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255. Yawning

Yawning is contagious. When one yawns, everyone in the room one after the other begins to yawn. Spiritually all bodies are the same. There is only one BODY of which we all feel as different points. When the oxygen level in the body is depleted beyond measure, suddenly the body realises the need for greater intake of oxygen. So, on instruction from the warning system, the body begins to take in large amounts of oxygen. This is yawning. It is a signal to go to bed. We obey happily.

For us this is a great moment if we want to experiment with the Spirit and its powers. Theoretically, the powers of the Spirit are infinite. The Infinite has the capacity to draw the infinite out of the finite. If that is true, a moment of yawning can be converted into a moment of overflowing energy. It all depends upon the person, as to invoke the Spirit the best moment is the moment of excess of energy. Well, this is a contradiction. Our choosing to call the Spirit instead of going to sleep is a momentous decision. It is the point at which we shift from Mind to the Spirit.

It can have a minimum and a maximum expression. The tedium of yawning will go, yawning will stop. That is the minimum. The maximum is like the second wind in sports. There will be a gradual surge of energy from inside until it overpowers us. You will find yourself as energetic as in the morning or even it may be the most energetic hour of your life. In whatever measure it happens to you, you will have witnessed the touch of the Spirit. The Spirit, when invoked, does not merely solve the problem on hand. As it is the evolving Spirit, it transforms the problem into an opportunity.

When that happens, we know the Spirit is in action. Spirit as the tradition knows is one that is powerful and one that moves away from life. Commissioned into life by a Rishi, who is an adept in its ways, such a Spirit performs ANY miracle and then disappears, unless the Rishi again invokes in you. Here it is we, ordinary men, who invoke the Spirit. Our method is purity, purity from the Ego. It arises and transforms and awaits our call again. No intermediary is called for.


story | by Dr. Radut