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222. Income of the Family

Families consist of husband and wife and children. Often several such families, though living apart, function together as one unit for every major aspect. Increasing income of the FAMILY is a desirable thing. No one confuses greed for money with the steady rise in income commensurate with the rising needs of modern life. Government Officers who, 30 years ago, were on a couple of thousand rupees salary are now earning Rs. 15,000 or even more. It hurts no one's conscience that he is growing greedy. Modern life demands more. One finds it essential to earn more and more.

In a business, there is a product. At home, there is no such product. Money is spent on living. What can one realistically do to raise his income?

  • Time and energy are MONEY. To save them is to pay attention to them. Time saved, in principle, is money saved. It is true of energy, too. To save TIME, one needs to ORGANISE one's work. To organise means to become efficient. Efficiency, as a rule, even as a principle, increases money. He who saves time and organises the work for that purpose, is NOT outside. He is inside. Doing so seriously, his outer life gradually gets transferred inside. It finally becomes inner life. Inner life is necessarily a life of concentration. It has a point of reference. We refer each work to that point of reference.
  • Such an inner life does not permit a man to shout or even speak loudly. His movements become measured. He refers his work to an ideal of his or to a value. Surely such a value can be a Divine Value. Referring each work to a divine value or to the Divine is known as consecration. For a family man, his own family is that divine. To refer every work to the inner divine, for a domestic person, means to have GOOD WILL. It can be a good will of emotion and be intense. One's intense emotion of good will for his family can be extended to all his friends and relatives. It becomes powerful when he decides that any good that he desires can come to him after they all receive it first, even if it is LUCK. It is a silent way and a sure way of steadily increasing one's family income.


story | by Dr. Radut