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226. Unconscious Oblivion

Unformed vital personalities are ready to adore the first dominant person they meet. They look for a leader. When one comes their way, they are ready. In such a population, hero-worship thrives. Such people easily switch over from one leader to another. All that they want is someone to worship, adore, hold up as an ideal. The longing heart finds an adorable ideal, not necessarily that there is something to be adored. 

Sometimes such people meet with a rationally cultured person of benevolence. In his benevolence, he offers to shape the personality of the other with ideas or material monetary help. The man readily accepts it and makes a career. Encountering his friends, he explains all his exploits, how he overcame the obstacles, availed of opportunities, employed talents, rose to the occasion, snatched the opportunity by the forelock etc., etc., etc., but the one thing that is not on his mind is the MAN who set him up in the new life. Of course, he never fails to come to him for further assistance. It may happen over the decades but the snob will never remember the benefactor.

We may have the satisfaction of describing this phenomenon as ingratitude or selfishness, but there is another phenomenon of Mistaking the Effect for the Cause which is a tragedy. An ungrateful man or a selfish person can awake one day to the Reality, not the one who consciously mistakes the effect for the cause. Those who invoke the Spirit enter the market and the market booms. After some time they lose interest and the market slumps. They in their modesty do not see that their own attitude is the cause and the market the effect. They exclaim, "The market is in a slump. There is nothing I can do." It is not the single person who enters the market who can egoistically claim the credit of the boom, but it is the Force of the Spirit for which he was an instrument. Unless they see things in the proper perspective, there is no solution for them. In the meantime, they can philosophize. Not to see the power of the Spirit is not human goodness of modesty but an unconscious darkness in their Spirit. Usually they are the ones who value and cherish ceremonies and rituals.



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story | by Dr. Radut