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224. Increasing Accomplishment

Every new technology makes us more efficient and accomplish more. Our education aims at it; our upbringing has that as a goal. The one MOTIVATION of man seems to be constantly better than before. Spiritually it is a great ideal. If so, how do we achieve that?

Spiritual energy is superior to vital or mental energy. In a work replace the energy, and the result will be greater, just as replacing the oil lamp by the electric lantern. Spiritual atmosphere accomplishes more by its silent presence than mental atmosphere. Imagine the CEO present at the dispatch of a shipment instead of the floor supervisor. A lot more gets done. While you are reading, if you can, you can give up the mental intelligence in favour of spiritual intelligence. Then you read faster, understand better and are able to reproduce with greater effectivity.

For every skill, capacity, ability, talent, energy, faculty, tool or instrument there is a corresponding spiritual one. Using the spiritual counterpart, one ends up with far greater results. If you have no trouble with this argument, the only question is how to do it? A common sense reply is to evoke each time a corresponding spiritual faculty and employ it. Mother has given a method for that. An insane person unfortunately made a man his target and harassed him. The man was at his wit's end and complained to Mother. She advised him to call Her. By following Her instructions, the poor man was relieved of the attentions of the madman at the first call.

She has also advised devotees to send 'Mother' to their work. A wife was in great tension when her husband was to tour India for 20 days in a month. She started sending Mother to all his destinations ahead of his visit. She was free; his work was smoother. The figure of the Mother imagined has all the spiritual faculties concentrated in it. One who goes for an interview can send HER to the interview. If you have a speech to deliver, try sending MOTHER to the speech in the head. It will flow out smoothly. If a child is naughty, send Mother to the child or better still to the temperament of the child continuously, and the child will cease to put up its nasty behaviour. The very best is to send Mother to yourself, your inmost Being.

story | by Dr. Radut