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391. Flawless Perfection - 2

Mother says the greatest of victories are not announced by beat of drum. The Mother and Sri Aurobindo came into the world to announce the Hour of God, the Advent of the Supramental Being. But their activities were legion. They rarely spoke of them. The subtle world is invisible but it is exactly like our human world. The subtle world is NOT Spiritual. The occult world too is invisible, but it is of a different order, as the dealer of a product is different from the manufacturer. It can be said that one is the quasi government and the other the regular government. The Mother had learnt the occult science in Africa. Sri Aurobindo never paid attention to that branch of knowledge.

Once Mother went up and stood above the earth in the occult plane. It was, she said, pitch dark. She saw there a very tall dark figure. He was trying to create a storm to hit the earth with two shafts of force. Seeing that, Mother clenched her fists to prevent it. The being could not do it. Still the shafts without power descended on earth and hit some nation. Mother thought it may have been the Russians. The shafts were powerful enough to destroy a nation but Mother allowed the shafts, not their power. A week later she heard of the Chinese build up on the Indian border. SHE put there stability and safety. After some time, the Chinese withdrew, assigning no reason. It was at the same time, Nov. 20, 1962 when USA blockaded Cuban waters and Khrushchev later withdrew. Mother acted on Her own and never spoke of it.

The devotees see in their own lives two murderers confronting and being cowed down. A lady standing before a running bus at hand cried out, "Mother" and she was physically lifted by what, Mother knows, and thrown outside the route of the bus. Mother acts, she always acts. We are blind and unconscious. Life has three minutes for you to decide whether it is life or death. Calling Mother saves. To know Mother acts and how SHE acts is to be conscious. When one is conscious, that capacity to invoke the Force is permanent. Dozens of such incidents have been reported by the devotees. Only that they know the results, not the process. Beyond the process lies the essence that is Brahman.

story | by Dr. Radut