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264. Home is a Centre of Personality

The Mother says, "Perfection and imperfection co-exist. If you can see perfection fully in all its details, imperfection disappears."  A boss who was continuously receiving abusive, anonymous letters from an employee was furious in a staff meeting. With supreme self-control he began the proceedings, avoiding the sight of that abominable man. That man rose from his seat with a garland in his hand, made for the dais and garlanded the boss. The boss stood up, was moved, received the garland with eyes full of tears, and stammered out, "Now the brother has done it." Anger vanished, and was transformed into overwhelming joy. This is an extreme case of hypocrisy on the part of the employee and emotional susceptibility on the part of the boss. But the rule holds good - imperfection disappears.

Most of us have witnessed such a dramatic turn of events sometime, but we do not ponder over it as an expression of a rule. It never occurs to us that here is hidden the Supreme Secret of our deepest joy at home. The event above came about by the emotion of the moment overcoming the memory of the irritation caused by a nasty, mean, treacherous person. What I am suggesting is, we are capable of mentally overcoming the causes of daily frustrations. We do not take the effort to overcome our despair by the sober knowledge of the MIND. We indulge in our frustrations and grow morally indignant, "How can I be slighted in my own house? Is she a woman? Are they children? Do they behave like children? Have I not sacrificed my all for these very ungrateful people?"

You may be entirely right or entirely wrong. But it has not yielded joy. Try to see only the good side of others. Discipline yourself to see ONLY the good side of all the others, how much they inwardly endeavour to please you, to accommodate with your temperament, to rise to the great occasion of your idiosyncrasies, your extraordinarily inflated EGO, your inordinate ambition, your impossible temperament, etc. That will unleash the deeper GOOD side of yours which is all full of emotional appreciation for everyone, the GOOD ANGEL in you. It is worth trying at least once. If you ever succeed, don't be lost in your innate, inherent goodness! Try to learn the LAW there.


story | by Dr. Radut