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310. Receptivity -- Initial and Long Lasting

There are occasions when newcomers to a spiritual organisation see the Spirit constantly at work. What others find difficult to come by, the newcomer gets by simply calling MOTHER. His face acquires a shine that no inmate has. Life rises continuously, rarely even more than the seniors in the organisation. Seniority is not a rule Spirituality honours. Most people who rise fast also level off after sometime. Often a question, a doubt arises in the minds of the inmate, whether the Spirit we once adored is really not a Spirit? Very rarely one man continues to rise on the ladder of Spirituality.

The factors involved here are many, but not unknown to common humanity. They are not able to accept a rule that hurts them. No man is that rational. The newcomer's new-found enthusiasm gives an opening to the Spirit and it does act. As soon as life rises, all the lower urges -- competition, jealously, self-assertion, demand, desire, etc -- rise up. That is the end of receptivity. Some people, pressed by hard circumstances, again open up to the Spirit. Again Life rises. If you take most great men, their contemporaries will say, "He is not exceptional, many were his equal, and sometimes they excelled him. It is luck that favoured him." This is what they believe. When you read the CHOICES the great man had made at every step of his crucial life, it will be clear all those who had equal abilities did not choose as the great man chose. Greatness always chooses the RIGHT side, which every other person shirks.

Whether it was a decision to defend England by one's fists or a decision to ask Roosevelt for more arms, Churchill always made the hard choice. That is the rising ladder. Choice makes the man. When a dull friend wants to call on you for a couple of hours of monologue, one can excuse himself or put himself through the mill of unrelenting boredom. It is a hard choice. Should we, for the sake of Truth, suffer every fool and knave, when the inner quiet is truly patient, you will see, life does not give that punishment for long. Success is for the most enduring, not for the one who takes the line of least resistance. When you persist in your right decision without any violence in outer behaviour as well as no violence to your inner self, you will see all those troubling circumstances move away from you. Mother says when your decision is true SHE will not give you anymore of that experience!

story | by Dr. Radut