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223. Positive Value of the Negative Person

Positive people are of positive value. What can we do with negative person? One who overhears, gossips, abuses, carries tales, sets one against another, neglects his own work, and feels an intense jealousy, is impossible. The best course for us with such personalities is to avoid them, or at least NOT give them scope to train their guns on us.

In the scheme of God, nothing happens to us which we do not invite. When someone knocks me down on the road unintentionally, does it mean something in me desired it? Spiritually, the answer is Yes. An abominable person around me in the office or at home, by that definition, is there because something deep in me has a spiritual need of him. I feel like saying, "It is too much. I am not in need of such spirituality."

In our meditation we concentrate, pray. We see at some point our concentration turns into POWER. We tell ourselves that our prayer is heard. At that moment, we know our prayer is sanctioned in the subtle plane. Results actually come to us a little later. When does concentration become power? Concentration is mind concentrating on the inner knowledge. There is accompanying Ignorance inside. Increasing knowledge is decreasing Ignorance. When a little of our Ignorance consents to transform itself into knowledge, a spark of light is seen in the mind. It is at that point our concentration becomes power.

As long as I avoid a bad person, my inner knowledge keeps the inner Ignorance at arm's length. Avoidance is austerity; acceptance is prosperity. Ignorance does not transform into knowledge as long as we avoid it or avoid the person in our life who represents that Ignorance. He is there for us to make a progress. When we make that progress, mysteriously he vanishes. He tells us by his jealousy that there is jealousy in us. We are not aware of it, or we are unwilling to concede it. That is the positive value of a negative person. The moment we recognise it and exhibit a willingness to give up the bad trait, that man disappears.

story | by Dr. Radut