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273. Education is an Instrument of Prosperity

When India became free, Nehru was looking for a programme that would usher India into prosperity. Lenin devised soviets at the rural level and said electricity and soviets would together bring communism to Russia. Every new technology closes the gap between the high and the low to some extent. Education is an institution that does so in a great measure. When a new opportunity arises, not all sections of the population take equal advantage of it. The more organised, the more cultured get more out of the NEW.

It may be a practical truth that at no time will all members of the society be exactly equal. As days advance, we also see the rich and the poor are less and less apart. Awareness, awakening, new laws, new institutions and more so new technologies help the less privileged rise in the scale of national prosperity. Recently housing and education of better quality have been the right incentives to the people to aspire to rise. Education abridges centuries into years. Suppose there is no education. For a youth to acquire what the society has acquired over 2000 years, it may take fifty or sixty years or more. Education is a divine organisation. It takes the past knowledge, extracts its essence discarding the superficial details, arranges it into a curriculum and syllabus and offers it to the pupil in an easily digestible form. As a result, the student in twenty years gets the social wisdom of 2000 years.

The more educated a country or a community is, the more prosperous it is.  Now that the mind of the society is awake, educational methods advance by leaps and bounds. The better the quality of education, the greater is its effect. Education can be spiritual, in the sense that the Spirit of the pupil awakens. There is the Spirit in the teacher. The system of education itself has its own inner Spirit. The nation, the community, the parents and the student have their own Spirit. When any one of them is awakened, the progress is significant. A national spiritual atmosphere comes into existence when all segments or most of them awaken. In such a climate, poverty recedes and Prosperity flourishes. Experienced educationists are in the privileged position to devise a system of education which can almost close the gap between the high and the low. It will be a golden age.



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K. Venkatesh

story | by Dr. Radut