

w \UvP \vx UPͮ.

36) It is a rich moment of mental opening when the closest person springs the greatest surprise that baffles the best of analysis and all known facts about him.

EUS Esk.

37) Human ambition is equalled only by the human resourcefulness.

B\USx v.

38) Not to take back what is once given is reminiscent of the Being in Becoming that can never disappear -- or take itself back.

F } vv.

39) Not to recall the misfortune which has gone away once is the highest expression of Grace unconsciously received.

»S uzvzu kx A.

40) What we call peaceful life is a life of great comfort in greater unconsciousness.

EUP Eu _P.

41) There is no limit to artistic or even poetic creation even when the inspiration runs along only one line, as that line is creative and infinite.

P \, PP A.

42) What the psychic knows at first sight, mind knows only on analysis, the vital sees when failure stalks it at all turns, and the physical refuses to see even on pain of destruction.

Ax Bߩ, Aԯ ֨x Eh.

43) It is mean or unbecoming to take note of an expressive solicitude and comment on it.

zu HU P, ©\ڮ \u.

44) A man can be accused of expressing bad thoughts about another, not for having a bad opinion. To accuse a man for his unexpressed opinons is unfair, though one may rightfully judge him by his opinions.

ux |US, \x ӸUS.

45) One in return of unselfish love of the purest kind got back mean perverse malice. Mother would say it is right as they are the right complements. Having said so, or being capable of saying so, She did not keep quiet until the end. When the nature of complementary natures was discovered, She replaced malice with crystal clear purity, passionate attachment, life-saving devotion and a hundred other right, sweet things offered with love, gratitude and grace of devotion.

The earlier the realisation, the better.

Bߩ Ȩ, Au F.

46) The arguments, appearances, circumstances created by the hostile forces would appear to be idealistic, sentimental, value-laden and would be entirely SWEET, allthe for the purposes of clinging to us. A keen insight will not fail to perceive those poisonous links in the chain.

A_ AuP Cۨ .

47) If any name that has come to you is only one of its kind, surely it will play a unique role, on which side we cannot say.

US x.

48) If any name has entered your life several times, all of them will fall under one common pattern.

Pn J sk x.

49) Regret is absence of wisdom.

QUS zu.

50) Our vital, mental joys and physical pleasures have a maximum possible. When settled calling becomes consciousness of calling, it will yield all the above joys at the level of calling. Only that it will not be the human version.



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