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322. Half an Hour with The Mother

Every day before you go out, if you stand or sit before The Mother and tell Her all that you are going to do that day, the day will be smooth, and most of the works, perhaps all, will be completed successfully. It is an unfailing method for a long time to come. Most people who are overwhelmingly successful, by the very process of their success, end up with a lot of problems that crop up every day. They preside over a vast empire but are imprisoned within a long chain of tangles. Such people enjoy solving even one of their problems. This method is greatly helpful to them. Those who have taken to this method are amazed at the relief it offers. After some time, they forget to give that half an hour to the Mother. The day is a disaster. The value of the method emerges.

Several people have taken this method from the man who devised it. This method has given one access to inaccessible people and their fat purse. Another person could become popular with a lot of politicians. A man who had been rejected by all the sections of his organisation at last discovered the value of this method which helped him to build his own organisation bigger than all those who had frowned on him earlier. This is a powerful, useful method. It can offer a person every kind of social success he desires. Because it is a method, it begins to lose its power after some years. One forgets it. When speaking to Mother, the speech has no force or power. Frustration develops. For several reasons, we lose it.

What has given the power to this method? Why has it become dry after a while, even if it is a long while? Its power issues out of our desire to relate to Mother. It loses its momentum because our attitude is one of seeking a benefit; it is mercenary. Go beyond the method to its essence. The essence will be nebulous. Its results will be feeble. Yet continue to seek the essence. Build on it. Rest on it. Wait on it to acquire momentum. Put your sincerity to work. Ask for nothing. Don't think of the results. Concentrate on the inner essence. The essence is the real relationship with the Mother. Wait till your senses perceive it. Once you perceive it, value it for its own sake. Do not commit the sacrilege of mixing it with mundane benefits. Be pure, offer sincerity. Utter Truthfulness is the ultimate significance. Delight in the seeking of it.


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story | by Dr. Radut